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Chase Jackson & Hitman Bios

"Have you ever looked at someone and saw yourself? Even for a moment?"


Name: Chase Jackson

Codename: None

Alias(es): None

Species: Human

Age: 17

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 181 lbs.

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: High-Schooler

Status: Alive, (Unintentional) Creator of Hitman

Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Good

Family: John Jackson (Father, Alive), Alexis Jackson (Mother, Alive)

Birthplace: Portland, OR


Kind, compassionate, tired, lazy, intelligent, considering, courageous, mature, and loyal are characteristics of Chase. Chase suffers from insomnia, so this contributes to the fact that he is lazy, when really he is more tired than lazy. Sometimes, he falls asleep in call because of it since his meds don’t seem to work (probably because of Hitman). Chase is loyal to all his friends and kind to others, as well as being unusually intelligent and creative despite his lack of focus on his classes. He display enthusiasm for doing work, often thinking work of any kind is a challenge or a puzzle. This is probably a result of his hyper-sanity, which is differents from others who display his symptoms, which instead it seems to be helping his psyche rather than destroy it, ever since he was separated from Hitman, although this should not be a surprise. “For the philosopher Aristotle, the distinctive function of human beings is to reason, and, therefore, the happiness of human beings is to lead a life of reason. Reason begets freedom, and freedom begets reason, and both together beget knowledge of the truth, which is wisdom, which is the highest happiness. Self-deception, which is often rooted in the unconscious or semi-conscious fear of falling short of familial and societal standards, and in the fear of death, is a defining part of our human nature. By recognising its various forms in ourselves and reflecting upon them, we may be able to transcend them and, even, in some cases, to employ and enjoy them.” Chase has been able to attain that, unlike his manifestation Hitman, ever since they were separated because of the psychologist, Dr. Warren, who has other opposite “side” of hyper-sanity, which is the egocentric and self-deceptive side, leading to psychopathy, such as Ace and Tristan.

“This self-knowledge, which I call super- or hyper-sanity, opens up a whole new world before us, rich in beauty, subtlety, and connection, and frees us not only to take the best out of it, but also to give it back the best of ourselves, and, in so doing, to fulfil our potential as human beings.” - Neel Burton M.D.

This is where Chase's perception of everything, that it has beauty, possibility, potential. He can see the good even in the bad, always positive, always happy. This is what his hyper-sanity has done for him, unlike Hitman, who is a more negative, chaotic counterpart to him.


Chase, for most of his life, was a normal kid who lived in a normal household, in a relatively normal Portland, Oregon. Mostly. It was only during his childhood that he had a particular mental problem, hyper-insanity as well as a dissociative identity disorder. In his mind, he created an imaginary being, dubbed Hitman and, often when he wasn’t an imaginary friend, he was just an alternate personality, stuck within his head. His parents, concerned for his well being, consulted a psychiatrist, Dr. Warren, and, eventually, Hitman was rid of for good. Or so everyone thought, Several years later, Chase would grow into an intelligent yet lazy, insomnia-suffering teenager, unknowingly, his insomnia is partly caused by Hitman, who now manifest whenever the teen is asleep or daydreaming, always trying to reach him, always trying to reunite with his old friend, because Hitman cannot communicate to Chase inside of his head and is determined to reach him, one way or another.

But Chase just wants a normal life. Hitman just has other ideas.


