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  • JUSTICE LEAGUE 1 / 2011-08-31 / ★★★★

    <br />"You're real?" "And you're too damn bright." "Hold on a second… you're not just some GUY in a BAT COSTUME, are you? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!" Hahah. This Green Lantern/Batman stuff in Justice League 1 is great - love the subtle smirks of Bruce, the "yer a newb" of GL. "You can't fly, so how ELSE were we going to get here? Talk in a deep voice?" Ahahahahahha.

  • ACTION COMICS 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★★

    <br />"You know the deal, Metropolis. Treat people right or expect a visit from me." I totally want that dog to be Krypto. "We used to have laws in this town. Like gravity. You remember gravity, right?" What the... Clark Kent has an Auntie Em landlady? Gus Grundig? Glen Glenmorgan? I wonder if they're trying for a GG to match the previous LL.

  • ANIMAL MAN 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★★★★

    <br />"Mr. Woofers and me really need to talk to you. It's important!"

    <br />Awesome. Easily my favorite comic so far of the relaunch.

  • BATGIRL 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★★★

    <br />Did The Mirror just kill that guy with a non-strangulating garden hose? "Fortunately... I've got upper arm strength like a mother at this point." Nice. "Then I'll make tea and we can discover what things we both hate." "Uh. Would you be a lamb and hit the button for the fourteenth floor?" The fact that It Happened only 3 years ago is what made the final pages of Batgirl 1 believable. Good show, relaunch.

  • BATWING 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★

    <br />"I told Batman that a man dressed as a bat will not instill fear in the average criminal in Africa. They have seen too much." Not a fan of the Alfred-equiv. in Batwing 1. Couldn't he have picked him up as we went along? Seems too duplicitous.

  • DETECTIVE COMICS 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★★

    <br />"His modus operandi changes with the wind... and it's been windy in Gotham City." "This is a violation of my civil rights! A man should be able to slaughter in peace!" "I'm trying to figure out what the Joker was doing naked... does he always remove his clothes first?" "Tell them there's not a snowflake's chance in Lucifer's toilet."

  • GREEN ARROW 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★

    <br />Soapboxing and morality speeches as usual, starting on page 3. "It'll be hard to keep track of them among the bump and grind on the dance floor." Yeah, this isn't a movie. Did Green Arrow get a bowstring on his bow again? I thought there wasn't one. "If Emerson wants Q-Core represented in The Dark Tower, we can oblige." "The only thing we have in common is mutual animosity." "I wanted someone designing weapons who didn't find enjoyment in discovering new ways to hurt people."

  • HAWK AND DOVE 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★★

    <br />Holy crap, Hawk & Dove 1 looks like Rob Liefeld is returning to his early Image days. "With my weapons, my MONSTERS of MASS DESTRUCTION…" Oh my god. Ahahahaha. "You freaks need to learn an important lesson--NOBODY likes zombies anymore!" "Yeah, while I took down the fifteen guys with guns AND the stupid sci-fi SUPER ZOMBIES!" The expression Liefeld draws the most is *still* teeth grimacing. Hilarious.

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★★

    <br />"It's the ultimate technique of sound management. If they succeed, we take credit. If they fail, we blame them." "No--it's Booster Gold! The guy from the beer ads!" "I do NOT take orders from a pitchman for adult diapers!" Poor, poor Booster Gold. "Da. Is what I said. Though name stupid."

  • MEN OF WAR 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★★

    <br />"The air's still, but all around me I hear wind."

  • O.M.A.C. 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★★

    <br />"I pay attention to detail too, like when someone rubs your earlobe…" "I am Brother Eye. And you and Eye have much to talk about." Har. Har.

  • STATIC SHOCK 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★

    <br />I am getting BaaaaaAaad Spidey ripoff vibes... Yep. Static Shock 1 was the one DCnU week 1 comic I disliked the most. Couldn't even find anything worth quoting. Ouch.

  • STORMWATCH 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★

    <br />I hate forward references. Wait three weeks to find out what they're talking about in Stormwatch 1? Sigh. Hrm. Stormwatch 1 seems like a lame GL with a lame villain (the moon?!) and confusing plotting. Will need to reread. "I have advised Genghis Kahn, Napoleon, and... that fat guy who ran Britain in that World War thing."

