Colorist of Red Hood and the Outlaws Speaks

giving strong credit to the idea that we have all REALLY jumped the gun in regards to starfire in red hood and the outlaws

here are the words of Blond the Colorist (the colorist of Red Hood and the Outlaws) from comments he made on his deviant art too a commenter who was expressing her dismay with starfire’s portrayal in the first issue

“she’s a sensualist who experiences life differently than we do. She’s an alien. I’m already working on issue 4, and I can assure you she’s not portrayed that way in every issue. Don’t harden your opinion based on one issue, I hope you will keep reading the next 2 issues to finish the story. Issue 4 begins a new chapter with an emphasis on Starfire.”

as i have tried to explain to people The writer has a freaking plan. as far as i can see he wants to show starfire growing and progressing from the way she is in the first issue of this series

so does this info give any hope to thay who have given up hope?