Trade Wish List: Part 1

I'm sure everyone has a couple of books they wish Marvel and/or DC would release (or reprint) in trade. One of the greatest flaws of industry is the fact that there are so many great runs with Marvel and DC's characters, but only a fraction of these runs have been collected entirely in trade. Some have been partially collected only to be abruptly stopped, others have only come in the omnibus or marvel masterwork form, and some haven't ever been recollected into a trade.

Here's part one of my personal wishlist of runs/titles I'd love to see collected into an affordable trade run.

(For the record, these aren't in any particular order)

1. Peter David's Hulk Run

- I've read up to volume 6 of Peter David's Legendary run on Hulk and I can already say that this is my definitive take on the Hulk. David is able to perfectly balance the dark psychology of the Hulk with the charm of 80s superhero comics. This makes for one of the most entertaining and emotional runs in comics, without a doubt.

- As far as I know, David's run stopped being collected after volume 8 which from what I've heard means Marvel was only able to collect- about half his run into trade. Imagine how much that'd suck to read 8 volumes of a writer's run, only to be told to hunt down the other half of his run in single issues. Come on Marvel, Don't leave me hanging like that!

2. Claremont's First Uncanny X-Men Run

- I honestly don't feel like I have to explain this one, but I will anyway. Claremont made the X-Men, not Stan Lee. Pretty much everything, everyone thinks of when we think of X-Men came from this guy, be it cartoons, video games, character dynamics- you think it, Claremont likely came up with it. Yet, why in the hell, haven't we had his entire run collected in trade?

- This to me is a no brainer. The X-Men have been Marvel's cash cow for the last 20 to 30 years and yet they haven't collected the one run that defined the franchise? To me, this feels like a serious missed opportunity for marvel, if this were to be collected into trade this could easily turn into a profit making machine. Hardcore fans would go nuts, casual fans would go for this instead of the multi-title, crossover happy franchise the X-Men line has become, and hell, this would be a perfect starting place for anyone wanting to get into X-Men comics.

- Now I know that Claremont's run is being collected in omnibus, masterwork and essential form, but there has to be a less expensive option for those who want to read Claremont's run in color. Why not release Claremont's run in a visionaries form like John Byrne's fantastic four run, from beginning to end? I know that'd be well over 30 trades worth of material, but are you seriously going to tell me that there wouldn't be a market for that?

Well that's a wrap for part one. Let me know some of your wish list for trades and let me know what you think of my list so far, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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