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Blog Entry: The Saint closer to God.

Yo. In these days, I already did two blogs regarding Saint Seiya, one for Hades, and another one for Capricorn Shura. Today, I wanted to make a blog on probably one of the most ridiculously haxed and powerful Gold Saints, and the one with, arguably, the greatest feats. Without further ado, let's start with presenting...

Eyes of the universal truth, Virgo Shaka.

"Flowers bloom, but eventually wither. The stars shine, yet one day shall fade. Everything dies. The Earth, the Sun, the Milky Way... Even the entire universe is no exception. When compared to all that... The lives of men are as brief and elusive as the blink of an eye. In this small instant, men are born... Laugh, cry, fight, suffer, celebrate, wail... Hate some while loving others. All of this... Is transitory."

Shaka is one of the 88 Saints of Athena, but more specifically, one of the 12 Gold Saints, the highest possible ranking among the Knights serving under the Goddess Athena. He is arguably, one of the strongest Gold Saints, considering his feats, statements, and abilities as well. Claimed even to be the strongest Virgo Saint by Shijima himself, another incredibly powerful Virgo Saint, known as the one "closest to God", by the other Gold Saints of the 18th century. Like I did with the blog with Shura, I will describe in detail, the abilities and power Shaka possesses. But firstly, the section easiest to explain...

Speed of the Virgo:

Shaka, obviously scales to the Bronze Saints crossing Hades' Hyperdimension, in mere minutes at most.

The original translations says "billions of lights" the Spanish one says "billions of galaxies". Considering that the "lights" shown to us have the literal form of galaxies, and they actually are galaxies by logic, it seems more than normal to assume that the Bronze Saints crossed billions of galaxies, each separated by more space than average IRL. You could basically say, that they crossed an universe bigger than our own, all in minutes at most. Easily MFTL+.

But this is not all.

Zee-hee. Shura and Saga react to Aiolos' attacks coming from literally another universe, and they also counter them. Stupidly MFTL+ is all I can say, Virgo scaling comfortably to them. And...

No Caption Provided

He scales comfortably to this feat. Considering Shura performed it with a Miracle, but...

No Caption Provided

"Gods do not grant Miracles. They are born from the souls of men with unyelding courage."

Seems clear enough. Virgo at his best, could pull out this feat and more.

So there is no doubts, nothing disprove Virgo being casually MFTL+.

Next section...

The Power of the Virgo:

Let's get immediately into explaining what Shaka can do at his best. Excluding the fact that he is easy a match for Gemini Saga's Galaxian Explosion, which can destroy galaxies casually, while he is not at his best:

No Caption Provided

So, he is at his most casual, galaxy level and above, and this is while not even trying, trust me. The Galaxian Explosion can also match universal+ attacks, but I will get into detail on that when I will do a blog on Gemini Saga, as he deserves one as well.

No Caption Provided

Ahem. As I was saying, let's get more into what Virgo can do when he actually tries, shall we?

With his Angyo, Shaka can match Shijima's Ungyo, which is basically the "end of the universe". Now, many argue it as in illusion, but... sadly, people nearby were feeling its effects, Shijima simply brought them in this other universe, and was literally clashing with Shaka's own Tenbu Horin. This, caused miryads of universes to being destroyed/re-created, during their clash. This is using the official translation, because the raw said "countless", although, I will just use the official one because it would be enough to put Shaka's raw power at least at universal+ while he is trying. Now, I want to get, in the most important section, where I can showcase what the Virgo Gold Saint is capable of.


Let's begin with the basics. So, a clothless Seiya, can casually destroy souls.

Down to their last atom. Destroying and breaking their atoms.

To the point they can smash even stars with this alone.

No Caption Provided

You may call it hyperbole, is it hyperbole? Ehh, doubt with the shit they can pull off.

Shaka with his basic punches, will ignore durability, considering he targets the atoms themselves. But not only:

The translation above, says how Saints' cloths can endure attacks that destroy on a level below even quarks. Mephistopheles Yoma, reduces Gemini Aspros down to quantum particles in both body and soul. It's likely Virgo could pull off the same at his best, but while the latter is not 100% confirmed, the former is legitimate.

No Caption Provided

The raws of the first scan. Now that we have estabilished this, let's look at what any Goldie can do.

Even Cancer Deathmask, someone fodder to Shaka, can destroy 20 billion evil souls.

No Caption Provided

Weaker saints than Aiolos can burn millions of degrees hot.

As for the rest, which I explained in detail in Shura's blog, Shaka can:

•Use Miracles, which are probability manipulation, turning the impossible into impossible;

•Fight while unconscious;

•Use 7 senses+the 8th, which I will explain in detail in short.

There's much more, but some stuff is already in the other blog.

Now, as for Shaka's abilities...what is Tenbu Horin?

When Shaka opens his eyes, his enemy is virtually fucked due to various reasons. Tenbu Horin, is the universal truth, the reality of the universe itself. While he attacks the enemy, the enemy cannot defend or move unless he wants to. He then proceeds to erase his opponent's six senses, rendering him a complete vegetable.

As you can see above, Ikki was completely helpless. His five senses+the extra one the Saints possess, were erased.

There's more:

Tenbu Horin is an "universe with its own laws". Shaka decides what happens and what not in such a place, furthermore, the enemy is helpless against its assault, as shown with Ikki above, the same Ikki being someone who tanks Galaxian Explosions.

This said, Shaka has one more ability, the one to send his enemy's soul into one of the six realms of rebirth.

Everything explained in the scans above. There are multiple realms, Shaka being able to effortlessly send his enemy's soul into them. Also shown how Virgo was capable of making Ikki forget of their encounters years go, by erasing the latter's memories.

And for last:

He has a powerful mind control, being able to destroy his enemy's mind with it, and leave them entrapped in "Buddha's hand", no matter how much they try to "run away". He even showed Ikki his old painful memories,

Note, Virgo is far superior to Ikki, who can destroy his enemy in both mind and soul with his mind control.

