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Whatever happened to Fight of Flight?

Hello fellow Viners.

A few years ago talked with you guys about my independent comic series, Fight or Flight, going through the various stages of production and such. Since then I dropped out of the Comic Vine scene for a bit, so I figured it was time to give those of you who are still interested an update.

For those of you who aren't familiar with my indy series it's essentially a mixture of the film Black Hawk Down with super powers. A portion of the world gets abilities and people of course use them very, very recklessly. So the governments of the world overreact and try to combat the problem, but in turn make things much worse. So a group of people with abilities band together to prove that not everyone with powers are bad people.

So the good news is that Fight or Flight now has two issues that are out and available for purchase. I'll leave links below if you are interested in checking them out. In regards to digital I do not have it up yet on comixology (that's another story for another day), but I assure I will get it up there once things in my life settle down a bit more.

Now for the future of the series. Currently I am planning on making the first arc of FOF to be 5 issues long and then figuring out how to bring the story to trade. I will try and get issue 3 out by the end of the year, but that honestly depends on my letterer's schedule. Fortunately issue 4 is almost done on the art end as well, so I'm not too far off from reaching issue 5. Though realistically I wouldn't expect the first trade to come out till some time next year at the very least.

So as you can see it's been quite a process getting my series off the ground, but it's been a blast so far. I have some of the best collaborators I could ask for in S.R. Ayers my artist and Alex Healey my Letterer/Editor. If you have any questions relating to my series fire away and I'll be sure to answer them as quickly as I can. And as always thank you for the support.

Links to Issues 1 and 2 of Fight or Flight


Issue 2


Comic Store Recommendations for New Chicago Resident

So I've recently moved into the Chicago suburbs area and was looking for any recommendations on which comic stores are worth checking out. If you need me to be more specific, I'm in the Des Plaines area if that helps.

Oh and bonus points to you if you know of any local coffee shops/cafes that have a nice reading environment to them.


Marvel: Earth One Fan-Fic Universe Pitch (Writers/Editors Wanted)

Marvel: Earth One Pitch

I know this has sort of been done before on this site, but I wanted to gauge the interest in resurrecting an interconnected marvel fan-fic continuity. The days of Marvel Genesis were quite a bit of fun back in the day, and I'd like to do something along those lines, but with a couple distinct differences. I'll keep it short and sweet but here is the gist of my pitch for those of you who are interested.


I figured Marvel Earth One would fitting be a fitting title for this community, due to two of my ideas.

1. New continuity:

One of my favorite aspects of Genesis back in the day, was the fact you could pretty much start from scratch. I'd like to follow that same philosophy, consider this version of the marvel universe to be a blank slate. It can be whatever we want it to be, and I encourage you to be as creative as you see fit.

I'm honestly not looking for someone to write the same versions of these characters, cause where's the fun in that? We already have the regular marvel universe telling the standard stories, so why not do something different?

So for example, if you had a great idea to make Steve Rogers the Punisher instead of Captain America, I'd say, as long as you have a good story to back it up- then go for it!

2. Release Format

This idea in part comes from DC's Earth One format, but this is also coming from personal experience. I've noticed that keeping together an ongoing fan-fiction series can be a daunting task. Given everything that pops up in life, it's very understandable. So my idea is to write out all Earth one stories as if they were in volumes/arcs. From there the stories could be broken into chapters and only released when the entire stories are finished. The release schedule of these arcs can be decided between the writer and editor (Myself) , but I figure once a story is completed it could released over the course of the week or two weeks depending on the arc.

This might sound a bit concentrated but I'd rather focus on the quality of the piece and telling the best story possible. Plus , this method would give the writer plenty of time to tell consistent chapters, while maintaining the quality.

That's pretty much the basis of my pitch, but there's one other thing I'd like to bring up. This is in part due to my busy schedule, but I feel like something like this should start out small. I want to emphasize quality over quantity and really make this version different than a lot of fan-fic continuities. That means, I'd like to emphasize single character ventures to start (we can build to teams later on), characters selectively popping up in other titles (but nothing on the level of wolverine), and taking a couple of months to fine tune the stories to prepare them for release sometime around early 2014.