(Hitman) Imagination/Hyper-Insanity/Alternate Personality Manifestation: Whenever Chase has fallen asleep, Hitman is summoned into the physical world. This is due to the fact that dreams are more comprised of our subconscious thoughts as well as our conscious thoughts, especially in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. When in this stage the mind is so active, it seems as if a person was awake and due to the sub. Hitman especially uses this period of sleep to give him the ability to be manifested and particularly draws his power from this, allowing him to be in the physical world for several hours at a time and summon weapons, or, even, break reality itself for brief moments. Since dreams are usually random and due to his relationship with Hitman, this results in Chase usually having dreams about Hitman and what he is doing. Hitman though is unaware that Chase sees his actions through these dreams that he unknowingly forms, even though he uses his subconscious during sleep to manifest. Hitman is a manifestation of everything opposite to Chase, his emotions, personality, mind, soul, body, almost everything. The only thing that remains consistent is that he’s a “good guy” or “superhero”, but ever since they were separated, Hitman has become corrupted, crazier, and more of an anti-hero or hero-for-hire than anything else, his hyper-sanity now having changed ever since then. He also possesses nearly all of Chase’s hyper-insanity and even has his dissociative identity disorder, whether this is to do with he himself being the opposite of Chase in nearly every way since Chase no longer has the disorder or as a coping mechanism ever since he was no longer friends with Chase, which results in him being egotistical, arrogant, unreasonable, psychopathic, etc., etc.


Headphones: Chase always seem to have his headphones with him to listen to music, something he likes and appreciates, ever since he was a kid. It also helps him either stay awake or go to sleep, finding soothing and calm tunes to be helpful. It seems his love for music has rubbed off on Hitman, going by his ability to create and play music out of thin air, altering reality so it's possible to do so.


"What up, noobs? Hitman's here."

What? I like to go out with a
What? I like to go out with a "Bang!"

Codename/Name: Hitman

Alias(es): The Idiot with a Mouth, The Manifested Misfit, The Super-Sane Sensei, The Masked Misfit, The Hyper-Sane Hothead, The Most Dangerousest Man Alive

Species: Not applicable, manifestation of Chase’s hyper-sanity.

Age: Not applicable

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Not applicable

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 188 lbs.

Marital Status: Single and lovin’ it.

Occupation: Anti-Hero, (Anti) Hero-For-Hire, Mercenary, Anti-Villian, Badash

Status: Alive, Active, Badash, Sexy Gangsta

Alignment: Chaotic

Birthplace: Chase’s psyche


“Reasoning is but one route to self-knowledge or hyper-sanity.The other route—more painful, destructive, and uncertain—is mental disorder, or 'madness', which involves the failure or complete breakdown of the ego defenses.”

And this is what Hitman suffers from. Since he’s become Chase’s opposite in nearly every single way ever since they were separated, the Manifested Misfit has a huge ego, annoying, compulsive, insane, yet somewhat intelligent (on a sadistic and destructive level).

“This self-deception holds us together by shielding us from truths that threaten to undermine our sense of self, or ego integrity. A person on the verge of ego disintegration makes frenzied use of self-deceptive ego defenses such as denial, repression, splitting, and so on. The resulting loss of perspective or change in function can in itself count as mental disorder, while the ultimate capitulation of the ego defenses leads in particular into the depressive position.”

Hitman continually displays these symptoms again and again and even his voices in his head demonstrate his psychological splitting, one voice which demonstrates him being logical, rational, and orderly, even seeing the good in others who are killers and monsters themselves, while the other voice is more chaotic, unmerciful, irrational, and, possibly, aggressive, seeing most things in a negative light. Meanwhile, Hitman himself is more of the neutral territory, although he is insane, he listens to both voices for advice, and uses it to pull off outrageous, unpredictable stunts that no one else would do, while still completing whatever task he had set out to do. His perception itself has been altered, often thinking he’s inside of a fictional world, since he thinks superheroes can’t exist in any place unless it's fictional, which he believes, often talking nonsense such as “authors” and “CVU”. He claims to have been “enlightened” by his hyper-sanity, able to “pierce the veil” of the universe. This makes him a confusing, annoying, psychopathic, gun-carrying, anti-hero/mercenary for hire, who disregards nearly all life and causes mayhem and destruction wherever he goes. Occasionally, he displays some depressive symptoms, often fighting and killing to keep his mind away from the fact that he is still trying to find Chase but that his only friend had rejected and abandoned him.