No Caption Provided

One particularly overpowered ability, is his eighth sense, which is explained here, but I will add in more details regarding it later.




So, this was it for now. I gave an explanation regarding Shaka's power, his speed, and his particular move-set. I will try to update this blog alongside the others very soon, until then, thanks for reading!


Blog entry: The honorable Gold Saint.

Hello to everyone. Considering I already did a blog for Hades(which I still need to finish now that I think about it), I thought of creating blogs for the various Gold Saints, and today I wanted to start with my favorite one. I already posted this, in another thread in General Discussion, but, I want to add some extra details, and add this to my list of blogs, cause why not.

Heart of gold, Capricorn Shura.

"Gods do not grant miracles. They are born from the souls of men with unyielding courage."

Capricorn Shura is, among the 88 existing Saints, one of the 12 Gold Saints of Athena. Not only he is one of the strongest, he is also probably among the ones with the better feats and abilities, and let me show you why in this brief analysis.


Much weaker characters (the exhausted Bronze Saints), are capable of crossing a larger universe than our own, with billions of galaxies inside. That all done in a time-frame of minutes at most, considering the Greatest Eclipse was gonna be completed in a short amount of time at that point.

For more evidence of his crazy speed, he should scale above Leo Kaiser, the same saint who could effortlessly block Shun's Nebula Chain, which can cross whole galaxies.

He scales far above a fodder like Hecate, capable of crossing 1000 light years in minutes at most.

But that doesn't mean Shura doesn't have his own speed feat, aka surpassing the speed of the initial expansion of the universe, before light speed was even born.

Needless to say, he is pretty damn fast. Easily MFTL++.

Power and durability.

He is definitely one of the most resiliant, considering he can tank attacks such as Galaxian Explosion from Saga, attack capable of destroying whole galaxies.

No Caption Provided

Granted, this is a much weaker Shura.

Later, he scales above the likes of Mu, who can literally absorb whole universes with his Stardust Revolution and make them fade away.

Capable of cutting Zeus' astral body, with his Excalibur, Zeus being one of the strongest gods, and note how someone much weaker, like Poseidon, could encompass the whole universe with his Cosmo.

No Caption Provided

With his Excalibur, pushes away an object with the weight of countless stars.

Can fight Titans, being capable of creating infinitely expanding universes and control them with their power, Dunamis.

No Caption Provided

Conclusion: Shura is at least universal+(I am not including feats from Requiem or others, he is possibly far above).


Like any other Saint, Shura possesses 6 senses, which are the standard normal five ones(albeit more enhanced)+ the sixth sense. But, Shura, as a Gold Saint, is in possession of the seventh sense as well. Which grants:

•The capability to move at light speeds or even FTL;

•Resistence to cold temperatures until Absolute Zero;

•The capability of creating Miracles. Through the usage of miracles, humans can make the impossible happen, making impossible events, actually possible.This can be used to increase power, speed, reaction, by an insane degree;

•The capability of causing rifts in space.

Besides that, Saints possess:

Saints are capable of destroying the atoms themselves of anything in existence, basically ignoring durability.

So anyone without resistence would get instantly destroyed by basic punches;

•The capability to fight while unconscious;

•Reactive evolution, the same ability, doesn't work twice on a Saint.

Shura himself was capable of slicing 20 billion evil souls all at once.

With his Excalibur, can even cut non corporeal and astral beings, basically ignoring durability, considering also the stupidly big amount of souls he can destroy with one slice.

No Caption Provided

Shura's sword is even compared to Hades' himself, by Seiya, who was literally pierced by it in the past.

No Caption Provided

This is what the sword of Hades can do...

Here's a direct comparison to it, from Shura. Not mentioning the fact that Shura's Excalibur can just cut through anything, it just "cuts".

Welp, this is it for now. I mainly wanted to explain Shura's main strenghts and abilities, but he actually has much more at disposal, but I will update this blog soon. Thank you for reading!


Saint Seiya: Hades, Lord of the Underworld.

Aye. Considering some recent threads where Saint Seiya characters are finally getting some recognition, I wanted to do a blog for probably one of mg favorite characters in the series, aka Hades, the God of Death, but also Life. In this blog, I will simply explain what he is capable of, and why he is one of the most powerful cosmic tier beings out there!

The Dark Lord of Death, Hades.

"The only good human, is a dead human!"

Hades is...a complex character to say the least, naturally, most Saint Seiya characters are no joke in their characterization, but Hades is one of the most powerful Gods, behind only Apollo and likely Zeus himself, and shows his position in a particular way. He never really let his body go out of Elysium, fearing it could be ruined in any way, even in the slightlest form.

His two Servants, Thanatos and Hypnos, respectively the God of Death and the God of Sleep, looked over Elysium, to not let any intruder disturb Lord Hades himself. Naturally, for whoever has read the Classic of Saint Seiya...Hades actually "dies" against Athena and her Saints, but not actually, well, dies. His concept still remains, the Underworld still remains, Hades was never really gone, and still existed, probably in a long sleep, sure, but Death certainly doesn't go away. Gods after all, embodies actual concepts, and they will not die, unless said concept is destroyed. But now, let's get on what the Lord of the Underworld is capable of, shall we? First factor:


It's obvious what happens, Bronzies cross Hyperdimension in minutes at most, said dimension containing billions of lights/galaxies, easy quadrillions up to sextillions FTL speed feat, depends how you calc it. Thanatos blitzes the same Saints but wearing the Gold Cloths, shattering them. Thanatos is weaker than Hades, who fought God Cloths.

Someone weaker than him, Shura, surpasses the speed of the initial expansion of the universe.

Credit to my boy @wayshrine for this calc.