So the people I'm looking for on this venture are more seasoned writers who are willing to commit to a project for at least a story arc or two. Though that's not to say I'm not going to take anyone whose looking to improve their writing chops, as long as you are looking to challenge yourself as a writer, be open to critiques, and willing to have fun, then you are more than welcome to take a crack at it.

For now, I'm looking for a couple of writers to start out, that are willing to hit the ground running on this thing. I will primarily be an editor for you guys, though at some point I may jump in and tell a story or two. I honestly wish I had the time for both.

So if you're interested in taking part in this, all you need to do is comment and let me know what role you're interested in (Writers of course, but I'm also looking for some quality editors to back me up) and post a link of some fan-fic work that you're particularly proud of. From there we can pm and work things out from there.

So yeah, let's have some fun!

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Opinions on Howard Mackie's Ghost Rider

I recently decided to read through Ghost Rider Classics Danny ketch Volume 1, which from what I've heard is the best run on Ghost Rider. So far I have to say I've been enjoying it, I like the mystery that's being built up between Danny and the Ghost Rider entity and for the most part the book functions quite well as a horror comic. Volumes 1 and 2 have had a bit too many crossovers for it's own good, but I get the feeling that was a general 90s Marvel problem.

I want to continue reading through the rest of Mackie's run on Ghost Rider, but there's only one problem. Marvel stopped collecting this Ghost Rider series after volume 2. So my question is, is it worth hunting down the remainder of this series in single issues? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Trade Wish List: Part 1

I'm sure everyone has a couple of books they wish Marvel and/or DC would release (or reprint) in trade. One of the greatest flaws of industry is the fact that there are so many great runs with Marvel and DC's characters, but only a fraction of these runs have been collected entirely in trade. Some have been partially collected only to be abruptly stopped, others have only come in the omnibus or marvel masterwork form, and some haven't ever been recollected into a trade.

Here's part one of my personal wishlist of runs/titles I'd love to see collected into an affordable trade run.

(For the record, these aren't in any particular order)

1. Peter David's Hulk Run

- I've read up to volume 6 of Peter David's Legendary run on Hulk and I can already say that this is my definitive take on the Hulk. David is able to perfectly balance the dark psychology of the Hulk with the charm of 80s superhero comics. This makes for one of the most entertaining and emotional runs in comics, without a doubt.

- As far as I know, David's run stopped being collected after volume 8 which from what I've heard means Marvel was only able to collect- about half his run into trade. Imagine how much that'd suck to read 8 volumes of a writer's run, only to be told to hunt down the other half of his run in single issues. Come on Marvel, Don't leave me hanging like that!

2. Claremont's First Uncanny X-Men Run

- I honestly don't feel like I have to explain this one, but I will anyway. Claremont made the X-Men, not Stan Lee. Pretty much everything, everyone thinks of when we think of X-Men came from this guy, be it cartoons, video games, character dynamics- you think it, Claremont likely came up with it. Yet, why in the hell, haven't we had his entire run collected in trade?

- This to me is a no brainer. The X-Men have been Marvel's cash cow for the last 20 to 30 years and yet they haven't collected the one run that defined the franchise? To me, this feels like a serious missed opportunity for marvel, if this were to be collected into trade this could easily turn into a profit making machine. Hardcore fans would go nuts, casual fans would go for this instead of the multi-title, crossover happy franchise the X-Men line has become, and hell, this would be a perfect starting place for anyone wanting to get into X-Men comics.

- Now I know that Claremont's run is being collected in omnibus, masterwork and essential form, but there has to be a less expensive option for those who want to read Claremont's run in color. Why not release Claremont's run in a visionaries form like John Byrne's fantastic four run, from beginning to end? I know that'd be well over 30 trades worth of material, but are you seriously going to tell me that there wouldn't be a market for that?

Well that's a wrap for part one. Let me know some of your wish list for trades and let me know what you think of my list so far, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Also for more of my comic ramblings, feel free to check out my YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

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Check out my YouTube Channel

While I'm in the self promoting mood, I also have a YouTube for anyone whose interested in me rambling about the latest comic news, reviewing comic titles, and speaking my mind on other topics.

Here's a link to my YouTube Channel if you're interested. I'll post a link or two below to give you guys a feel for my channel. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on them!

My Youtube Channel


Fight or Flight is now on sale

Greetings Comic Vine!

It's been a while since I last posted anything on this site, but I have returned with great news. The comic I've been hyping for two years is now available to purchase!

