Entertaining CMS

 A small preface

Today at a seminar on the concepts of modern science (CMS), it was told something really clever on physical subjects. Not being able to think so abstract, I brought some intangible "systems K '", some sort of points and other garbage to some kind of things that can be touched (or at least seen), such as Flash from the comics.

As a result of CMS, I realized that
1. Lorentz transformation
1) I can't see a running Flash
2) The system K' is a Speed ​​Force
3) when the Flash runs, he lives longer
3.1) Flash is meson O_o
4) Flash runs faster than he thinks O_o
2. Black Holes
1) Flash can not escape the black hole
2) if the Crisis on Infinite Earths had occurred, it would had formed a black hole
3. Some-stuff-I-don't-remember and the twin paradox
1) I want to fly to some out there a star to which to fly there and back takes 64 years, to look at the Earth, which by that time will be 5 million years later
2) I am Newton

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