Okay so the radius of our observable universe is 46 billion lightyears:

And the time it took for the initial expansion of the universe is known as the plank epoch:

Assuming that the big bang took place in the middle and expanded outward, the speed would be the radius' amount of 270416767166445600000000 miles (converting the light years to miles) ÷ by the timeframe of plank epoch (0.0000000000000000000000000000000000099 seconds) which equals 98300000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 MPH, or 146581531872071200000000000000000000000000000000000000x FTL, in wording this is one hundred forty-six octillion five hundred eighty-one septillion five hundred thirty-one sextillion eight hundred seventy-two quintillion seventy quadrillion times faster than light.

Pretty clear cut. Hades is up to octillions x FTL, ya pretty fast boi.

Second factor:


Not much to say. I already posted Thanatos shattering the Gold Cloths.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The Gold Cloths can contain up to universal amounts of energies. Hades by existing, mantains Elysium and the Underworld, basically anything he created.

Hades scales much above the Athena Exclamation.

No Caption Provided

Easy to say, Hades is universal+/multi universal.

Last, but not least important factor:

Abilities and existence.

Hades can send people out of space and time, and out of the cycle of reincarnation, by merely piercing said person with his sword. Said sword can destroy even protons:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

People weaker than him can reduce soul and body to quantum particles:

No Caption Provided

Hades's divine reflection will null any attack, and send them back at the opponent, no matter what.

Thanatos himself, someone weaker than Hades and one of his literal servants, can kill people across universes with a thought.

Any God in Saint Seiya is acausal, with his own system of cause and effect, impossible to be interacted with unless in possession of divine weapons, the blood of gods(or using asspulls called Miracles).

There is much more I can post even later, but Hades has:

•Universal+/multi universal AP;

•Quintillions up to octillions times the speed of light;

•Acausality(type 4, you can't interact with a god unless you can bypass their acausality);

•Death manipulation across universal distances;

•His sword which can BFR out of space-time, in a void out of the cycle of reincarnation;

•Can destroy even the protons, reducing anything to even quantum particles, destroying both body and soul;

•Divine reflection explained above;

•Gods are conceptual existences, with mid godly regeneration, and cannot be killed unless you destroy the concepts they embodies, in Hades' case here, life and death:

No Caption Provided

•Gods exist in an higher dimension than normal mortals, in Hades' case, in Elysium, crossed by the Saints through the Hyperdimension.

No Caption Provided

Another interesting thing to know, is the fact that even temperatures hundreds of times below Absolute Zero, likely wouldn't do anything to Hades' Surplice.

No Caption Provided

Hades can also passively move all the planets in the solar systems, allineated, effortlessly, while not actually trying:

For more informations regarding Hades' sword:

No Caption Provided

He can BFR anything the soul of anyone he pierces, outside of space and time, in a world of nothingness, outside of the cycle of reincarnation.

Among the abilities he possesses, he also can:

•Deprive anyone in his presence of the five senses, turning them into vegetables.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

•Can basically passively drain someone, reducing their stats to nothing, and sucking away their strenght:

•He basically has control over the souls of those that die, deciding their fate:

No Caption Provided

• Later on, he possesses Dunamis, which can basically grant the ability of create and manipulate anything in existence, also creating and controlling infinitely expanding universes.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Which also grants this:

No Caption Provided

Aka the restoration of senses, an immunity so to say.

Note, this is not everything Hades can do, there is more stuff and abilities that can be considered, like the existences of Gods in countless possibilities, the Gods being one and only, unaffected by time itself.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The Ninth Sense also letting them travel through universes casually.

Welp, that's it for now, but I will upgrade this blog soon. There is a LOT of Saint Seiya material, some untranslated, so it will be definitely some hard work finding all the needed scans.

Happy New Year for everyone, and thanks for reading!


Blog entry, God of Highschool; 666: Satan.

Hello again, considering recently I made a CaV/blog entry for Mori Jin, I thought, why not for someone who was arguably stronger at a point? And yeah, I am speaking of the strongest opponent Mori has faced during Ragnarok, aka 666: Satan. But without further ado, let's get into it, shall we?

Slayer of Gods. 666: Satan.

No Caption Provided

Satan is a... mysterious character to say the least. He appeared for the first time in Ragnarok, and was so far, the strongest enemy Mori had ever fought. He kept adapting again and again, becoming stronger and even copying Mori's ability to a scary degree. His most formidable aspects are not only his sheer power and speed, but also, his power mimicry. Note, this will be a description of his abilities up to Ragnarok's end, I will update his blog soon enough though!

Power surpassing the gods.

Let's begin to explain, how much ragdolling Mori Jin and shattering Yeoui like a toothpick is impressive:

Excluding the fact that he casually created a large planet+ sized shockwave as a side effect of punching Mori Jin into the Sun at MFTL speeds with just a 52x Jeabongchim Limiter Removal...

The same Yeoui can tank:

•The impact of an hammer capable of shattering a small star sized planet(I am going to explain why so big, really soon), with relative ease;

•Can withstand the impact of two planets clashing into each other at superluminal speeds.

The size of Oraeguk, is given by the fact that Yeoui, can cover the distance between Moon and Earth at MFTL speeds, with no problems, yet, it cannot even cover 1/3rd of the lenght of Oraeguk. Between Moon and Earth, all the planets in our solar system would fit perfectly. This just means that the size of Oraeguk, is multiple times the size of all the planets in our solar system combined. Shattering Yeoui like a toothpick, would be no less than a star level feat.