For anyone who isn't familiar with my comic it's called Fight or Flight and the basic premise of the book is that it's Black Hawk Down with super powers. My group of characters are working to improve relations between the humans and the portion of humanity that's developed their respective powers. Along the way there are plenty of twists and turns, with a group of characters that I hope to dig into for many years to come.

This book is the culmination of everything I've learned as a writer and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! If you like character driven stories that continuously build toward heart-wrenching conclusions then this is the book for you.

Issue one is available to buy (in full color) on Etsy for 3 dollars plus shipping. I'll put the link below here for you guys to check out.

Buy Issue 1 Print Copy

If digital comics are your preference, then I have you covered as well. You can order your digital copy on Graphicly for only 99 cents. Soon I'll have it up on Comixology as but that probably won't happen till the end of the month, till then here's the link to Graphicly.

Also for the record, if you'd like to get a sneak peak at the first 3 pages of issue 1, you can follow the Graphicly link to view the first 3 pages for free.

Buy Issue 1 Digital Copy

If you're looking to take a chance on an Indy title, I'd sincerely appreciate the support. I am an upstart writer and self publisher looking to tell the best stories I can, at the cheapest price I can set.

Thank you once again for your time and support, I sincerely appreciate it.


Alex Breen

Freshman Studios

Freshman Studios Website

Fight or Flight Facebook Page

Fight or Flight Preview Story


Huntress: Trauma (Part One)

Written By: KisserNe and MovieGeek17

Rated T+ for Strong Violence, Mature Language, Mature Themes and Gore.

Video Introduction:

Helena Bertinelli A.K.A the Huntress soars through the skies of Gotham. The streets are glowing dimly beneath the grey smog and the smells from below fill the air with the stench of death. She flips from roof top to pillar to ledge with dignity and grace. She is meeting the Bat-Family nearby and she feels…happy.

Huntress (V.O.): Gotham City… Hell’s favorite customer. Every year the demons of this city prey upon the innocent, depriving them of their lives and to those unlucky few- their souls. I was one of the latter.

Huntress (V.O.): People used to call me Helena Bertinelli, these days I go by a different name. Night after night I descended upon Gotham’s demons, matching their brutality with a woman’s touch.

Huntress (V.O.): My wrath became legend amongst the underworld of Gotham. No criminal was beyond my reach. In return I was hunted by Gotham’s protectors and criminals, finally they could agree on something…There was only one way this story could end, or so I thought.

She stops on a gargoyle and peers down into a familiar alley and sees groups of people that pass by the alley. They’re smart enough not to linger too far from the light.

Huntress (V.O.): The Batman… He showed me how to fight the darkness in my soul. His influence has rubbed off in some ways. My thirst for justice remains the same but the bat and his family have somehow dulled the pain. Maybe this is what happiness is like. It’s been so long I… I can’t remember…

Distressed woman: Someone please! HELP ME!!!

The shriek echoes in the night. She looks towards the sound and rushes off from her path. The Bat can wait… She sprints across the brick buildings and glides from one fire escape to another in the distance. She is getting closer, she can feel it. The woman’s cries are getting louder and the attacker’s voice sounds like a bullet through the shrill air. Helena glares down at the sight and lets the rage take over.

Huntress (V.O.): No matter how many times I hear the innocent suffer my blood still boils. The bat might have talked me down from killing but he couldn’t kill the rage.

Helena puts the mugger in the crosshairs of her crossbow.

Huntress (V.O.): One shot would be all I need to end this.

Mugger: Give me the money, bitch!”

Huntress holsters the crossbow and drops down from her position, boots first upon the grubby man. Her cape engulfs him, twisting him around to buy some time for his victim. The woman is petrified, tears frozen to her cheeks but she manages to escape. Unsure of who her savior is.

Huntress (V.O.): But I want him feel the fear. When I’m done with him he’ll wish he ran into the Batman.

Huntress twirls back, allowing her attacker to swing a fist that clutches a shiv, but she’s faster than he thinks. She grabs his wrist, giving him a quick jolt as she yanks him forward, loosening his shoulder from its socket.

Huntress (V.O.): Perhaps, I am too violent, but what does he expect?

She throws her mighty leg outward, the side of her boot cracking the man’s jaws, left side, right side, left side and then right. She cracks his teeth into pieces as blood sprinkles the alley.

