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Hair color:Gold

Eye Color:Blue

Name: None of your Business

Best Friends:morphius and nightelf

Hobbies: Being a nerd and archery!!! :D:D

Favorite Color:Gold

Likes: Tacos, nightelf, archery, this site, and swimming

Dislikes: Stupid People, backstabbers, cheetos, spicy foods, stupid people, Resonate, and stupid people.

I am a one of the only nerds at the elementary school of Park Avenue.I love to tell jokes and my favorite foods are tacos.I was born on March 13th in 1995. At school, I love out-smarting the other losers with my knowlege in history(like the American Revolution we are currently studying)and I love archery.I never really crawled much,but instead I scooted around as did my mother.I never talked until I was 3,and convinced my beloved family I was mute until one day I said "uh".Whenever I talked I said exactly that until I learned the alphabet on the internet.The internet and I go way back to the time of the cavemen(nothing against you hairyy sluts)if you are speaking metaphorically.If I had one thing to take to the moon,an uncharted island,or to a relm of pixies,donuts and supermodels that we all sadly know does not exist,would be the Internet.

Shakes hand and pledges to the flag

And that is my life story:-)

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