  • SWAMP THING 1 / 2011-09-07 / ★★★★

    <br />Loved the pigeons/bats juxtaposition. "Eating and eating... Vegetation, rotting the wood from the inside." "The sorrel? As we speak, it's choking that blueberry bush to death."

  • BATMAN AND ROBIN 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★★

    <br />Heh. Liked how Damian chooses to sleep. Sometimes I think I sleep like that. "This constant tribute to death's a waste of time." I agree. "Grief and remorse are a disease of the weak." I agree. "This new global circus act of his has to end." I agree.

  • BATWOMAN 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★★★★

    <br />"They call her La Llorona ... The Weeping Woman." These Batwoman pages are a pleasure to look at. So rarely do I gaze lovingly at art and design like this.

  • DEATHSTROKE 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★★

    <br />"To everyone that's not Elsey Kopnek, do the smart thing and head to whatever whorehouse you spend your nights." "Soldiers modified with Clayface DNA. Tough to kill." Cooooll.

  • DEMON KNIGHTS 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★★★★

    <br />"The beasts have broken us! The castle has fallen! Flee, you innocent unprotected! Flee while we die!" "My arse." "Is that a curse or a distraction?" "This is an inn! I want to be in an inn!" "The Celts have odd ways. Nod and smile." Demon Knights 1 is tickling my awesome bone.

  • FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★★

    <br />"Welcome, Super-agent Frankenstein." "Father Time was under strict instructions not to interrupt my vacation on Mars..."

  • GREEN LANTERN 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★★

    <br />The "it was a scene in a movie!" trope is as old as a dream. Please stop. "You've been off-planet so long, you're beyond out of touch with everyday life--and people."

  • GRIFTER 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★

    <br />"Delta operator gone con artist gone terrorist. American citizen.

    <br />You understand why we've got to keep this quiet?"

  • LEGION LOST 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★

    <br />"Reducing the volume of his voice... does not mitigate... that he may be correct."

  • MISTER TERRIFIC 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★

    <br />"What I know about London could fit into a two-part episode of Doctor Who."

  • RED LANTERNS 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★★

    <br />"The universe exists for my pleasure... yet it has ceased to amuse."

    <br />"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY CAT?" Heh.

  • RESURRECTION MAN 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★

    <br />"I die. The plane crashes. Everyone dies. Then, half an hour later, I un-die."

  • SUICIDE SQUAD 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★★

    <br />"A scream lets me know we're making progress." There's only one part of Harley he could be thinking of connecting those battery cables to on page 2. "Ha ha! Meat! Meat! Meat!" "Aiiieeee...!" I love the Suicide Squad cover Harley, but the inner pages Harley doesn't attract me the same way.

  • SUPERBOY 1 / 2011-09-14 / ★★★★

    <br />"You can call me 'The Hot Chick I'm Going To Walk Home From School.'"

  • BATMAN 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★★★★

    <br />"But now and then someone actually tries to make the argument that the city is best reflected in its villains." "So it's true... you DO actually practice brooding. I always suspected."

  • BIRDS OF PREY 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★

    <br />"As much as I'd like to believe that there's some covert

    <br />ops team run by a bunch of supercriminal hotties..."

  • BLUE BEETLE 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★★★

    <br />"Where else can you stand before your peers with your hands proudly clamped on your-"

  • CAPTAIN ATOM 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★

    <br />"Greed. Anger. Jealousy. These are our actual breakthroughs." Hrm. How many final page "deaths" is the #DCnU gonna give us? Batwing, Captain Atom, Detective Comics.

  • CATWOMAN 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★★

    <br />"I'm not sure I like doing anything unless it puts me out on the limb. 'Cuz that's where the fruit is, right?" "He tastes like metal. He uses an ointment or something to keep his exposed flesh safe. I've grown to like it."

  • DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★★★

    <br />What the hell is AA trying to jump over in DCU Presents 1? There's like two cars but a ramp big enough for cloud touching. "The infinite moment between a life poorly lived and the atonal state of death."

  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★★★

    <br />"What the hell were we thinking, John? Why didn't we wear masks like Hal and Kyle from the get-go?" "Ya got two important things in life--how you come in and how you go out--the rest takes care of itself!"

  • LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★

    <br />I *still* don't like all the damn characters in every issue of Legion of Super-Heroes. "Compound eyes and humanoid printouts don't mix well..." "Never subscribed to any of the religions that value martyrdom highly. A lifetime should be weighed…"

  • NIGHTWING 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★★★

    <br />"Just when I've set up my new life, my old one comes back. Well played, Gotham." "And yet for all our differences… I'm standing here letting my past scare me too."

  • RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★★

    <br />"I am Pastor Beerback of the International Agency

    <br />of Amnesty--and these conditions are deplorable!"

  • SUPERGIRL 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★★★★

    <br />"Interesting. Not all that far from the Kansas event." "Can barely stay on my feet. Who gets tired in a dream?" "Okay… giant metal creatures… falling from the sky… speaking in clicks and beeps… Father would love this dream."

  • WONDER WOMAN 1 / 2011-09-21 / ★★★★

    <br />"It wears a crown of horns. And a cape of blood, flowing

    <br />from its shoulders. Onto a naked woman, at its feet."

  • ALL-STAR WESTERN 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★★★★

    <br />"There are no ordinary nights in Gotham. They feel darker, and for strangers, even darker still." "Decent people have no use for your obscene opinions regarding lunatics or the workings of children's mines." "Well, it ain't good news if'n yer a whore." LOL. "I suspect he does not see most others around him as people, but only as targets and opportunities." All-Star Western 1 is high up there as one of my favorites of the relaunch.

  • AQUAMAN 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★★★

    <br />If a ricocheting bullet can hurt Aquaman's face, why the hell is he just standing there taking bullets at the clavicle? "You need a glass of water or something?" Ahahahahahahhaha. This setup with Aquaman and the blogger at the seafood restaurant is *awesome*.

  • BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★

    <br />"This is a charitable event, boys. And charity usually begins and ends with a smile." WTF is this bunny woman doing here? "Needs T&A" has been pointlessly followed again.

  • BLACKHAWKS 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★

    <br />"We're a military unit. We almost always get killed! It's a dangerous job!"

  • THE FLASH 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★★

    <br />"Ever hear of the Law of Congestion? Building more highways doesn't reduce traffic--it does the opposite." "Seriously--how many angry husbands are chasing us?!"

  • THE FURY OF FIRESTORM 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★

    <br />"Jocks. Lord save me from jocks." Lemme guess, Ronnie/Jason are going to have to work together. Like Hawk/Dove. Damian/Bruce. Must every partner hate the other? "Truth is a heavy suitcase."

  • GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★★

    <br />"Man up, princess! You are way too thin-skinned for a commercial artist."

  • I, VAMPIRE 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★★

    <br />"This is why I walk the Earth. I've had four centuries to learn how to kill our kind."

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★★

    <br />"I have looked into the future. The future looked right back at me and told me to mind my own business." "In a neighboring town, a shower of books in a dead language kill six people." "Old crooked witches' teeth… hurting Superman. That's all wrong."

  • THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★★

    <br />"Another of these things is growing from that detached head!"

  • SUPERMAN 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★★★

    <br />"--He made millions for that paper, and without them having to run no smear articles, either." "The fire creature pointed at the Man of Steel, its language still a Tower of Babel of indecipherability."

  • TEEN TITANS 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★★★

    <br />"You can sit your super fast ass down and shut up." "It may be too soon to declare it a plague… but metahuman teenagers seem to be springing up everywhere."

  • VOODOO 1 / 2011-09-28 / ★★★★

    <br />"The Voodoo Lounge proudly presents our very own VoOdOO!" Do strip clubs really have hand restraints in their private dance room chairs? I learned something new today.

  • ACTION COMICS 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★★★

    <br />"Personally, I'd like to see how its skin reacts to a powerful solvent."

  • ANIMAL MAN 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★★★★

    <br />"I need you to get out there and do your best to cover up all the graves these things upturned…" "Her name is Mrs. Pickles and she's thirsty!"

  • BATWING 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★★

    <br />"Yes! Fight! That's the best way to die. Like a corpse spitting in the face of death! It's good." "If human beings could simply sustain ourselves from the Sun, it would make acquiring our nutritional needs much simpler." "This is Africa. Dead men have all kinds of perspective." Issue 2 is much better than Issue 1. "I am Batwing. And I'm going to beat you until you can't stand up."