Huntress (V.O.): Out of anyone in this world, he should understand…

She grabs the mugger by the neck and tosses him into the brick wall, face first. His nose shatters and his skull cracks, crimson paints the bricks.

Huntress (V.O): This is the only way I know.

Huntress finishes and looks away from the pathetic creature’s body with little to no remorse. Sirens ring in the distance; the cops will be here soon, they always come shortly after the job is done. She looks back down at the man who balances on weak knees. He’s still breathing, barely, but he is alive and that’s something to be proud of.

Familiar Person: What? No kill shot this time?

Huntress turns around to see the voice is none other than Harvey Bullock of the Gotham City Police. He’s casually puffing away at his cigar as he’s talking with her. Bullock has his usual smirk on him to show her he’s not a threat.

Huntress (V.O.): Harvey Bullock. The one cop in this city that somewhat approves of my… methods.

Bullock: This city is making you soft princess.

She can’t help but grin back. Their friendship is a bit unconventional but neither party seems to mind the other’s business too much.

Huntress: What makes you say that?

Bullock: Well he’s still breathing for starters.

Huntress: And that bothers you?

The wind blows out Bullock cigar forcing him to relight it. He silently curses at the thing like any seasoned smoker does. Fresh smoke erupts out of the cigar with the successful light.

Bullock: Not really, means less paperwork for me to write up.

Huntress (tease): You’re such a softie

Bullock: Takes one to know one.

They both laugh. Not many people would get their humor, but that’s the point. In a lot of ways this is how these two open up.

Bullock: Seriously though, I get why you’re doing this. He wants you to ease up, our department wants you to ease up. That’s a lot of pressure to cope with.

Huntress: I’ll get by.

Bullock: I’m sure you will. Just make sure you don’t lose yourself in the process. He’ll give you hell for it but you’re your own person, don’t forget that.

She is legitimately caught off guard by what he’s said. It takes her a moment to respond to his advice.

Huntress: That’s- that’s really nice of you…

Bullock (earnest): Heh. We all have our moments.

The sirens draw closer. Their conversation has to be concluded, they both know this.

Bullock: Best you get out of here. You may be at a better standing with us but it’s going to take some time before you’re like him.

She leaps up and out of sight, turning once more to see a cop car approaching. Bullock tosses his cigar aside as he approaches the first responders. She can’t help but smile as she leaves, for once she feels like she belongs in this city.

She continues to the Wayne tech building where she is to meet with Batman and Robin. She doesn’t know what to expect, if she would be greeted warmly or with the usual attitude. She crept up the wall to the very top and saw the empty rooftop.

Huntress (V.O.): Beat them. That’s a first.

Batman (Off Panel): You’re late.

The Batman, glares at her. His eyes, dark and stern as usual, pierce into Helena. Robin, Tim Drake, sits on a ledge. Quiet and mysterious, deep in thought as he lets Batman do his job. Lecture the vigilante, dispatch the jobs and move on. He wants it done and that is where Huntress and Robin share a similar problem, patience. They want to go and get the deed done, no more waiting.

Huntress: I was… caught up

Batman: We noticed.

Huntress: Then you saw me get the job done. That man will think twice before mugging another innocent person.

Batman: You could have killed him.

Huntress: But I didn’t. The paramedics will fix him up and he’ll be back on the streets in a few months’ time. Least I didn’t kill him.

Batman: Hmph…

Huntress: Look, I’m trying, okay?

Batman looks away and out towards the city. He’s like a father. He’s stern, but loving, difficult to deal with, but highly appreciated and respected. She could feel her heart plop into her stomach. She was in trouble and prepared for the worst. What was going to be her punishment this time? She didn’t kill the criminal like she had wanted, she let him live. She thought it was more of Batman’s way, but she had still gone too far.

Batman (calculating): You’re rash, undisciplined and emotional- but you’re also right…

Huntress is too stunned to respond at first. She had prepared for so many variations of Batman yelling at her that she had not anticipated this.

Huntress: You’re agreeing with me?

Robin (sarcastic): I’d recommend taking a photo while you can. Moments like these don’t happen very often.

Batman ignores robin’s joke like it didn’t happen and continues with his explanation.

