Kinda winging it at this point

Hey guys how have things been? Soon enough I'll have more news about my comic to tell you about but until then I have another announcement to make.

In my free time I've begun reworking a fan fic that I've written for this site in the past. I won't say what it is yet but if you want to guess feel free to take a look at them, there aren't that many to choose from lol.

There are a couple of reasons why I', choosing to do this really.

1. An occasional break from the comic will be good for me as a writer

2. I am not very satisfied with how the fan fic went as a whole and i want to overhaul it and make it a more satisfying tale.

3. I want to make it extremely character intensive, I want to literally pick apart this character in a way that hasn't been done in his/her's comic appearances.

4. I am in a similar mind.emotional area that I was in when i originally made it so nostalgia plays a part in it too.

5. It'll be a fun experiment

To be completely honest with you guys i'm not sure if much will come from it but i want to try anyway. I have learned much since the time i finished this story and i want to take what i've learned to give this character the story that they deserve. With that said though I have a pretty spotty record when it comes to fan fics so i want to make a couple of them before i even consider putting it on the site again.

The other thing about it is if this story turns out well I'd almost want this to be my sort of ongoing story for the site since this character and story will be much different than the comic book i am making for ravenhammer comics and i think being diverse as a writer is the key to improving.

Anyway for those of you that are interested in seeing another fan fic (and hopefully finishing one this time lol) feel free to let me know and if you want to guess what character or characters I'm referring to feel free to take a crack at it but i won't be revealing it till i post it on the site lol.

As always I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I'll see you on the site!