Naturally, it doesn't end like that:

No Caption Provided

Satan is capable of pulling Jupiter out of its orbit at MFTL speeds(the size is the same as our Jupiter despite the inconsistent size, but it is actually solid). Such a feat can be calced up to large star level with no problems, and it was done extremely casually by Satan. For further confirmation:

An exhausted Han Daewi, and a Mori Hui on the verge of death, are capable of pushing Jupiter back into orbit at MFTL speeds. Satan, scales hilariously above this. And there is more:

This is Jin Mori tanking the explosion of the small star sized Orageuk, whe exhausted, and in base, without Yongpyo on...such an explosion, would carry at least star levels of force, and as the scans before shows, Satan was beating the crap out of a far stronger Mori with Yongpyo on, with just a 52x Limiter Removal...but the same Mori was using a Limiter Removal.

No Caption Provided

Satan could just copy it by reading his mind...

We can say without doubts, that Satan in base is around large star level of powers, considering his scaling above the Jupiter tossing feat doing at those kinds of speeds, and so much hilariously above the Mori who tanked Oraeguk's explosion.

No Caption Provided

This is Phase I Satan(explained what he can do already, aka stomping Mori with just a 52x Limiter Removal, and his previous feats in base);

No Caption Provided

This is Phase II Satan.

No Caption Provided

This is Phase III Satan.

Let's see what Phase II Satan was capable of doing, but first:

No Caption Provided

Here Satan amps himself by 250k, after seeing Mori's Limiter Removal of 250k. This would easily bring Satan at solar system/multi solar system level.

No Caption Provided

He then was capable of absorbing the Sun's Corona, after it was gathered in a single spot.

Later, Mori oneshots him by borrowing Mori Hui's power:

Casually creating a star sized shockwave, with the side effect of attacking Satan himself, turning off the sun for a moment at the same time.

All of this was done in picoseconds:

He then appears in Phase III, after losing one of his two lives, and kicks Mori from the sun to Earth, at MFTL speeds. This Satan is logically stronger than the previous two versions.

Conclusions: Base Satan==>Large star level.

Phase I Satan with 52x Jeabongchim Limiter Removal: Large star++/solar system level(Note: for me, large star and solar system level are pretty close);

Phase II Satan with Sun's Corona absorbed+250k Jeabongchim Limiter Removal==> Multi solar system level, with ease.

Phase III Satan==> Logically higher, unquantifiably so though.

This should be more than enough for the power section: Let's get into the speed section, though it's hard to not see those MFTL speed feats in this section alone, lol.

Speed of the devil.

I feel like speed is one of the most easy to scale in God of Highschool, and I find it extremely impressive, dwarfing most Shounens by an hilarious degree, even in early chapters.

This for example. Yeoui is capable of crossing the distance between Moon and Earth, before a massively hypersonic spear of an Angelos can pierce through Daewi's shirt, and even only slightly graze him. Easily a MFTL+ speed feat, in the thousands range at least, lowballing the speed throw of the Angelos to mere peak human levels, which is a lowball. Mori scales to this speed feat in just season 2.

But an incredibly superior one is this:

Mori intercepts an attack from Okhwang, about to kill Ilpyo Park, from another solar system entirely:

It is another solar system, considering Ilpyo was searching for Mori for entire months.

This feat should be in the millions of times the speed of light, and this scales to a casual old Okhwang, who is much weaker to even base Satan.

Adding the 250k Limiter Removal, which amps speeds, power and durability:

No Caption Provided

Satan is easily, up to trillions of times the speed of light, also considering how Mori and Satan were literally crossing massive distances all around the sun, in mere picoseconds. Now, onto the last section describing Satan's abilities!

The trickery of the Devil.

Satan, is dangerous not only for his power and speed, but also for his abilities, which are ridiculous. Not only he can apply Mori's Limiter Removal on himself without risking as much(Satan's regeneration is insane), he can also copy his opponent's abilities by just reading their minds:

He could copy the techniques of Mori Jin by reading Han Daewi's mind, meaning that he can copy the abilities of people his opponent has fought, by looking in their memories. He was able to copy Mori Jin's clone ability, which is biological, and Daewi's gravity control. Note that gravity is one of the fundamental forces, through this, he was able to toss Jupiter at Earth.

And for his cloning ability, well...

No Caption Provided

He was able to create this many clones. Keep in mind, how this is an actual mistranslation, and they were much more, around 2 quintillions. And in his fight with Mubong:

No Caption Provided

So...yeah. His regeneration is also pretty insane, being able to regenerate from just a torso.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Overall, this character is a monster. Worthy of the name, 666: Satan.

So, I think this will be all for now. This is what Satan is capable of, I added just a tiny bit of what he is capable of during his fight with Mubong, but this is mostly all his power, speed, durability and abilities during Ragnarok. I will update this blog soon nonetheless!


Blog/CaV: Mori Jin, The God of Highschool.

Hello to everyone! I thought that, considering my recent post in my first CaV, I could have used it at the same time as a blog entry explaining Mori's power, speed, durability, skills and overall abilities. This will be just a copy-pasta of my post in the CaV, but it will at least remain here, accessible to anyone, in case of curiosity about this specific character's abilities. So without further ado, here's probably my longest post on CV.

Jin Mori, Jaecheondaeseong.

"Do what you want."-Jin Mori

Ladies and gentlemen...welcome.A bit pumped up, I know...this my first CaV after all, a battle between some of the strongest teambusters, happening today...and how could I not give my best, against the formidable foe called, Kid Buu, by using someone that will defeat him, by any means.

Without further ado...let's start by presenting Jin Mori, the main protagonist of the Manhwa series, The God of Highschool, written by Yongje Park, ironically inspired by Akira Toriyama's most famous work, Dragon Ball.

My post will be divided in 3 sections: Power and durability, speed and skills, while adding of course, his abilities in the mix. But I am not here to waste anyone's time, let's begin!

Unmatched prodigy, Renewal Taekwondo's successor.

As you may have understood, this will be the skill section...and be sure of it, you cannot beat me in pure skills or in an hand to hand combat. You will be dominated without a doubt, and I am going to prove exactly why.