Batman: In spite of your flaws you’ve drastically improved your methods. You’re much closer to being someone we can consistently work with.

Robin: Even I have to admit you’ve been awfully nice to the criminals this year.

Huntress: So what happens now?

Batman: Continue this trend and we’ll talk. Till then we have other matters to tend to.

Huntress approaches them trying to join in with whatever they have planned. Even though she is closer than ever to being accepted by the Bat-Family she is still in many ways an outsider. Batman gazes at Helena with concern wherever they’re going he wants to make sure she doesn’t follow.

Huntress: I know that look. Who’s out there?

Batman: Scarecrow… He’s abducted a little girl. She’s been missing for two days.

Huntress: Let me help then. Crane could be anywhere in this city.

Batman: Out of question. Your last encounter with him took weeks for you to recover. You’ve come too far to have him derail you now.

Huntress glares at him. She doesn’t like being treated like a child.

Batman: There will be other opportunities Helena, but not tonight.

Robin: I think what the big guy is trying to is, take the night off. You’ve earned it.

Batman remains silent. This is his way of agreeing with robin. She backs off realizing this is a start. He knew it was killing her, but if she wanted to stay in this city and fight crime, she would have to listen to him. She understood that Batman knew what he was doing. He had a plan and if she got in the way, it could be ruined.

He also knew Crane better than most, if someone was haunted by a painful past, they were an easy target. He knew this very well.

Huntress: Fine... Punch him hard for me

Robin (supportive): That can be arranged

Helena turned to leave, with mixed emotions. She could feel her heart beating a million miles per second and clumps rising in her throat. Happy that she’s making progress with the Bat-Family but secretly wishing she could be there to take down the Scarecrow.

Helena dropped from the roof, contemplating Bruce’s words as she tumbled through the sky. Shooting down like a falling star, she extended a hand, grasping a flagpole and spinning around to rocket back forth into the sky.

She flew from building to building watching as the tall towers went from decent to disintegrating to demolished piles of rubble. Her home town, close to the outskirts of Gotham, was practically a pile of dust waiting to be blown away. She could see her family’s manor, alone and holey in the darkness of Gotham.

For a brief moment, she thought she saw lights flicker in the old windows, but she shook her head. Tears filled her eyes and blurred her vision, she needed to stop. She ignores the bitter memory trying to push on, but she’s going too fast.

As she jumps over the next skyline, the building in front of her erupts with steam from the cold night. Helena coughs from the steam as it hits her right as she transitions to the building. She tries to adjust her body for the impact but it’s already too late.

Disembodied Voice: Helennnaa...

Her body crashes into the fire escape on the side of building and tumbles down the skyline. Thinking fast she shoots a grapple for the building knowing that this is her only shot at not being another of Gotham’s infamous death statistics.

Disembodied Voice: Did you think I was finished with you my child?

The line plants into the side of the building successfully but she didn’t take into account the strain it puts on her shoulder. The shoulder almost immediately gives out and she tumbles the rest of the way down. She has a dislocated shoulder but soon that will be the least of her worries

Disembodied Voice: Last time we met we had so little time to get acquainted.

She violently lands on the cracking pavement. Her black hair envelops her face as she struggles to get back up.

Disembodied Voice: But don’t you worry my dear. This time we have all the time in the world to plaaaayyyyy….

Her body trembles and shakes as echoes from the past creep into her mind. Gunshots, screaming, crying, pain, red, shattering glass, holes blasting through the walls, there was so much. There were so many men with guns…

Huntress (V.O.): STOP IT! Get ahold of yourself, Helena.

She grits her teeth as she rises to her feet, clutching at her injured shoulder. It may be dislocated or broken. She’s too dazed to tell.

If only she was in her normal clothes, if only she was on a job and wearing the sacred cowl bestowed by the Bat. If only she could be as strong as him… But she wasn’t.

Disembodied Voice: hehehehaaaahaheeeheahaaaa…. Just you… ME… and a verrryyyy special guest….

She slams her gloved fist into a stone fence and roars in anguish. The fabric tears and her knuckles began to bleed, stinging in the faint wind. She looks up through watery eyes and notices another familiar building. It was her elementary school, abandoned, depressed and in the middle of everything.

Disembodied Voice: So much to do so little time. Till then … enjoy the festivities.

