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Kick-Arse 1

Now this is the kind of superhero film that I wanted Scott Pilgrim vs the World to be. A balls to the wall, action/superhero movie with violence, swearing and everything in between. Now I know Scott Pilgrim was rated 12 (or Pg-13 in the US) so it couldn't be that violent, but that's the point, it shouldn't have been 12. Anyway, getting off track, time to talk about Kick-Ass, by far one of the movies in my Top 5 Films of 2010, coming in at number 5. This movie is fantastic, everything about it is...

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BOO Scott Pilgrim!!! 1

This review is probably the lowest starred review on the Scott Pilgrim vs The World page. And I don't care, because this movie is no way near as good as people claim it to be in my opinion. A very overrated flick from a director who's work is usually outstanding. I would like to point out that I've never read the Scott Pilgrim comic books. I'm going at this movie on its own merits, so if anyone who comments to this review saying  things like "Oh, but in the comic this happens", then I'm sorry. M...

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Freddy Earle Haley 6

When I write this review, I'll be coming at it as a casual fan of Nightmare on Elm Street. When I say a casual fan, I mean someone who's  a horror fan and has seen the original Nightmare on Elm Street and enjoyed it, but none of the sequels (although I've seen clips from reviews). The original to me is a classic horror movie, while now it may not be very scary because of the age of the film, that doesn't mean it isn't entertaining. Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger is always fun to watch, even wh...

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Victorian comic book 6

Well I've reviewed one Alan Moore comic and two Alan Moore-based films so it's obvious by the scores I'm giving these movies/comics, that I friggin' love Alan Moore (except for the LXG movie, that sucked). So it's about time I reviewed the LXG comic.First of all, I'll just repeat myself a little by saying I'm a huge fan of 19th Century sci-fi/horror novels. The Invisible Man by H.G Wells, is my favourite book of all time, and H.G Wells is one of my favourtie authors of all time, if not, my ultim...

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My first bad review! 8

Alan Moore is one of my favourite authors of all time (if you count him as an actual author). His books are so genius and thrilling to read. Whenever I read one of his graphic novels, I can't put them down.  However, you better be careful when talking about movies based on Moore's work. Whilst some Alan Moore movies are excellent like V for Vendetta and the holy grail of comic book films, Watchmen, other Alan Moore-based films can go down the crapper pretty badly, and the perfect example of thes...

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Best 80s Horror Movie 8

I try not to throw around the term "Best movie ever made" or "Worst movie ever made". I sort of categorise movies, like Twilight is the worst vampire movie ever made or Watchmen (to me) is the best superhero film ever made. So if Hellraiser was to come in a category of best or worst, I'd call it the best 80s horror/slasher movie, and one of my favourite films of all time (A lot of my film reviews are of my favourite films aren't they?)  Anyway, what I like about Hellraiser is that it's diverse f...

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H.G. Wells is the God of Sci-Fi!!!!!! 5

Now, being a 15 year old, I don't usually watch black and white movies. I usually find them corny or I don't understand the plot because I'm so distracted by how old the film is. But that changed when I came across the review of this film by James Rolfe (who you may know as the Angry Video Game Nerd) in his "Monster Madness" reviews. When I watched it, I was like "Dude, this looks awesome, I gotta check it out!". And so I did, thanks to the magic of YouTube. After watching the film, it quickly b...

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Predators...a worthy successor 2

I've just seen Predators today at the cinema with my dad, and as I watched it, I was thinking to myself "Hey, this isn't half bad". The atmosphere built around the Predators themsleves is brilliant, it's as if Robert Rodriguez was trying to make the third Predator movie seem like the first, and he did a good job in doing so. It was a tinsy bit like a re-imagining of the original Predator, the same plot format but with notable differences in character, location etc. Adrien Brody was quite a good ...

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Bram Stoker's Dracula...MY FAVOURITE FILM OF ALL TIME!!! 2

My title says it all, I love Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, it's incrdible, the best vampire film, no wait, best HORROR film ever. I dunno what to say, I love it, my favourite movie ever. Gary Oldman is a brilliant Dracula, both as an old and as a young man. And although I may get a lot of hate mail for this, I think he's better than Béla Lugosi. Sure Lugosi is the most iconic Dracula, but Gary Oldman perfected the vampire lord. I also love the soundtrack to the film, the music is brilliant, es...

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One of the greatest movies of all time! 0

When I first watched this film, I didn't think it was going to be enjoyable, I hadn't read the graphic novel at the time and it looked like a very complicated storyline...well when people say don't judge a book by it's cover, you best believe them because this my friends is absolutely fantastic. I can't do this film justice with the amount of praise I'm gonna give it, it's amazing. The film has the perfect beginning, with the fight between the Comedian and the Mask Killer (a.k.a Ozymandias). You...

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