Oof. Lot of scans huh? During my read of God of Highschool, I couldn't help but monstrously skilled Jin Mori is.

•Renewal Taekwondo, a martial art Mori acquired from his grandfather, Jin Taejin. With said technique, based mainly on kicks, he is capable of overwhelming his opponent in several ways, one of these being "sandwhiching" him/her in between his kicks as the scans show.

•Mori is capable of concentrating the air in a single point, then firing it Kamehameha-style to his opponent, tearing him/her to shreds.

•Mori's kicks are fatal to the point of ignoring durability. This happening in the scans, as he shakes his opponent's brain with simple air pressure. A repeated use of this, will surely result in serious issues for the enemy.

•Mori's triple attack is nigh-impossible to block, hitting his enemies from both side and on the back, right in their head, stunning them heavily with the intensity of three times a normal kick.

•With the Blue Dragon technique, he is able to pummel his opponent with multiple blows, then scatter and release the air in a single point, toward the enemy.

The scans, show Mori pummeling multiple opponents via sheer skills alone, even while outclassed, by the likes of Q, a commissioner clearly superior to him in raw power. So, Kid Buu cannot hope to compete in skills, he is essentially a mook in comparison. simple, yet so fatal at the same time:

•Targeting the blood vessels of the enemy, Mori is capable of stopping the blood flow of the opponent, causing blood clots, and disastrous internal damage to the enemy.

•Same technique can be used to ignore durability and paralyze the opponent, it worked on the likes of 666: Satan, who was arguably stronger than Mori at that point. Kid Buu will be frozen, no doubts about that.

This said and done, I am fairly confident my opponent will not be able to provide better skill feats for Kid Buu. You have no choices, because in a pure CQC battle, you will be destroyed.

And to add more:

With acupuncture Jeabongchim, he is able to amp himself, in strenght, speed and durability, up to 250,000 times, quite a lot! Though, 250,000x Jeabongchim can result in a grave rebond, which can cause permanent injuries on Mori after using it, but I am confident Mori will be able to end the fight in time, and even only a 190,000x multiplier could be enough.

For more proof about the power boost:

No Caption Provided

So yeah. Mori is more than capable of dominating in a skill battle and to hold his own in power, and I will explain why in the next section!

The strenght and durability of the Monkey King.

Without further ado, let's examine all of the feats that make Jin Mori, a powerhouse.

Capable of using Yeoui, to block the impact of an hammer capable of oneshotting the Orageuk. good would such a feat be??

Well, it's simple! Yeoui, is capable of crossing the distance between the moon and Earth instantly.

Fitting really well, in the distance between moon and Earth. And incredibly, in said distance, all the planets in our solar system can fit pretty well.

No Caption Provided

Yeoui, while in full extension, does not even compare to 1/3 of the planet in lenght. Meaning, that this planet is at least multiple times bigger than all the planets in our solar system level combined, firmly around the size of a dwarf/small star.

In these scans, multiple things happen:

•Mori strikes Ardun so hard, he creates a visible shockwave from outer space, on the planet. A quite evident large planet level striking feat right here.

•Mori tanks a piercing attack from Ardun, and even after he takes said attack head on, it still carries enough strenght to slice through the whole planet. Considering Mori took the whole attack, and it did that much damage, and Ardun's hammer was stated to be able to destroy Orageuk, and yet got easily blocked by Mori's Yeoui, this attack would be easily in the small star+ level range of power, considering how it probably overpowered the planet's GBE. Ardun was also in a state of evident bloodlust, so, it's more than fair.

•Mori is able to stick a piece of Yeoui inside Ardun, making it expand, and causing heavy internal damage to the enemy. This is a great tactic that Mori would use against Kid Buu comfortably, after, well...confusing him with his 100 clones.

Yes, Mori can use the Kage Bunshi no Jutsu technique(lol), but obviously his clones are comparable to him in power, and they will give Kid Buu an hard time for sure.

•Mori Ko's the same Ardun who tanked many of his blows and and internal damage on top of base, with just his signature Renewal Taekwondo Mori, is quite the beast even while exhausted.

And always while exhausted, he tanks the same small star sized planet exploding on him, as he, well, is obviously alive later in the story, LOL. And such a planet exploding, would carry at the very minimum, star levels of force.

Not too long ago before, he had fought Sujin Lee, and even caused a massive shockwave visible from outer space, on the planet, during their clash.

Here he shows more of his skills, capable of countering another type of martial art with Renewal Taekwondo, and even imitating said technique, from Sujin Lee. Even when he gets overwhelmed, he menages to prevail with sheer skills alone. So, yeah, Kid Buu has no chance when it comes to pure skills.

Is it over? Of course not.

In these scans:

•He tanks physicals capable of sending him flying to the sun at massively faster than light speeds(we will see why later), creating a large planet sized shockwave as a side effect.

•Capable of tanking the collision of two planets on him, at FTL speeds.

And take note that...

•The same 666: Satan, could pull Jupiter out of orbit at MFTL speeds, to throw it at Earth.

•Han Daewi, someone weaker than Mori, is capable of pulling Mars at MFTL speeds, always out of orbit.

And what about Mars??

Well, Uriel is capable of stopping Mars from crushing on Earth with relative ease...yet her arms don't break, but fall off from her body, when she tries to lift Yeoui. Considering DBZ characters' lifting strenght is, as much as it pains to admit it...quite lackluster, this will be a problem for Kid Buu.

But to add on top:

Here, an almost dead Mori Hui, and an almost exhausted Han Daewi, send Jupiter back into orbit at MFTL speeds...and the KE for such a feat, would be no less than star/large star level, considering the mass of the solid Jupiter, and the fact that they sent it back into orbit like it was a freaking basket ball, at superluminal speeds.

