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MonsterStomp Reviews - Wolfenstein: The New Order

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As far as story driven first-person shooters go, there aren't many. Most FPS genres nowadays rely heavily on its multiplayer modes rather than its single player campaign, and while I understand the supply and demand gimmick, MP game modes have become rather repetitive given the sheer quantity of first-person shooters out there.

If you don't already know by now, I'm primarily a single player type of gamer. I buy games just for that luxury and its been a fair while since I've indulged in a bit of single player FPS that offers a rush of adrenaline amongst the chaos of battle. Wolfenstein: The New Order delivers on that.

In a nutshell, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a story fueled by revenge. The player takes control of Blazkowicz, and American war veteran, sent to kill a relentless Nazi commander/doctor who experiments on war victims. After getting captured and witnessing his conrad get tortured to death, Blazkowicz manages to escape. However in his attempts, gets critically injured and ends up in a hospital for 14 years, with only parts of his memory restored. Intriguing, no?

This is an R rated game, and coupled with an alternate take on the Nazis, expect to see people being tortured, an abundance of dead bodies, and sadistic antagonists. The plot plays with your emotions. It draws from your sympathy, but primarily toys with your anger.

Surprisingly, there is somewhat good news...

Blazkowicz is quite literally a walking tank. I've never played DOOM, but to my knowledge Blazkowicz compares to Doom Guy quite well in that respect. You feel powerful helming such a character. Between destroying giant robots to shrugging off torture, its a satisfying relief to know you can take on such odds. Especially against an enemy as despicable as the Nazis.

The shooting mechanics don't do much to seperate itself from other FPS games. I mean, the game opens up some form of freedom in most level designs. It gives the player an opportunity for stealth tactics (a tactic I opt out for in most games), which is really beneficial during the harder difficulty settings. The game even has a set of challenges that, upon completion, unlock perks that do little to improve your ability to fight. But all in all, the mechanics are simple and straightfoward.

Personally though, the lack of innovation doesn't retract from the sheer satisfaction you feel when blowings Nazis to pieces with an automatic shotgun, vaporizing scum with lasers or painting the walls red in a Dr Manhattan fashion. In fact, the game's soundtrack makes it all the more invigorating. You feel badass.


If you're looking for a game that has an intriguing plot and simple but fun action, pick this up for your collection. I know I won't be putting this game in my trade-in pile any time soon. I may even pick up the prequel, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.