Greatest Supervillain Weaponry

In this list is my personal favourites out of all the weaponry used by villains from comics, films, tv etc.

List items

  • A more elegant weapon for a more civilised age...for evil Sith Lords who kick Jedi arse.

  • Lex Luthor's cool robo-suit with rockets, flamethrowers, kryptonite beams and jet boots.

  • The green rock that is one of Superman's only weaknesses. There's loads of different colours of this rock though. There's so many colours that you could make a remake of "Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours" and mix it with Superman's fiction. "Kal-EL and the Kryptonite of Many Colours". Lets try it out!

    "How I hate my kryptonite of many colours

    It was green and yellow and pink,

    and blue and gold and silver,

    and black and red and blood,

    and slow and jewel and magnet,

    and Bizarro red and anti and X,

    and purple and purple-spotted and fake"

    I think it's a work of art.

  • Sinestro's weapon that can be more or less anything.

  • Atrocitus' weapon that can be more or less anything.

  • Larfleeze's weapon that can be more or less anything.

  • Every dead DC character's weapon that can be more or less anything.

  • The Predator's most iconic weapon

  • The Predator's most stealthy weapons

  • The Predator's most honourable weapon


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Cool list but I think the lightsaber sould be red.

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I only Lex when he is in that suit.

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nice list
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This list reeks of awsomeness.