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Pull List a la Moufino

Need this to keep track of what I'm buying.

List items

  • Ross Covers are really the only reason I'm keeping this.

  • Jesus christ what a great book. Sucks that it's taken this long for any issues to come out.

  • Civi War 2 is dragging it down but as usual, it stays amazing.

  • Just what I wanted out of a Daredevil book (at first). Kinda lost it's steam but it's getting really good again.

  • Dear God can we get issue 4 before I drop this.

  • Gorgeous art by my main man Greg Capullo

  • If only I wasn't missing fricken issue #1 maybe I could finally enjoy this series.

  • Love the character interactions sooo much.

  • Favorite book out of rebirth. GORGEOUS art and the dual storyline thing keeps things super interesting.

  • Second favorite Rebirth book. Such a creative new world, fun characters, tons of content per issue, and amazing art.

  • Thank you DC for letting us have both a new Batman book and a Snyder Batman book. Love this series, love Snyder.

  • The writing is ok but Jim Lee's art is stellar. Unfortunately will probably drop when Lee leaves.

  • Such a shame that Steve Dillon passed away. His art on this book was dope. Crossing my fingers that we get an artist close to as good as he was.

  • Phenomenal series. Beginning to lose it's steam. Hopefully it can pick up again.

  • Great series, reads like a novel. Need to catch up reading the actual issues though.

  • Love this series. It's like a movie on paper.