And these guys are straight up fodder to 666: Satan, who, as you can see in the previous scans, and in these ones:

Surely gave a beating to Jin, who tanked all of his blows, and the same punch of Satan, could shatter Yeoui, which can tank Ardun's hammer's strongest blow, capable of shattering the small star sized Orageuk...yet Satan broke it like it was a freaking toothpick, with a casual punch.

No Caption Provided

...After amping himself by well over 52 times...and considering the feat Han Daewi and an almost dead Mori Hui possesses, Mori capable of tanking a star level explosion while exhausted and in base, without Monkey King mode, and Satan effortlessly being able to shatter something like Yeoui...Satan would comfortably be in the large star+ level of powers here.'s more! Literally...

No Caption Provided

You see these? Well, they are actually more, around 2 quintillions, due to a mistranslation, this is the result...which is still pretty freaking mind blowing, Satan copying himself so much, to the point of covering a whole solar system...and yeah, Mori oneshottted them all.

With air pressure...a Mori who amped himself by 250k times.

No Caption Provided

Soon after, Satan absorbed the Sun's Corona:

After also amping himself by 250,000 times with Jeabongchim. And...

In a pure badass scene...he kicks so hard, to the point of causing a star sized shockwave with the simple air pressure of his kick, turning off the sun for a moment. Mind you, he didn't even hit the sun directly.

So... taking all in consideration, with Mori tanking a star level explosion while exhausted, Satan harming a far stronger Mori, scaling above Han Daewi and Mori Hui's feat, and adding a multiplier of 250k on top of that(and adding the fact Mori caused a star sized shockwave with the mere air pressure of his kick while Satan took basically the whole blow)...the results can be no less than multi solar system level. Now, I do not give much importance to the standards for multi solar system level on Vs battle wiki the end of the day, it's just range.

Now that this is over...onto the next section.

Speed of the Monkey King: the trump card. to say it...Mori is much faster than Kid Buu. Not just a bit...but by a lot, unless you can use a certain particular way to scale him...but ehh, not gonna help my opponent, lol.

It will be brief:

Here Mori, is capable of expanding Yeoui, from moon to Earth, before a MHS spear from an Angelos, can pierce Daewi's shirt.

No Caption Provided

As you can see, Daewi's shirt is fine.

For more confirmation! Also keeping in mind, that the Angelos can throw spears in other countries entirely nigh instantly. So, I will be using a low end:

•0.203mm/32.06381138 m/s= 0.00000633112507 seconds.

•384400 km/0.00000633112507 seconds= 6.07159068e+13 m/s= 202526.465 FTL.

Basically, at the absolute low end of this feat, the speed of Yeoui would be thousands of times FTL, at the bare minimum, considering the thickness of Daewi's shirt as a standard one, and lowballing the speed of the throw of the Angelos to mere peak human levels nonetheless.

But do not worry, this can only pale in comparison to this other feat:

•Ilpyo Park search for Mori in a distant solar system.

•The Jade Emperor attacks Ilpyo, and later is to the point of nearly killing him.

•Mori, while using Kinto-Un, his cloud, intercept the attack from another solar system entirely. This is usable in both travel speed and combat speed.

A minimum speed for this, would be in the millions of times FTL.

And reminder, that Jin can amp his stats by 250K times, with Jeabongchim acupuncture. Needless to say, he can comfortably reach a speed of trillions of times FTL with said multiplier alone. So...I fear you may be a statue here.

Onto the last section!

The second trump card: Sealing the Majin.

So...this was probably one of my longest posts, in all of my career on CV...but this, will be the last, and short section.

Mori can simply trap Buu in his gourd. And it's basically a gg, because he wouldn't be able to escape from such a seal. It only didn't work on Satan because it was broken, and the only way it wouldn't work, was if Kid Buu was a God. And... sadly he isn't. Considering the huge speed advantage, Mori can just trap the Majin in his gourd, and call it a day.


So this will be all. I think this is enough for now to describe what Mori is capable of. I'll try to update this blog entry as soon as I can though.


Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel, part 2.

Apparently, CV won't let me add anything to the other blog...weird. Still, this won't stop me from posting about the ultimate, the chaddest, and the more powerful...version of Sephiroth.

Dissidia scaling:

Dissidia Final or not? That is a dilemma...yet, we have an extra overpowered version of Sephiroth at our hands. Now, what is Dissida Final Fantasy?

"Dissidia Final Fantasy is a sub-franchise of fighting games in the Final Fantasy series. It is a crossover containing characters and locations from other games in the series, and having them fight against one another in a battle between two gods, originally between Cosmos and Chaos, and later between Spiritus and Materia.

True to its series's namesake, Dissidia focuses on the "heart of all conflict," and gathers the lead protagonists and antagonists throughout the mainline Final Fantasy series to emphasize the core themes that tie all of Final Fantasy together.

The story of Dissidia is driven by a scenario of extreme conflict, a war between gods, and emphasizes Final Fantasy's themes of dualism as the clash is between a god of light and benevolence against a god of darkness and wickedness. In the initial game the conflict is simple, but later games expand and distort this alignment, showcasing what happened before the final war between Cosmos and Chaos. Dissidia NT goes onto further collusion as the goddess of science, Materia, and the god of magic, Spiritus, are the mixed remnants of both Cosmos and Chaos, and are forced to bring their warriors together in the face of an even greater threat.

The setting of a seemingly never ending divine war in a higher plane of existence draws inspiration from the religious and spiritual realms of the martial arts and draws a parallel to the Ashuras and Devas within Buddhist and Hindu cosmology, who infight as Ashuras hate and envy the comfortable yet indifferent Devas who live in a greater realm of bliss and godly responsibility. It is also believed within Buddhism that Ashuras are facsimiles for the mindset of those who live their lives as warriors and ambitious people, whose lives are destined for never ending conflict, while Devas represent the rich and the royalty who are free from worldly inconveniences, but all are also morally varied between being good or evil, and will at times come together to cooperate for various aims. While it is considered that the realm of men is the easiest form of reincarnation to achieve enlightenment, salvation is still considered for Ashuras and Devas who follow devotion to Dharma and virtues of good to use their power for the be tterment of others."

