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Marcus Walker

"Hey, universe! Fluff you!"

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Name: Marcus Bartholomew Walker

Codename: None

Alias: None

Age: 18

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 197 lbs.

Marital Status: Single

Status: Alive

Occupation: Unemployed, Criminal

Alignment: Neutral

Birthplace: Bludhaven, USA

Personality: Not particularly driven to succeed, only that of to survive and make the next paycheck or the almighty dollar. Uncaring, serious, mischievous, obnoxious, angry, intelligent, athletic, self-centered, and stubborn are also characteristics that describe Marcus after the death of his parents and living with his uncle. Occasionally, he displays a small amount of kindness and compassion, often because he doesn’t want to be like his uncle, who never cared about anyone or even him, although he still displays much of his attitude. Marcus also shares a kinship and pity for others who have lived similarly to him, although he may still not care about what happened but depending on the person and given some time, he begins to become friendly and help those who suffer like he did, sympathetic to them. He displays a certain amount of loyalty to others, especially if they helped him out or have shown an act of kindness to him, although he still looks out for himself. In rare case, someone has earned enough of his respect and gratitude, he is fiercely more loyal and strives to help out that person in whatever way he can. Is almost constantly angry or rude, due to the lifestyle he grew up in with his uncle in, but underneath he’s a tortured soul, always wondering why he had to live this life, why his parents were gone, why he had to suffer. He grew up in a rough childhood, often having to contend and fight with thugs and crooks. All of these traits as well as his experience made him a pessimist and a realist in his life. He also isn’t cruel or sadistic, despite his attitude, just willing to do what he needs to do to survive and, if it means getting his hands dirty, then he will. Although, he doesn’t kill, not able to pull himself to do it despite his attitude and personality, although if forced to and in self-defense, will. Marcus's mentality is that the universe is trying to "fluff him dry" but often tries "to fluff the universe back."


Marcus’s life was never easy, never happy, and almost never, ever interesting. Everyday ever since he was old enough to work, after school, he had to work some job just to make ends meet. His mother and father had seemingly disappeared, either dead or ran away from the responsibility of caring for a child, and now he was left with an uncle who had given himself to the bottle and was prone to fits of rage. As soon as Marcus was old enough to work, he did, to get away from his father, to get as far away from his horrible life as possible. Realizing that the only way to get a scholarship was to get it by either an athletic or academic scholarship and get to college, to get away from this life, away from his uncle. Unfortunately, making enough dough always came first which put a dent in his goals, either leaving him with not enough time to study or practice, and didn’t get a scholarship he worked so hard for. One day, his uncle, in a worse rage than usual, tried to hurt Marcus. Marcus, defending himself and angry as well, accidentally killed his uncle, pushing him down a flight of stairs in an act of defense. Realizing the horror of what he did, he decided to run. To run as far away from this house, away from this life, away from everything. He took as much money as he could find, grabbed everything that would be of use and hit the road, taking his uncle’s old car. He tried to get away as far away from where he lived and as he drove farther and farther away, the further and further into darkness he went. At first he just ran and ran, doing odd jobs along the way. Marcus soon became caught up with the wrong crowds and became a gang member, only for the money. Although he was loyal to the gang, he couldn’t bring himself to kill other rival gang members and was inevitably betrayed and was nearly killed for his weakness.

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Now, on the run again, injured, and barely scraping by, Marcus decided that maybe he should give up, that he should die. Nobody would care about his passing. Nobody cared about him period. He could just close his eyes and sleep. Just sleep. But then he was approached by a mysterious man in a coat, who spoke to him, telling him of a place that could give him purpose, a place that belonged to a man who could help him put his life together. Marcus listened to the man’s instruction, but, due to blood loss, soon lost consciousness. Unknowingly, the stranger was a spirit, the spirit of his own father, who used his Ki to alter the boy’s thoughts, to heal him spiritually, mentally, and physically. He then had woken up in a hospital where he was handcuffed to the hospital bed, seeing he had been stitched up and was recovering from his wounds. Marcus then overheard that he was brought in by a stranger into the hospital Not wanting to go to prison, he tried to escape the handcuffs and miraculously broke them, as surge of energy giving him strength. He the decided that if he was going to fix his life, he would need to follow the lead he was given on a man who could give him purpose, who could fix his life. Marcus wasn’t sure why he believed the man, but the stranger had saved his life and for no reason at all. Maybe, just maybe, there were truth to his words. Besides, he was tired of running.

He needed to find: The Hermit.


Chi/Ki Energy Generation and Manipulation: Unknowingly, Marcus holds an unusually astonishing and growing amount of Ki energy, a universal energy that penetrates everything, visible and invisible, uniting all manifestations of the universe. This energy can be used for healing, breaking, or self-defense purposes, but these are just a few of the many applications it holds to Ki users. It can also clear stagnant or negative energy within the body by cultivating Ki by special breathing exercises and meditation. While this is true for most warriors or beings that rely on Ki, this not the case for Marcus. His body produces Ki, as if he is a living generator, but it seems to be inhibited to not be used to its full extent, although it does bolster his physiology, making him healthier and more fit than most humans, as well as having no impurities or deformities on his person, while also allowing him to heal within a shorter time frame. He also seems to have no control over this energy manifesting in his body, except under duress or in anger, which can increase his physiological abilities.


Nothing but the clothes on his back and his backpack, which holds some money, food, water, clothes, and a few other supplies. Occasionally, he’s able to gather more supplies and money when doing odd jobs here and there. If desperate, he occasionally steals from others to support himself.

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