“By protecting us from fearsome truths, ego defences not only blind us to those truths and so to reality, but also confuse and constrict our thinking. Their partial or temporary failure can lead to a range of psychological disturbances including anxiety, anger, irritability, insomnia, and nightmares. The more they are challenged, the more exaggerated, compulsive, and inflexible they become. The person is reduced in scope and ability, with little left of the capacities for consciousness, spontaneity, and intimacy that define, elevate, and glorify the human condition.”

And that couldn’t have been closer to the truth. Hitman when is cornered, threatened, challenged, or his ego is in jeopardy, he can get angered, irritable, and downright scary as heck. He is part of the reason of Chase’s insomnia, so that he manifest more often. As he is placed in more and more dangerous situations and the more frustrated he becomes, he begins his cycle of abandoning all reason, acting out of compulsion and whatever the voices in his head say he should do. Since he represents the more psychopathic side of Chase’s hyper-sanity, his humanity has been reduced to that of he has little regard for any human life, although he is often reminded by one of his voices about what would Chase think if he performed such horrible acts of mayhem, carnage, and death, often steering him away from such acts, although if enraged, angered, or challenged, he might disregard all morals. His suit also symbolizes his limited intimacy, although he sometimes love woman, instead of just using them for his own pleasures, he can’t ever show his love nor his face, his suit being unremovable. This also

“A vicious cycle takes hold: the more constrained a person becomes, the less he is able to reason; and the less he is able to reason, the less he is able to overcome his constraints.”

This is just the general cycle Hitman falls into as he becomes more frustrated and angry, causing chaos for everyone, good or bad. He doesn’t even care who he kills when he’s angry, friend, foe, or neither when enraged. Hitman is not someone to screw around with.


Hitman was Chase’s friend, and a good one at that. He always protected him, made him laugh, and made sure they both had a good time. He earned his name after protecting That was until Chase began having his sessions with Dr. Warren, repressing and nearly ridding Hitman from his head. Years later, Hitman was able to manifest himself once again, but only when Chase had fallen asleep. Ever since that day, the day he was abandoned and nearly killed, he had been changed for better or for worse, changed into the insane, psychotic killing machine that he was. Hitman would find his friend, he would make things right.

Whether it be words, by bullets, swords, money, or favors, he would reunite with his long lost friend.


Hyper-Sanity Manifestation: When manifested, Hitman leaves a plane similar to that of the astral plane, except held with Chase's mindscape and enters the physical world, drawing power to become physical from Chase’s subconscious when he is asleep. He can occasionally draw power when Chase is even daydreaming, although this requires more concentration and reduces the amount of time he can remain physical. The amount of time he can remain in physical form depends on how long Chase is asleep and how much power he can draw from that time period, which he could last for several hours, maybe a couple of days, to lasting for just half an hour. His abilities slowly drain away this energy from healing from wounds in an instant, to summoning props, speeding up the process of him returning back to the plane of existence where he has to reside, which is why he often uses his abilities for when he actually needs them or for an occasional laugh.

Durability/Healing Factor: Hitman’s body is comprised of solely imagination, a manifestation of Chase’s hypersanity and subconscious. He doesn’t possess the normal organs, bones, or even blood that a human might have, although he does have a body which has structure, as he has limbs and able to move and articulate them. Whenever he is attacked, whether stabbed, shot, or any other physical damage, he nearly instantly heals from these attacks, if these physical attacks have penetrated his unusual durability and clothing. Most attacks from humans, such as punches, kicks, or stabs, do not harm Hitman at all, unless a metahuman or unusually strong human were to harm him, although bullets are able to penetrate through his durable suit and “skin” and affect him, although not effectively as it would a human, as he heals from these wounds in seconds to minutes, depending on the severity of such wounds. If Hitman is decapitated or has his limbs removed, his movement or ability manipulate objects become impaired, although for a few seconds to minute, since his healing ability is beyond that a nearly anyone’s. His body, whether blown up or drowned, cannot die, since he doesn’t need to breath, since he just a physical manifestation, and his durability and healing factor would help him reduce the damage done to his body and patch him up. Hitman doesn’t have to focus or think on this for it to happen, it is a passive ability that is always ready and active.

