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  • (YOUNGBLOOD v1 01; 1992-04)

    <br />Youngblood 1 was perplexing. Way too many characters at once, odd choice of panel/balloon placement, and I'm still not a huge fan of Liefeld's early artwork.

  • (SPAWN v1 001; 1992-05)

    <br />Reading this for the fifth time. Still like it. Wondering if I'll get past issue 20 this time.

  • (SPAWN v1 002; 1992-06)

    <br />I never really thought "Violator" was a good name for a psychotic clown. "This new look seemed to work against those rapists the other night, though." "Not again. This can't be. I'm a BLACK man!"

  • (YOUNGBLOOD v1 02; 1992-06)

    <br />12 new characters in Youngblood 1 and they're already adding more in issue 2?! Argh. "Eventually Wells outfitted Prophet with an outlandish uniform."

  • (SAVAGE DRAGON v1 01; 1992-07)

    <br />"You green bastard! You're meat, freak." "What's wrong with you? You some kinda retard or somethin'? You're a super-freak like us." I've really been wanting to read Savage Dragon - never got into it as a kid. First issue was good.

  • (BRIGADE v1 01; 1992-08)

    <br />Man, the first few pages of Brigade 1 are full of beefcake. BEEFCAKE!!

    <br />"Consider 'em ice-o-lated, Battlestone!"

  • (SHADOWHAWK v1 01; 1992-08)

    <br />"The screams of the domestically displaced! All are music to the ears of-- Arson(tm)!"

    <br />"I (puff) got here as fast (pant) as I (wheeze) could!"

  • (SPAWN v1 003; 1992-08)

    <br />"I'm stuck in the office, with this friggin' chair

    <br />feeling more and more like a pimple on my butt!"

  • (WILDC.A.T.S v1 01; 1992-08)

    <br />"His only escape from the hopelessness of reality is to sleep in a country built on dreams." "...I paid a man thirty silver pieces to betray his own mentor. How much did the gnome pay you?"

  • (SPAWN v1 004; 1992-09)

    <br />"Who gave you such powers?! Since when did humans begin to rate?"

    <br />"I'll be god damned if anyone's going to rip my heart out... and not pay."

  • (BRIGADE v1 02; 1992-10)

    <br />"First the riots and now aliens... I'm moving back east!"

    <br />"The last thing this city needs is some Muscle Beach reject tearing up the architecture!"

  • (CYBERFORCE v1 01; 1992-10)

    <br />"Move it, you lousy bunch of freak lovers!" "Old Lady Liberty, mother of exiles--nobody knows more about wretched refuse than sulus does..." "Nice meeting you, Velocity. I think you're very pretty." Me too, Timmie. Me too.

  • (SAVAGE DRAGON v1 02; 1992-10)

    <br />"Arachnid's got pieces of guys bigger than you in his fecal matter."

    <br />I really dislike Americana superheroes (Superpatriot).

  • (SHADOWHAWK v1 02; 1992-10)

    <br />"You've got a vigilante with a spinal column fetish maiming people in the streets..." "I've got a better idea! How about if you die instead!" The amount of effort the first Shadowhawk series spends trying to be just like Batman is depressing.

  • (SPAWN v1 005; 1992-10)

    <br />"time. tomorrow it becomes my friend."

    <br />"How can I bring down society when I can't even speak Japanese or French?!"

  • (WILDC.A.T.S v1 02; 1992-10)

    <br />The first two issues of WildC.A.T.s are smart with the timelines and foreshadowing. Good stuff. "The rogue psi-op's power signature in the Q-P field left an echo trail."

  • (YOUNGBLOOD v1 03; 1992-10)

    <br />"They gave me a cool new thunder punch action move."

    <br />"Huh? Ninjas?"

  • (SPAWN v1 006; 1992-11)

  • (SUPREME v2 01; 1992-11)

  • (SAVAGE DRAGON v1 03; 1992-12)

  • (YOUNGBLOOD v1 00; 1992-12)