Happy Valentine's Day (I really mean it)

(Note: For those of you who follow my comic update blog, I am truly sorry for taking so long to post the next part. Life has been crazy and i don't want you guys to think that I've forgotten about you! I will be announcing some huge updates hopefully by this weekend but it honestly depends on my schedule since so much has happened since the last time i posted)

Valentine's Day, it's that time of year again to see those who are in healthy relationships celebrate what they have with each other as well as those who don't have someone make their stand on the matter. (Ex: singles awareness or whatever you call it) Usually between these two there's usually a lot of love/hate on the webs and these usually are the only two sides you get about the matter.

Now I'm going to admit something to you guys, Valentine's day usually bums me out. Usually its a reminder of the lack of a special someone in my life that I've wanted for as long as i can remember and therefore i either am sarcastic or frustrated about valentine's day as a whole. No offense to all you couples out there but that's the way I've normally felt about the matter.

But this year I am going to try something different, this year i won't be overly sarcastic or even frustrated with my own bad luck. Instead I want to wish all you people out there on comicvine who have a significant other to have a happy valentine's day! I've come to the conclusion that being bitter and flaunting the fact that I'm single in an implied show of superiority is a completely immature way to treat those who have someone they really care about. Being like that isn't going change my situation and it certainly won't make anyone else's days better, which is why i'm posting this thread in the first place in the small hope that this can possibly effect someone in a positive way.

So for those couples out there i wish each of you a fantastic day! Guys be sure to treat your girlfriends well today (especially since i can't with one of my own lol) and likewise to you girls with your boyfriends, you're not off the hook either ;).

So once again, i wish everyone a happy valentine's day and if you have any comments to make feel free to let me know, i would love to talk about the subject with you guys.