Huntress (denial): It’s… just the fall…

It’s been so long since she’d last seen the playground. Since then the welcome sign had become so weathered. It was a sad sight to see such a beautiful and happy place look the way it did.

She remembered reading in the Gotham Times that its fate as a school had finally been decided. They declared that it was to be closed down. The area had become too dangerous for children and in the state that things were now. It seemed the area was only good for ghosts and rats to hide away in the corner of the room you never clean.

Without a second thought, Helena approaches the distant memory. The heavy soles of her shoes crunch upon the frosted and dead grass, her mind was vague and her eyes glazed over. She couldn’t stop. She saw the swings, swaying back and forth without owners. They were so lonesome and tired, squeaking and moaning in the wind.

She reaches the pebbled pit and grasps at the chains as they pinch at her gloved hand. Wearily, she plops down on the small black seat and slowly rocks back and forth.

Disembodied Voice: Having fun? I certainly hope so… I spent so much time preparing for this night.

Huntress breaks away from the daze and her head shoots up at the speed of light. She is now aware of the voice. She looks around the playground, but she sees no one.

She can hear laughter and shrieking like there are children playing somewhere near her, but she still does not see any figure or shape of a person, large or small. A few moments pass and a cold and bitter fog forms throughout the schoolyard. The playground has come to life and Helena waits, listening and rocking on her toes.

Disembodied Voiced: You may not know this Huntress, but I’ve had my eye on you long before the Hush affair. The way you deal with your pain is so delightful. What caused such a violent tact? Spousal abuse? A family massacre? Stranded on an Island? So many possibilities!

The school bed rings, jingling noisily throughout the air. She can hear school children yelling joyfully inside the now lively school.

Disembodied Voice: I can’t wait to poke around that pretty little head of yours to find out….

Helena follows the children that she can now see, brightly colored and blurry as they race across the abandoned hallways. Their smiling faces are ever so familiar as they join her side, pulling at her hands.

Child #1: Come on, Helena. The teacher wants to see you!

Child #2: Come on, come on!

She feels like she is out of her own body as she moves along with the excited children. She doesn’t know where she’s going but like most people in dreams she’s just going with the flow.

Helena’s heart thumps inside her chest as she hurries with the other children, following them towards the green door. Excitement is coursing through her body as she realizes that it’s Mrs. McClary’s classroom.

The door opens and welcomes her body with a tender, warm embrace and the sweet smell of McClary’s perfume. It fills her with joy and contentment as she rushes to her desk. The other children wait, sitting in their assigned seats without any movement with their hands cupped gently upon their desk’s surface.

Mrs. McClary (off panel): Hello, class. Hello Helena. Today we will be discussing how to decay the human mind…

Little Girl (outside the door): Don’t listen to him! Sniffle… Get out of here! Mmmmghhhhh!

Huntress spins around trying to figure where the child’s voice came from. No matter where she looks she can’t figure out where the girl is. The hairs on the back of her neck stiffen, she’s realized far too late who is responsible for this.

Huntress (enraged): Show yourself Crane!

Scarecrow: How dare that brat ruin my fun! No matter… It’s too late to stop what’s in motion Huntress. I will see what makes you tick- one way or another!

Huntress frantically turns around to alert the children.

Huntress: Run children! I’ll protect you…

She stops dead in her tracks. The children are decaying in front of her very eyes. Flesh is rotting off the bone, teeth falling out, each of them slowly disintegrating in the most painful ways imaginable.


Tears fall down Helena’s cheeks. She wasn’t prepared for this kind of terror.


Huntress: Oh god….

Huntress backs up to the desk. She is frozen stiff.

Scarecrow: Heeehhahaahahaehheee… God? He’s not here right now…

Three syringes pierce Helena’s neck. Each syringe is filled with a mysterious orange poison. She starts blacking out.

Helena tries to crawl for the door, her last hope for freedom. This idea is quickly destroyed as Scarecrow grabs at her and pulls her close to him. She’s staring directly into his mask. What little strength she has left is drained away from looking at the inhuman features of his mask.

Scarecrow: But he’s left his dominion to me!

He raises his syringe glove and is about to plunge it into her again right as she blacks out.


To be continued…


Kinda winging it at this point

Hey guys how have things been? Soon enough I'll have more news about my comic to tell you about but until then I have another announcement to make.