  • DETECTIVE COMICS 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★★

    <br />"[Your eyes are] shooting daggers." "Then kiss me before you bleed to death." "You don't have to ask me twice." "Someone out there, the Joker is free. An insane killer with a face." "This is precisely what I'm talking about! Even Batman doesn't know who I am."

  • GREEN ARROW 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★

    <br />"Why can't you just get drunk and expose yourself like all the other attention whores?"

  • HAWK AND DOVE 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★

    <br />"She's a hell of a researcher. She's gotten quite adept at skinning animals." "I told you, I'm working. I don't have time to be distracted by my ghost boyfriend!" "If there's danger nearby, the Gods of War and Peace will get us dressed for success."

  • HUNTRESS 1 / 2011-10-05 / ★★★

    <br />"I am sick of reporting this disgusting story to a nation that does not get angry."

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★★

    <br />"War and battle are not the place for partiers, Godiva."

    <br />"The interesting thing about these tights is that they're… you know-- TIGHT."

  • MEN OF WAR 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★

    <br />"Don't do me like that, Sarge. Dragged your ass for miles, now."

  • O.M.A.C. 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★★

    <br />I'm only in the first panel of OMAC 2 and I'm already tired of the "Har Har" Eye references. Dear God. "This men's room appears to be the epicenter…" "Omactivate!" Om… Oma… wait a cotton-picking minute here. Did the infinite Brother Eye just frelling say "Omactivate?!"

  • PENGUIN: PAIN AND PREJUDICE 1 / 2011-10-05 / ★★★★★

    <br />"But at the end of the day… what Oswald wants, Oswald gets."

  • RED LANTERNS 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★★

    <br />"You heard Mama. Since Papa was martyred I must be like your Father."

  • STATIC SHOCK 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★

    <br />"The way things are going, those kids are *mhoo-hoo* digging their own graves. *Hah!*"

  • STORMWATCH 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★

    <br />"Jack, your powers allow you to talk to cities..."

  • SWAMP THING 2 / 2011-10-05 / ★★★★★

    <br />"A lord of the third… what is neither red nor green."

  • BATGIRL 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★★★

    <br />"Look what you did to my cab!" "Yeah, but look what your cab did to my ribs." "I watched my daughter's flesh melt in the rearview mirror of my car, Batgirl." "You will learn. Through fire and explosives and an end to all miracles. You will learn."

  • BATMAN AND ROBIN 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★★★

    <br />"It's your job to be a father, not a mechanic, Master Bruce."

  • BATWOMAN 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★★★

    <br />"Is there anywhere in Gotham that doesn't' have bloodstains?"

    <br />"Getting you into a new costume isn't really part of my master plan."

  • DEATHSTROKE 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★

    <br />"By a show of hands, how many people here did I pay to kill this man, if it came down to it?" Wow, they didn't even try not to make Deathstroke look like Deadpool in that Road Rage matchup.

  • DEMON KNIGHTS 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★★★

    <br />"Excellent! I haven't eaten one of these in centuries!" "You were amazing-- but you dress like a tart." "Again, thanks! Is that some kind of pastry?"

  • FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★★

    <br />"Frankenstein's vengeance does not discriminate on the basis of age."

  • GREEN LANTERN 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★★★

    <br />"The Guardians discharged you for disobedience

    <br />and I suspect all-around attitude imperfections."

  • GRIFTER 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★

    <br />"You bring a fist to a gunfight? How human of you."

  • LEGION LOST 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★★

    <br />"Attuning to individual brain waves is a daunting challenge when the target has no brain." "Anyone else besides me already tired of seeing things blow up with us inside them?"

  • MISTER TERRIFIC 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★

    <br />"Now, in a sign of protest, the earth vociferates. So does Michael."

  • MY GREATEST ADVENTURE 1 / 2011-10-12 / ★

    <br />"It's hilarious hearing the buzz of my body frantically trying to keep up with my mind."

  • RESURRECTION MAN 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★

    <br />"I'll pack toothbrushes. Clean undies. A light assortment of killpower."

