A short Destiny of the Endless Respect Thread

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Destiny is the oldest member of the Endless and existed even before the Endless appeared in a comic book.When Neil Gaiman created the Endless he made Destiny the oldest of the siblings

Destiny is probably the coldest of the Endless for Destiny sees things as they were, as they are, and as they shall be

Destiny's Book was given to him by his father, Father Time

Father Time gave Destiny all he has his birthright

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The Book is made from the hide of a beast that never existed and it is chained to Destinys hand

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This text seems to indicate that the Book is either part of Destiny or that even Destiny himself is inside the Book

Before you say that the Book only contains a universe, keep in mind that Gaiman barely if ever used the word Multiverse

the Book contains the Universe, all versions of it

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Think of Night as the personification of Space and Time as personification of... well time

The coming together of Father Time and Night makes the universe possible, every version of it

remember that Father Time gave Destiny all he has as his birthright so this version of the universe should also be contained in Destiny's Book

Here it is said that from Destiny's vantage point straddling the universes, he could see all that was,is and will be

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Destiny is referring to this and the two beings created from the explosion of anti-mater and matter is probably The Monitor and the Anti-Monitor


Destiny is the oldest of the Endless, but how old he really is?

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He is older than the Word and he traced the Word even before it was ever spoken aloud

so it is likely that Destiny is as old as the Voice itself (since the Word was created when the Voice first speak) or maybe just slightly younger than the Word.

Destiny is probably as old as the original universe(the very first universe before it turned into the multiverse) or older

  • Possible, remember that Father time and Mother Night existed even before the beginning so it's not farfetched for Destiny to exist even before the Multiverse was created
  • There are also beings older than Creation who sleep "in the space beyond space" and they are still under Dreams influence so it's likely that these beings are also under Destiny
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His realm is the loom on which all fabric of all existences is weaved


A book created from the shadow of the destiny's true book

was said to have the power to control all the known and unknown universes and all of space and time in the creation


Basically containing a fraction of what's written in the shadow of the shadow of book of destiny gives even mortals enough power to Control all Known and unknown universes

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Just like the other Endless, Destiny can split himself into different aspect of himself

He is the last being that's going to die when Creation ends

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The Basanos are a living Tarot deck created by Meleos while coping from the book of destiny of the endless, it developed a mind of their own and became the enemies of Lucifer


They also managed to defeat Lucifer with prep by using his own power against him (they were conspiring with Izanami who did something to Lucifers wings)