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  • (NEW FUN 2) "Wommen spinsters is worse'n a hornet's nest." --Judge Perkins.

  • (NEW FUN 5) "In far off China sits Fang Gow, the inscrutable and vengeful enemy of the Human Race." --Barry O'Neill. "Holy Mastadon! A flying ichtosaurus is after us!" --Caveman Capers. Interesting: New Fun ran a nation-wide 7-part hidden object treasure hunt in 1935. Cash prizes or a DeLuxe camera.

  • (NEW COMICS 1) "I picked my shoes too young - they make my feet sick!" --Chikko Chakko. "Come aboard, Margorie" cries Lord Barlow. "Leave this lily-livered fop to regret!" --Captain Quick. "You've not only ruined my apple, you've knocked an idea right out of my head!" --Mr. Weed. The characters from "Sister and Brother" remind me of the Campbell Soup children. Ahahahahaha: There's a strip called "Sir Loin of Beef" by R.G. Leffingwell.

  • (NEW COMICS 2) "... a mighty weapon carved with the swastika, emblem of Thor." --The Vikings. "Gizzle my slivers ye spalpeens! Abaft the beam an slacken the mizz'n skys'l!!" --Capt'n Spiniker.


    <br />"No man who can broil a brook-trout like that deserves to go to jail!" --Linda Linda

  • (NEW COMICS 3) With 1935 done, the first book of 1936 is r12 New Comics 3. Opening editorial: "This is an age of initials." HSTRY FTW. "You bumb cluck that's the garbage I told you to throw out!!" --Dickie Duck. "[He'd] drag me back [to] cruel Kolar! NEVER! Oh! An extinguisher! THUD!" -- Wing Walker. "The U.S. Government will take care of your revenge -- IN COURT!" --Federal Men.

  • (MORE FUN COMICS 9) *Very* blurry scan; not a lot that can be parsed. "Shoot - Shoot him Barry - He has ze paralysis ray!! Keel him quick!" --Barry O'Neill.

  • (NEW COMICS 4) "Well, I'll be a ship's weevil! Reputable my eye!" --Capt. Spiniker. "This chicken was hatched from a hard-boiled egg! He fight all the time!" --Chikko Chakko. "Mr Oliver Weed is a book-worm who never thinks of girls or love..." --Mr. Weed.

  • (MORE FUN COMICS 10) "Jack's rifle spits flame, and a bandit tumbles backward to his doom!" --Jack Woods. Loving the "What if..." style scenarios of "Imagine That...", which play with alternate history to a bewildering state. "No dawgone hairy ape can shake th' liver outta me!" --Slim Pickens.

  • (NEW COMICS 5) "R-R-R Rubbers - ha ha" --Andy Handy, A Man of Action But Of Few Words.

  • (MORE FUN COMICS 11) "The skipper wuz a fine guy - he'd put casters on his gran'ma's crutches!" --Woozy Watts. "Am I a maverick steer that I am to be roped by my men?" --Jack Woods. "For the love of Pete, where did this bale of hay come from???" --Pelion and Ossa.

  • (NEW COMICS 6)

    <br />"Take a cigar f'm this box - then the box'll be a cigar lighter! HAW!" --Ol' Oz Bopp.


    <br />"You seem very happy, my friend, for a man who is almost finished living!" --Jack Woods.

  • (NEW COMICS 7)

    <br />"They are startled as the Ethiopian Head, a weird rock of fiendish expression looms up..." --She

  • (MORE FUN COMICS 13) "Listen, Mr. Cop, we had nothing to do with this rotten business!" --Along the Main Line. "A sudden squall of rain extinguishes the powder fuses!" --Midshipman Dewey.

  • (NEW COMICS 8) "The limb of a tree is a bough, not a boo, but cough isn't cow and it sure isn't coo!" --Ol' Oz Bopp. "Ye dirty, sneakin' dog-fish-eyed, clam brained, shrimp-backed galoot!!" --Cap'n Spiniker.

  • (NEW COMICS 9) "Egad! It must be my liver! The next thing I know, I'll be seeing flying snakes!" --Don Coyote. "Don't shoot, you fool. Bullets make bad evidence!" --Maginnis of the Mounties.