Immunity: Due to being a manifestation of Chase's imagination, Hitman has no blood or any "organic" parts that may be compromised if subjected to poisons, toxins, radiation, etc. Thus he is immune to any and all types of harmful materials that may affect his well being.

Enhanced Senses: His sense have been enhanced, particularly that of sight and sound. Hitman can see from huge distances with clarity, never needing binoculars of any kind, as well as able to hear sounds that would usually go undetected, especially to the non-observant human.

Multilingual: Due to Hitman is comprised of Chase’s imagination and hyper-sanity, he has the ability to talk in nearly nay language, whether it be human, alien, extra-dimensional, demon, angel, etc. by unknown means.

Weapon/Security Speciality And Expertise: Hitman is unusually gifted with the ability to use and master any and all sorts of weapons, whether they're human, alien, extradimensional, angelic, demonic, etc. He also displays an uncanny ability to hack and disable security systems and other similar devices, even able to reprogram them. This ability though applies only to devices that deal with the security of an place, object, etc.

Superhuman Physiology: Hitman possesses a “physiology” (since he is made of pure imagination) that allows him to move, think, and react at superhuman speeds. While he isn’t a speedster, he can keep pace with most vehicles travelling at speeds about 80 mph, faster than any Olympic athlete. He is able to think and react at fast speeds, along side with his tactical mind and psychotic voices, allow him to quickly forms plans in seconds to minutes. His superhuman reflexes allow him to dodge multiple attacks and gunfire, even able to block bullets with his swords before they break apart. His strength is also greater than that of a human, able to lift about 4,800lbs. His coordination is also unheard of able to shoot at opponents from any position, whether mid-air, upside down, or even sideways, able to quickly aim a weapon of his choice and fire it at an opponents with deadly aim. He is also immune to all temperatures, cold and hot, no matter how intense, although he can be burned or incinerated by incendiary devices or abilities but is resistant to this by a high degree.

Unpredictability/Psychic Immunity: While there may be precognitives out there or hyper-intelligent beings capable of predicting most attacks, Hitman’s next move or action can’t be predicted, his brain with an influx of ideas of what to do next, from dropping his pants to shooting someone (even himself). The voices in his head only add to his unpredictability, making it hard know what his strategy might be or what he plans to do next. This also allows him to be immune to mind control and telepathy, since thousands of thoughts travel through his head in seconds and could even render telepathics/psychic brain dead if they attempt to read his mind.

Props/Music Manipulation/Generation: Hitman, being the insane idiot with a (terrible) comedic streak that he is, is able to summon a number of props and use them as well. Although the can’t be used as weapons, being made of pure imagination and unable to hurt others with them, he does use this to confuse and make fun out of any situation. He can summon onto his him tie and suit, as well as a hat or cane. He can summon rubber ducks, toy guns, and a number of props and objects. Hitman can also make these objects disappear at anytime, anywhere, in seconds, usually disappearing in a puff of smoke. Hitman posses the ability to make himself and others hear music of any kind, using this as “action music” when the fighting goes down or for other dramatic purposes and skits. He sometimes uses this to distract or confuse his opponents further, since they might wonder where the music is from. This is an ability he uses and it’s unclear whether it is by telepathic means or something else.

Clone Creation: Hitman can also use the energy he uses to make himself physically to form clones of himself. These clones are relatively weaker than him, since he uses little energy as possible to create them to conserve his own and not disappear back into the imagination of Chase. The clones can manipulate objects and fight as well, but are limited in speed and strength, and can be killed with a few attacks. He often uses these clones to confuse his opponents or for comedic purposes.