Now, let's get in what Dissidia Sephiroth is capable of. To begin, Sephiroth can keep up with Exdeath and Cloud in Dissida. What is Exdeath capable of? Through the power of the Void, which is shown in Dissidia to connect to all the universes in the Final Fantasy franchise, he was going to erase, all the universes from existence. The Final Fantasy multiverse has repeatedly been shown to contain infinite universes. This is described as "space-warper master of all dimensions" in the Ultimania.

There are infinite dimensions and timelines in Final Fantasy , Exdeath is also the void that exist outside every concept and reality, and erased the whole infinite multiverse.

What does this mean? That we have a version of Sephiroth at infinite multiversal(low complex multiversal should be acceptable), and at immeasurable speed. Dope. Now, this is a version of Sephiroth which doesn't scale to his confirmed canon version, as it's more of an outlier to be actually honest, still an incredibly powerful version to be aware of.

This is everything for now. I'll update the blog as soon as I can, for more of Sephiroth's abilities! 🤗

Edit of the Edit: T'was all true and I am a dumbass, I basically found out that Sephiroth in Dissidia can fight(and is superior to) Bartz, the same Bartz who is comparable to Neo Exdeath, who was about to destroy the multiverse in Final Fantasy V. So, yeah...forget I ever made a previous edit, lol. Dissidia Sephiroth is indeed 2A, cheers.


Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel.

The perfect being, the badass among chads, the dominator of worlds, the Seraph of the End, the cold-blooded destructor, once a kind and innocent child, turned into a merciless and disastrous apocalypse incarnated for all his enemies...Sephiroth. In this blog, I'll explain why and how Sephiroth is NOT a building level fodder, why he is NOT a city level mid tier...and why he can make destroyers of entire solar systems, look like harmless ants.

"Tell me what you cherish the most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away."-Sephiroth to Cloud.

Sephiroth's story.

Who is Sephiroth? To understand his story, we need to start from the beginning.

"Tens of thousands of years ago, a weird species called J-E-N-O-V-A came out of nowhere, it was incredibly powerful and its intention was too destroy the planet, use the lifeform to summon a meteor, open up the planet, use the lifestream (a river type structure which flows through the planet )to increase its power and then sail the cosmos with the planet as its vessel.

The people there, the Cetra, obviously fought this being. J-E-N-O-V-A was very powerful, able to summon continent wiping meteors, create high tier illusions, duplicate itself, regenerate from atomic levels, corrupt the others, mind manipulate, manipulate reality, and so much more, but at the end the Cetra won, and was able to seal the J-E-N-O-V-A in a coma type state under the planet.

J.E.N.O.V.A as a test subject in the S.E.C...
J.E.N.O.V.A as a test subject in the S.E.C...

Thousands of years later, the Shinra Electric Company, which was the biggest company on the planet and basically owned the Government, found the chamber where J-E-N-O-V-A was kept and took it as a test subject.

J-E-N-O-V-A was transferred to the Shinra Medical Lab, and the professor Hojo took great intrest in It and developed a bio-material called J-E-N-O-V-A Cells which were used on people like Hojo himself...but the J-E-N-O-V-A Cells took away what little sanity Hojo had and he got the worst idea ever.

Hojo, had an assistent named Lucrecia. Lucrecia herself admited Hojo as her idle, and effectively Hojo was a great scientist...but one day, suddenly, Hojo RAPED Lucrescia, in a brutal and horrific way. By then, Hojo had lost all his sanity due to the J-E-N-O-V-A Cells in him, and Lucrecia got pregnant soon after...

For months and months, Lucrecia was kept in the Shinra headquarters. She was ALWAYS injected with J-E-N-O-V-A Cells in THE WOMB, the fetus developing in her womb was injected with J-E-N-O-V-A Cells, again, and again, and much that the fetus reached a composition of around 70% in pure J-E-N-O-V-A Cells.

Upon the birth day, a boy with a human mind and looks was born, but his potential far surpassed even the Cetra and J-E-N-O-V-A itself.

After a few hours, Lucrecia, who finally found a reason to live after the nighmare that was the duration of the last 9 months, was executed while begging the Shinra Corporation to let her see and raise her boy.

The boy was given a name...this name, would have left a mark in history itself, and would have induced fear all over the world...Sephiroth.

Sephiroth, as a child, in all his innocence...
Sephiroth, as a child, in all his innocence...

Not much is known about Sephiroth's childhood, except that he was a shy and anti-social kid who lived in the Shinra Headquarters, and did whatever thing president Shinra and Hojo told him to do...

He knew Hojo was his father but he DESPISED Hojo for many reasons ...but the main one, being the fact that Hojo was brutal, hateful and In young Sephiroth's eyes, true evil for what he did to other people and the animals in his "experiments".

People... really never understood why someone born out of so much brutality and evil, was so pure hearted, kind and innocent...basically the exact opposite of what President Shinra and Hojo wanted him to be.

One thing young Sephiroth never understood, was the identity of his mother, so in a normal day he simply went to president Shinra's office, and innocently asked with intrepid eyes: "Who is my mother Lord Shinra?". Shinra could have replied many things...but he replied with what he should have never, ever, muttered..."J-E-N-O-V-A".

During the Wutai War Sephiroth was instrumental in ensuring Shinra's dominance. He rose to the rank of SOLDIER First Class and was admired and respected as a great war hero, while those in Shinra considered his strength unequaled even by other First Class SOLDIER members. Many young men, including Cloud Strife and Genesis Rhapsodos, idolized Sephiroth, and sought to join SOLDIER to become heroes like him, making Sephiroth useful for Shinra as a propaganda tool..."

