Marvel: Earth One Fan-Fic Universe Pitch (Writers/Editors Wanted)

Marvel: Earth One Pitch

I know this has sort of been done before on this site, but I wanted to gauge the interest in resurrecting an interconnected marvel fan-fic continuity. The days of Marvel Genesis were quite a bit of fun back in the day, and I'd like to do something along those lines, but with a couple distinct differences. I'll keep it short and sweet but here is the gist of my pitch for those of you who are interested.


I figured Marvel Earth One would fitting be a fitting title for this community, due to two of my ideas.

1. New continuity:

One of my favorite aspects of Genesis back in the day, was the fact you could pretty much start from scratch. I'd like to follow that same philosophy, consider this version of the marvel universe to be a blank slate. It can be whatever we want it to be, and I encourage you to be as creative as you see fit.

I'm honestly not looking for someone to write the same versions of these characters, cause where's the fun in that? We already have the regular marvel universe telling the standard stories, so why not do something different?

So for example, if you had a great idea to make Steve Rogers the Punisher instead of Captain America, I'd say, as long as you have a good story to back it up- then go for it!

2. Release Format

This idea in part comes from DC's Earth One format, but this is also coming from personal experience. I've noticed that keeping together an ongoing fan-fiction series can be a daunting task. Given everything that pops up in life, it's very understandable. So my idea is to write out all Earth one stories as if they were in volumes/arcs. From there the stories could be broken into chapters and only released when the entire stories are finished. The release schedule of these arcs can be decided between the writer and editor (Myself) , but I figure once a story is completed it could released over the course of the week or two weeks depending on the arc.

This might sound a bit concentrated but I'd rather focus on the quality of the piece and telling the best story possible. Plus , this method would give the writer plenty of time to tell consistent chapters, while maintaining the quality.

That's pretty much the basis of my pitch, but there's one other thing I'd like to bring up. This is in part due to my busy schedule, but I feel like something like this should start out small. I want to emphasize quality over quantity and really make this version different than a lot of fan-fic continuities. That means, I'd like to emphasize single character ventures to start (we can build to teams later on), characters selectively popping up in other titles (but nothing on the level of wolverine), and taking a couple of months to fine tune the stories to prepare them for release sometime around early 2014.

So the people I'm looking for on this venture are more seasoned writers who are willing to commit to a project for at least a story arc or two. Though that's not to say I'm not going to take anyone whose looking to improve their writing chops, as long as you are looking to challenge yourself as a writer, be open to critiques, and willing to have fun, then you are more than welcome to take a crack at it.

For now, I'm looking for a couple of writers to start out, that are willing to hit the ground running on this thing. I will primarily be an editor for you guys, though at some point I may jump in and tell a story or two. I honestly wish I had the time for both.

So if you're interested in taking part in this, all you need to do is comment and let me know what role you're interested in (Writers of course, but I'm also looking for some quality editors to back me up) and post a link of some fan-fic work that you're particularly proud of. From there we can pm and work things out from there.

So yeah, let's have some fun!

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