Moomin123's Top 10 Supervillains

For those who actually look at this list, I hope you enjoy it and please reply and give me your own opinions, I love to hear what you guys think.

List items

  • Darth Vader from Star Wars.

    This guy is by far the biggest mastermind in all of sci-fi history. Vader has also proven to be one of sci-fi's most iconic supervillains, with his telekinetic abilities, command over the Galactic Empire and that frigging cool voice, who can deny Darth Vader is the greatest supervillain ever to be seen on a TV screen?

    Now, I think that if James Earl Jones hadn't done the voice, Vader would've been the laughing stock of the Star Wars film. David Prowse (the main in the actual suit) actually tried to speak the dialogue when the New Hope was shooting in 1977. However, he had a Yorkshire accent and so when he talked as Darth Vader, it sounded like a farmer talking as Vader, and that sounded bad! If you don't believe me, check it out on Youtube. However, although Prowse wore the suit, people remember James Earl Jones as Darth Vader, for his cool mechanical voice.

    Cunning, powerful and as evil as Satan, Darth Vader makes it to number 1 on my Top 10 list. And as Jack Nicholson once said in the Batman film, "You...are my number one...guy!"

    Best Quote: Indeed you are powerful...but you are not a Jedi yet!

  • The Predator (or Yautja) from Predator.

    Now, although the Predators are technically more like anti-heroes than a villains, I still think they deserve number 2 on my list. Mainly because in the first 2 Predator films, they act as the main antagonists, so that sort of counts.

    The Predators must be the Army Commandos of space. I mean, they act stealth like in jungles, have countless weapons including the plasma caster and they act like commandos too. However, this is just another factor into their awesomeness and it also acted as a mirror to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his men in the first film, so that the muscle bound commandos could feel fear from their invisible enemy.

    Unfortunately, the Predators were the centre of attention in the AVP films which lead to their downfall. I mean, the Predators are turned into heroes right in the end of the film to help the last human. Predators don't do that, they should be murdering everyone they see to get the mission done, not helping them. Anyway, hopefully people forget the downsides of the AVP films and remember the classic 2 films, where the Predators are bloodthirsty hunters.


  • Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

    Now this guy...he is one of my favourite characters in the Star Wars films, he's that awesome in my opinion. He's also one of the only clichéd old men (like Splinter in TMNT or Yoda), who's actually evil but still kicks everyone's arse.

    Although he's higher than Darth Vader, I still consider Palpatine to be number 3 on my list, as we don't see as much action in him, as we do with Vader. However, with the action we do see out of Palpatine, it's worth every single second. I still can't believe he wipes out all of those Jedi Masters in about 5 seconds. If that's not mastery of the Dark Side, I dunno what is.

    Emperor Palpatine, ruling the galaxy as an old man, but handing Jedi's arses to them as a Sith Lord.

    Best Quote: Good...let the hate flow through you!

  • Sylar from Heroes.

    Where do I begin with this guy? He's a super-powered serial killer who murders superhumans for their powers, but then he tries to redeem himself after being lied to about his parents, then he goes back to killing for powers, then he's trapped in the mind of the telepathic LA cop, Matt Parkman, then he's back in his own body murdering people, and now...he's trying to redeem himself again?! Man, you'd think that the good guys wouldn't give him a second chance at being a hero, but I digress.

    Anyway, I believe Sylar is by far one of the best and most imaginative villains ever thought of, with his signature "brain removal" attack, intuitive aptitude and ever changing persona, Sylar is probably what the Zodiac Killer would be like if he developed telekinesis.

    But seriously, Sylar's personality was based on the actual Zodiac Killer, so no wonder Sylar is so good at what he does, and he still manages to get away with it.

    What can I say? Whilst not good enough to make it to the Top 3, Sylar definately makes it at Number 4.

    Best Quote: NOAH: That’s enough, Gabriel —

    SYLAR: My name is Sylar!

  • Scarecrow from Batman.

    Scarecrow is by far my favourite Batman character, in fact, he is my favourite DC character. I just love everything about him, his costume, his powers, even his alter ego Jonathan Crane was interesting to me before he became Scarecrow.

    I've only recently started to prefer Scarecrow above the other DC villains because of the way that Batman Begins and the Dark Knight have represented him, and I sure hope that Batman 3 will let us see him again. I've also started to love Scarecrow more because of his induction into the Sinestro Corps, which would give him a yellow power ring. Now the Sinestro Corps are my favourite Lantern Corps out of the 8 that exist, so when I heard my favourite Batman rogue would get his own heart leaped with joy. However, my dream of the ultimate Sinestro Corpsman was cut short when the Orange Lantern Lex Luthor stole his ring, you heartless b*****d!!! That's why you're not on my list.

