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Battles Forum Retirement

The title should be self-explanatory. In recent times, I have grown increasingly wary with the battles forum, in more ways than one. Repetitive arguments, narrow minds, insulting behavior, duplicate battles, and so forth. Now, someone could argue that all these things did exist before I joined, and shall exist after I stop. That certain someone would be correct.    
But, the battles forum has reached a point where the people who are, in fact, logical, reasonable, and open mind are known by name. I can't think of more than 20 users that are currently active a great deal, and fall under that category. In comparison to the overall number of users regularly posting in the battles forum, the conclusion is disappointing, yet, inescapable. There was a time when people who didn't know much about one of the characters included in a thread (myself included), would enquire to people that did know, instead of dealing in absolutes, which seems to be the trend nowadays. Most of the knowledgeable users spend their time correcting people who have no intention of learning, instead of actually debating. The point of that forum was to expand one's knowledge, through a fruitful and civil exchange, and if that resulted in a mutual agreement on the outcome of a fight, the better. That point is lost, and has been for some time now.  

To clarify, I, by no means, consider leaving the Vine - just the battles forum, or, at least, the aspects of the battles forum that are tedious, frustrating, and flat out unenjoyable to me. And because I'm sure that there will be certain good threads that I would enjoy (pretty much everything K4tzm4n, Dane, and a few others do - their threads are troll free, probably because with all the rules they impose few people actually take the time to consider all the parameters), you can feel free to contact me and I'll drop by and share my input.
That is all.