  • (NEW COMICS 10) "It's too bad I can't let a little daylight through his worthless hide!" --Captain Jim of the Texas Rangers. "Nix - calm yourself! You are too pretty to die like that!" --Ray & Gail. "The savages drink of a fermented juice, which further kindles their malignant nature." --She. "The three crack marksmen open a withering fire with their automatic rifles." --The Golden Dragon.


    <br />"Jiggers! Tom, it's gone. And it was my pet arrow too." --The Bradley Boys.

  • (NEW COMICS 11) "Poor fellows. Wicked as they are, I feel sorry for them." --Maginnis of the Mounties. "Sandor springs upon him, choking him into insensibility in his strong grasp." --Sandor.


    <br />"L.W. has stolen a rifle, and Jim has gone after him - but apparently he gets lost." --Buckskin Jim.

  • (NEW ADVENTURE COMICS 12) "The captain gives his assailant a aeroplane spin & hurls him headlong into a pit of quicksand!" --Steve Conrad.

  • (NEW ADVENTURE COMICS 13) "Relentlessly a Chinaman pursues!" --The Blood Pearls. "Since we have been at peace, we have no enemies to sacrifice. We must use a goat!" --Castaway Island.


    <br />"Doctor, come click click an' bling medicine." --Barry O'Neill.

    <br />"Swelegant is the word for it!" --Advertisement for DETECTIVE COMICS 1.

  • (DETECTIVE COMICS 1) "Oh - and I almost forgot - them bodies wuz all Chinamen!" --Speed Saunders. "Something queer is going on here or I'm a Chinaman!" --Bruce Nelson. Detective Comics 1 was so much better than the ccomics that preceded it: longer stories, better telling, etc.

  • (NEW ADVENTURE COMICS 14) "Ha! I bashed in your skull - you tried to stop me, you swine!" --Steve Conrad. Surprising moment of see-through nudity in She.

  • (DETECTIVE COMICS 2) "I guess that's the only way to keep you still you little wild-cat!" --Slam Bradley. "No like white man. Steal our land and gold - you shall die - yeah!" --Bret Lawton.

  • (DETECTIVE COMICS 3) "[They] come upon an amazing sight!! - The headquarters of Xavier!! - Ruler of the Underworld!!" --Hope Hazard. It was the scream of a woman in the direst agony or fear…" --Bruce Nelson.

  • (NEW ADVENTURE COMICS 15) "We better do some rib-kickin' though, or it will be too late!" --Captain Jim. "Caramba! I shoot the feathers off that wolf in chicken's hide!" --Chikko Chakko. "Wanna see somethin' swell? Put a sponge in water!" --Ol' Oz Bopp.


    <br />"Ruppo hastens to perform his evil task of creating a spirit of unrest!" --Spike Spalding.


    <br />"I am Nick DelBorno. Why do you ask, you whiskered pig?" --Speed Saunders.

  • (NEW ADVENTURE COMICS 16) "Harshly, the smugglers throw their human, yellow cargo to a watery death..." --Federal Men. "Emily's seeing too much of Joe! I must make love to her more passionately." --Goofo the Great.


    <br />"It now becomes clearer ... that justice in this court is a warped mockery!" --Radio Squad.

  • (DETECTIVE COMICS 5) "I attribute my customary calmness to the fact that I consume a steak each afternoon!" --Barry Saunders. "In a remarkably short space of time, for a woman, Sigrid stood before him, dressed." --Claws of the Red Dragon.

  • (NEW ADVENTURE COMICS 17) "Captain Jim! The sky is all red back there!" --Captain Jim. "You're tampering with United States citizens. That's dangerous." --The Golden Dragon.

  • (MORE FUN COMICS 23) "I have so many nice pots for the

    <br />so lovely young lady to scrub." --Sandra of the Secret Service.

  • (DETECTIVE COMICS 6) "The heavy shrubbery pot knocked

    <br />Nelson colder than a cucumber." --Claws of the Red Dragon.