    Anyway, Scarecrow is one of the few Batman villains who makes Batman afraid of his villains, so that's just another reasonw hy he's come this far on my list. But I don't think that Scarecrow is good enough for the Top 3, mainly because all of the other guys above have superpowers, whereas Scarecrow does not. Don't take me as prejudiced against non-powered characters, but because the guys above have them , they can do more physical damage. Scarecrow, you're the best non-powered character, but not good enough to run with the big guys. You're my number 5.

    Best Quote: (from Batman Begins) There is nothing to fear...but FEAR ITSELF!!!!

  • Count Dracula from...well Dracula.

    My favourite classic horror monster is the vampire, despite all of their gay, sissy interpretations they are seen as today, like in Twilight and the bloody Vampire Diaries. Gladly, True Blood, Daybreakers and the new Dracula: Year Zero coming out have revamped the classic nature of vampires, murdering people in the dead of night for their blood.

    Anyway, my favourite vampire has also always been Dracula, since he is the first real vampire seen in a book, film or play in Western society, and even in the 19th Century when his book came out, Dracula was still a suave, bloodthirsty monster that we see him for today.

    My favourite version of Dracula is by far Gary Oldman's version. Gary Oldman is already a powerhouse actor so having him as Dracula was pure genius. I loved how cool his voiced sounded when he put on a Romanian accent and I also loved it when he turned into that half man/half bat monster and the half man/half wolf monster, those were both brilliant costumes and they made Dracula more Satanic and monster related, which was amazing.

    So I pay my respects to the Transylvanian terror by placing him as number 5 on my list.

    Best Quote: The children of the night...what sweet music they make.

  • Come on, every great villain list has to have a sadomasachist demon who tortures people for pleasure on there. Well mine certainly does, and it's Pinhead from the Hellraiser films, but more originally, The Hellbound Heart, a novella by Clive Barker. If you haven't seen any of the Hellraiser films, stop reading this and go to your nearest video shop to buy them! I insist. But if you can't be arsed to, then here's the jist of it. The first movie is about a guy named Frank who finds a puzzle-box named the Lament Configuration. It supposedly grants the user a doorway to a land of paradise where the user then takes part in extreme pleasure. However, after Frank solves the puzzle, Pinhead and the Cenobites come along and take him to Hell to be tortured. Then later, Frank's brother and his family move into the house, not knowing that this is where Frank was taken, and after Frank's brother cuts his hand, the blood drips to the floor and revives him from Hell into a living carcass of bones and guts. Frank then tries to find as much blood as possible to regenerate himself before the Cenobites find him again.

    So Pinhead, who used to be a British WWI Captian, is now the leader of the Cenobites. His powers include telekinesis, the ability to create other Cenobites from people and to take heavy damage from wounds like gunfire. So yeah...Pinhead kicks arse!

    Best quote: We'll tear your soul apart!!!

  • Loki from Thor.

    Loki is the only Marvel character on my list, as he is my favourite and I prefer DC to Marvel. But, I do love many Marvel villains like Venom, Carnage and Abomination, but Loki gets the spot, as he's the more sophisticated of these guys, and there's no villain better than a villain with more brains than brawn. But ironically, Loki has both.

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to see how Tom Hiddleston performs as Loki in the new Thor film, I hope he does a good job. I will admit that Hiddleston does look the part, but I just hope he can act well.

    In my opinion, every superhero has a villain who's all about mischeif and mayhem in their crimes, like Joker for Batman, Green Goblin for Spider-Man, even Prankster or Toyman for Superman. But Loki is the best of these characters, even if he doesn't laugh manically or make jokes at the end of everything he does. He's the God of Misheif for Christ's sake, I mean Odin's sake.

    Anyway, Loki is number 6 on my list, merely because he doesn't really fight that much, but he makes up for his fighting skills in intellect and wit.

    Best Quote: (still not sure yet).

  • Black Adam from Capt. Marvel.

    Before I started to like Scarecrow, Black Adam was my favourite comic book villain. At the time I liked Capt. Marvel as my favourite hero (and I still do like him) so it was natural to believe that Billy Batson's doppelganger would be my favourite villain, well for those who thought so, you're right.

    I'm not really sure why Black Adam was my favourite character, it may've been his uncanny evil resemblence to the World's Mightiest Mortal or merely because he battered everyone in sight. If my comic knowledge is corect, Black Adam single-handedly defeated the entire JSA on his own, now that is what I call "god power". Although he is 5 gods in one man's body, Black Adam comes this low on my list because he wasn't as dark and edgy as the villains above him. I mean, yeah he did murder Billy Batson's parents, but in my opinion, the guys above have done far worse. Sylar cuts off the tops of peoples heads, don't get me started on Jason...heck, even Loki is a little demented on the inside. Also, like the Predator, Black Adam has been a little bit more of an anti-hero than a villain. Even though the Predator is an anti-hero/villain and he comes at number 2, he still murders people gruesomely.

    So although my earliest comic memories remind me of Black Adam, he's gone down a notch on my favourites list.

    Best Quote: (Not sure yet)