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@motm: let's see, Thor survived an entire city exploding in his face and Clark clearly doesn't have city busting punches. Point for Thor.

LOL oh yes the town sized Sokovia feat. Pretty sure Superman would of just lifted it into space, you don't need city busting punches to hurt Thor ha, he's been hurt by small daggers and bullets and knocked out by Hulk, who Superman is much stronger than.

The tesseract or the aether would be enough to bfr or incapacitate Clark easily and he has no defense for it. Another point Thor.

How would it BFR when he has Flash level speed? That whole sentence is fanfic anyway, unless he has Kyrptonite no prep helps Thor lol.

Just accept it. MCU characters are shown to be at a higher level than the DCEU characters 😂

Lol um, they're actually not?

Thor wins decisively.

LOL yeah your're dreaming pal.

Superman easily both rounds, LOL this guys points.

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*sees speed not equalized*

*sees WW has her sword*

*sees team of street levelers*

Wonder Woman destroys everyone at the airport at once, they've never seen a being like her, yes including the laughable excuse for a god they call Thor LOL.

Wonder Woman wins pretty easily.

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@motm: no need to call your own comment dumb before even posting it. Although yeah it is pretty dumb thinking Clark would win. Ok I agree with you, your comment is dumb. Carry on 😂

LMAO bro you're trolling.

Superman stomps Thor and their is no feat you could present to assume otherwise but nice try.

Superman easily both rounds.

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@thegerudoking said:

Thor both rounds. Unless Clark has city busting punches, which he doesn't, he's not doing anything to Thor. On the other hand, Thor just breaks Clark's neck.

In round 2 it's even easier. He can either grab the tesseract out of the vault and just bfr Clark to any spot in the universe that has a red sun. Or he can get the aether and with Jane's help learn how to use it to alter Clark's own costume and surroundings into Kryptonite.

Thor wins both rounds decisively.

BY FAR the dumbest the comment I've ever seen.

Needless to say Superman stomps both rounds pretty fast.

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Nothing’s changed.

Tidy win for Wolfie.

Feel free to challenge me on that.