In my free time I've begun reworking a fan fic that I've written for this site in the past. I won't say what it is yet but if you want to guess feel free to take a look at them, there aren't that many to choose from lol.

There are a couple of reasons why I', choosing to do this really.

1. An occasional break from the comic will be good for me as a writer

2. I am not very satisfied with how the fan fic went as a whole and i want to overhaul it and make it a more satisfying tale.

3. I want to make it extremely character intensive, I want to literally pick apart this character in a way that hasn't been done in his/her's comic appearances.

4. I am in a similar mind.emotional area that I was in when i originally made it so nostalgia plays a part in it too.

5. It'll be a fun experiment

To be completely honest with you guys i'm not sure if much will come from it but i want to try anyway. I have learned much since the time i finished this story and i want to take what i've learned to give this character the story that they deserve. With that said though I have a pretty spotty record when it comes to fan fics so i want to make a couple of them before i even consider putting it on the site again.

The other thing about it is if this story turns out well I'd almost want this to be my sort of ongoing story for the site since this character and story will be much different than the comic book i am making for ravenhammer comics and i think being diverse as a writer is the key to improving.

Anyway for those of you that are interested in seeing another fan fic (and hopefully finishing one this time lol) feel free to let me know and if you want to guess what character or characters I'm referring to feel free to take a crack at it but i won't be revealing it till i post it on the site lol.

As always I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I'll see you on the site!


Comic Book Update 8- The Incredibly Delayed Edition

Hello Comicvine, once again it has been too long since I have updated you guys on my progress but in my defense at least I’ve put out more of these blogs than David Finch’s first series of Batman the Dark Knight. So now that the ice has been broken with a bit of comic book humor let us begin with the news.

Well for starters I’ll begin with some news on the writing side of things. Since the last post I have managed to complete the fifth issue as well as finish about half of the sixth issue. The fifth issue is an absolutely intense brawl with a character that for the sake of suspense has the team outgunned at every turn. This issue will feature some tense character moments as well and even set up even more character driven tales for the future. As far as issue six is concerned I’ll have to be even more tightly lipped about it (sorry folks) but suffice to say, it will pick up right after the fifth issue and will wrap up the first arc with a thrilling conclusion. If you guys ever get to see this issue you will be in for a real treat!

Now for the art news and guys I have some great news for you. As of right now the preview issue is completely drawn, inked and colored! But that’s not all my fellow comic fans, he also has completely finished the cover for the preview with incredible detail. Watching him working through these pages from beginning to their final stages has been a real treat and I can’t wait to see what you guys think of it. Currently he is taking a well-deserved break from work before we get back to the drawing board and begin work on the first issue.

In terms of the production status for the preview issue, it is currently being lettered as we speak so it won’t be much longer till you guys will be able to check out this issue on the internet for free. From the way things are going, I will give you guys an approximate release date of March but that is by no means a set in stone date for three reasons. The first being I have no clue how long it takes to letter a book, I am going to be making a title change and won’t release till I come up with a better title and lastly it depends on when the publisher decides to release it.

Some other publisher announcements are that they have been very receptive towards the writing and art direction of the book so as long as the sales fall in place then I think it’s safe to presume this series will continue after the first issue! Other than that it’s been pretty low key from the publisher but I bet things will heat up with them once they release the preview issue.

So believe it or not but it’s time to finally after such a long wait (Sorry again about that guys) to reveal the final member of the team! This character I intentionally saved for last mainly because… I felt like it ha ha. So without further ado I present to you guys, Achilles!

If you had to group Achilles into a stereotype he is the resident badass that every team has, but I assure you he is a much deeper character than that. Ayers did a particularly great job with his design. I basically let him go nuts with the mask since I only gave him a small amount of details to work with. The result makes him look like the last person you’d want to try and take on hand to hand or even with a blade for that matter. But like a lot of these characters he really is more than a swords expert to me.

Achilles occupies a very special place in my heart because he represents a very real piece of myself (played up to a larger degree for fictional reasons of course), he represents the side of me that is an isolationist, the side that is so intensely fixated on the past that it is destroying his life and future. He has been a terrific character to write and I hope you enjoy his design.

As always let me know what you think of the news, I can’t wait to hear it and you have any questions feel free to leave those as well! So once again I hope you enjoyed this blog and I’ll see you guys later.

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