-Credit to Aryansingh.

"No matter how many times I fall, your darkness keeps calling me back..."-Sephiroth.

Now that we know a little about his story...what about his power?

"Sephiroth is regarded as the greatest SOLDIER 1st Class of all time, whose legendary accomplishments in the field of battle inspired many to join SOLDIER.[note 2] His greatest strength is his swordsmanship and inhuman physical prowess stemming from his success as a byproduct of the Jenova Project, his power having inspired Shinra to create SOLDIER in the first place.[12] Hailed as the strongest swordsman,[13] he is the only one capable of effectively wielding his Masamune, a nodachi that is longer than he is tall, which he uses effortlessly with a single hand, ambidextrously able to shift from his left to right hand with no loss of efficiency.

Sephiroth can empower the Masamune to cast powerful blades and waves of energy and even release omnidirectional bursts by slamming the ground with his sword. Sephiroth is well-versed in using magic both with materia before his immersion in the lifestream, and after absorbing the knowledge of the Ancients to where he no longer needs materia to use magic. His signature spells being Heartless Angel to summon angels to sap enemies of their strength, and Shadow Flare to create gravitational exploding orbs of darkness. He can manifest materia to fight alongside him,[14] as well as create a protective magical barrier.[15]

After gaining the Black Materia, he can use the most devastating destructive magic of all: Meteor. In the Remake, Sephiroth summons a huge ball of fire resembling the Meteor even without the Black Materia, and can perform elemental infusion to access unique elemental spells and resist elemental magic, conjure a homing crest of dark energy that paralyzes any close opponent, perform what seems to be a dark-elemental slash, and create black force-fields that stun and damage his foes. His signature spells include His special attack is Supernova, which has been described as his Limit Break. His use of Supernova is powered by despair, and it can even affect multiple dimensions.[16] Sephiroth even has the power to seal Holy, preventing it from launching and destroying his Meteor.

Sephiroth using Supernova in Dissidia Final Fantasy...
Sephiroth using Supernova in Dissidia Final Fantasy...

Having been injected with Jenova cells while still a fetus, and thus exposed to pure Jenova cells undiluted by human DNA, the abilities Sephiroth gained from such a direct method of exposure make him the superior specimen of the Jenova Project. Surpassing the abilities of Genesis and Angeal, Sephiroth cannot degrade, and also cannot be copied as his genome cannot be broken down. However, Genesis believes Sephiroth can pass on his immunity to degradation as a cure for others. Similar to Genesis and Angeal, Sephiroth can manifest a single black wing in his right shoulder, and in the Remake, he can use its feathers to attack his enemies.

Sephiroth controlling an robed man in Final Fantasy VII: Remake.
Sephiroth controlling an robed man in Final Fantasy VII: Remake.
Sephiroth controlling a dark robed man in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Even after Sephiroth's physical body is destroyed, his will persists. After overpowering Jenova's will Sephiroth gained the ability to exert his influence through her cells, able to construct avatars in his likeness, as well as other eldritch entities, enabling him a physical presence in the world of the living and attaining a sort of immortality. He can remotely control Jenova cells inside living organisms, affect the thoughts and actions of those injected with her cells, and in severe cases can outright puppeteer their bodies. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, he can shapeshift others with Jenova cells into his visage and transform them into monsters.[17] In the remake, when he interacts with Cloud "in person", a black feather drops after he vanishes. When Sephiroth appears through the robed men, no black feather falls. His ability to project his will through these avatars is limited, but is compounded by the subject's willpower (or lack thereof), and intensifies over shorter distances, being strongest at the North Crater (the site of his physical body).

Being immersed in the lifestream has granted Sephiroth psychic powers, allowing him to read others' minds, making him adept at emotional manipulation, preying on his opponents' dark emotions. He can communicate with others telepathically and project illusions. He can telekinetically control objects and even people, and manipulate matter in Final Fantasy VII Remake by breaking down debris and fusing it. He can summon the Masamune at will, teleport to swiftly cover the distance between him and his enemies, and even teleport others[18] as well as pass through solid matter.[19] He can fly even without his wing, an ability he already displayed in Crisis Core.[20]

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, he can warp reality, as he slices a dark tornado caused by the Whispers to create an entrance to the "singularity". He takes himself and Cloud to the Edge of Creation in a flash of light(MFTL++ feat, considering he crossed the whole FF universe)."


And yes, the ultimate move, the one which will oneshot your favorite ver-ahem, let's get into it.

Supernova is Sephiroth’s ultimate attack, a destructive event of cosmic scale. But what are its destructive capabilities?

No Caption Provided
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Super Nova

"Destroys different dimension space and give despair.."

Sephiroth basically destroyed a dimension which made galaxies look small, as the Milky Way itself was present inside, and not only a measly solar system...

He no sold this same attack as it was exploding on him. Along with that, Sephiroth has also repeatedly been shown to be the strongest character in all of FF7. The creators have even said before that they couldn't hope to make anyone stronger than him.

Which means this would be a rather lackluster feat from him given that there are other summons who can do essentially the exact same thing, such as Bahamut Fury and the Knights of the Round.

Here are the Knights of the Round destroying this same kind of dimension, starts at around 0;47.

For more, It's confirmed that the dimension was destroyed in the Ultimania.


"The light shining beyond the darkness became stronger, and King Arthur appeared."


"After keeping a close eye on the helmet that covers the entire face."


"Spread the crimson cloak and shake the Holy Sword Excalibur with both hands."


"King Arthur swings the Excalibur vigorously and finishes the continuous attack of the knights of the round table."


"The shock wave of Excalibur spreads and the space cracks."


"The space is broken up and the gaps between dimensions disappears."

Phew! This should be everything for now! Naturally, I'll upgrade this Blog as soon as I can, as this isn't even close to Sephiroth's full arsenal!