  • SUICIDE SQUAD 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★

    <br />I dislike the new Harley Quinn immensely. Her cover artist is great. Her interior artist and dialogue is crap. Sigh. "Boom! Headshot! Way to go, Jabberjaw!" There's far, far worse.

  • SUPERBOY 2 / 2011-10-12 / ★★★

    <br />"I did not ask to be created. But I will decide the time and circumstance of my termination." "Projectiles? REALLY? I am Prodicus of Sector Three. I WALKED here through the unforgiving vacuum of space."

  • THE SHADE 1 / 2011-10-12 / ★★★★

    <br />"Tragedy, it seems, is the gloomy tattered thing all us metas are destined to drape around our shoulders." "You're certainly not helping my mood. Why don't we skip the tea entirely and watch an Ingmar Bergman film?"

  • BATMAN 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★★★

    <br />"Beware the court of owls, that watches all the time,

    <br />ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime."

  • BATMAN: ODYSSEY 1 / 2011-10-19 / ★

    <br />"You cut me to the quick, Demon Sam. The tea is scalding. And the biscuits warm." I never liked Adams' first Batman: Odyssey, and the second volume is shaping up to be just as discouraging.

  • BIRDS OF PREY 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★

    <br />"&lt;She's American, my love--her tattoos mean nothing.>" "Most people don't expect the skilled martial artist to also have sonic super powers."

  • BLUE BEETLE 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★★

    <br />"But… where are you? Why can't I see you?" "Because you are WEARING me."

  • CAPTAIN ATOM 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★

    <br />"#CaptainAtom is trending. Thanks for savin r butts."

  • CATWOMAN 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★★

    <br />"You couldn't hear how 'Okay' I was? I thought you were supposed to be a master detective." "Flattery being the strongest form of horse crap known to science, he agreed." "There's far too much adrenaline bubbling over for me to process it all. A sack of money. Horny billionaires."

  • DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★★

    <br />"Never attempt to tickle a tiger's butt. Not unless you plan on doing it only once." The Librarian in the chair with high/side silhouettes was a great little trick. "Lady, I am a dead man stuck in the body of another dead man whose skin smells like someone died in it."

  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★

    <br />"Our willpower's gotta overpower THEIR willpower! It's the only way!"

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★★★

    <br />"Chains? You're funny, Green Lantern."

    <br />"Who's that?" "I'm with Batman." "Batman's real?" "Yeah, and he's a total tool."

  • LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★

    <br />"Daxam isn't a prison, Res-Vir--it's in isolation to protect us from lead poisoning." "LIAR."

  • NIGHTWING 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★★

    <br />"Beautiful girl comes back into my life and needs my help. Who am I to say no?"

  • RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★

    <br />"Sure, maybe I should have been happy about coming back to life. But from my point of view I got a raw deal--" "You put the move in smove." "I'm gonna put the you in traction if you don't shut up."

  • SUPERGIRL 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★★

    <br />"Number Two just checked in. After being punched to Mongolia."

  • WONDER WOMAN 2 / 2011-10-19 / ★★★★

    <br />"This is freakin' wild, Bird Man." "Be kind. At least call me Bird God." "Peace? Your mocking lips spit a word your tongue has never tasted."

  • ALL-STAR WESTERN 2 / 2011-10-26 / ★★★★★

    <br />"Best ya read that book on the floor, Doc. The shootin' is 'bout to start." "In an uncanny turn of events, Lane, who survived a bank robbery only to be unceremoniously struck by lightning…"

  • AQUAMAN 2 / 2011-10-26 / ★★★★

    <br />"Surface people using pieces of wood to slide down frozen water? It sounds terrible." "You LOOK like Aquaman, but it's hard to tell for sure without the orange shirt." LOL.

  • BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT 2 / 2011-10-26 / ★★★

    <br />"It's just my luck the one guy I can rely on dresses up like a bat so he can get his ribs busted in a dark alley." "There's nothing better than assisting one's employer in tracking down a homicidal maniac."

  • BLACKHAWKS 2 / 2011-10-26 / ★

    <br />"Normally I'm not authorized to take prisoners, but you encountered us on just the right day." "Great. So you're off looking for Canada and Wildman and I'm in here with lolcats. Thanks guys."