Limited Teleportation: Hitman possesses the ability to teleport, although this uses up the most energy within his body, depending on how far he tries to teleport. He has arnage of one mile, but can’t teleport as far without risking to the plane of existence, inside of Chase’s imagination and mind, where he stays after using up his energy. If he vens teleport just a few feet, ten minutes or more are subtracted from the overall time of his ability to remain manifested and usually uses his teleportation skills in emergencies and even then sparingly. Teleporting hundreds of feet could cost him an hour or two’s worth of imaginary energy to keep him within the physical world.

Chaos Sense: When in the physical world, Hitman can sense chaos itself and where it is in high quantity. He can sense if a battle is occurring or if some other chaotic event is occurring, such as a bombing, killing, etc. He can also sense the participants of such an event, allowing him to know where they are positioned and possibly what they intend to do. This, though, does not alert him to danger, only to the chaos caused by other certain events and those within it, and one chaotic event, if chaotic enough, can completely hide another event that is causing chaos. Hitman uses this sense to head to those areas to get a piece of the action.

Hyper-Sanity Manifestation(s) Sense: As a result of himself being a manifestation of Chase's hyper sanity, he can sense other such manifestations and detect where, maybe even who, they are. He can also sense the "source" of the manifestation, able to detect and follow the link between the human with hyper-sanity and their manifestation of that hyper-sanity.

Respawn: This in part has to do with Hitman’s ability to heal himself as well as him being comprised of solidified “imaginary” energy, which he drains from and uses from Chase’s mind to become physical. Since he is comprised of , technically, energy, he can’t be truly destroyed unless he overtaxed himself by using up too much energy and disappears back into Chase’s psyche or is run down by his opponents by forcing him to use up energy to heal. Even if his whole body is destroyed, he can use the leftover energy he didn’t use to spawn back into this world, hence why he says “Respawn lol” or something similar whenever that happens. He is forced to respawn though, back to where his body was destroyed or somewhere nearby to that area of where is body was annihilated.


The Hitman Suit:

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The suit is black, grey at night but during the day, it is black and white, although why it changes color during those different periods of the day is because its darker for stealth purposes during the night but lighter during the day to attract attention. It is made of a strange material similar to spandex but can repair itself after damage or injury, just like Hitman and requires energy to do so, specifically the same energy that Hitman uses to be a part of the physical world. It also has the unusual ability to clean itself if blood or some other messy liquid come into contact with it, as well as drying itself if it becomes wet. The mask also allows him to express his emotions, often in a comedic way, such as the money symbols would appear on his eyes if he sees a lot of money being offered, pink heart symbols in his eye’s to signify he’s in love, widen in shock or surprise, narrow when concerned or angry, or to being able to wink his red, devilish eyes.

The Hitman Suit’s Belt/Holsters/Sheaths: This belt allows Hitman to hold all of his weapons, equipment, bombs, cigarettes, lighters, matches, (disposable) phones, computers, files, etc. in his extra-dimensional pouches, which he holds all of his equipment. This allows him nearly limitless space to place all the items he needs into his pouches and then quickly grab the items he needs from this dimension. Nobody except him knows how this dimension works or how he has mastered how to use it. Also, anything placed within these pockets can also travel with him to the extra-dimensional plane he resides in when not within the physical world, as well as anything placed in his belt holsters, sheaths, and even swords placed in the sheathes placed on his back.

The Voices:

No one, not even Hitman himself, knows where these two voices originated from in his psyche. Hitman has reasoned that either these voices came into being because he was lonely and without any friends, so his psyche created two voices in his head to keep him company. That or his author wanted to make him more Deadpool-esque than he already was.

Voice #1: This voice is the more calm, mature, orderly, more serious and merciful, often the voice that (sometimes) keeps Hitman from killing others, although he has no qualms about him killing villains and criminals. He often advises Hitman on how to attack or go about a certain situation as precisely and orderly as possible. This voice is within the parentheses in bold and italics. He is also reprimands Hitman about his actions constantly. He also seems to be hiding a secret……….

Voice #2: The more chaotic, psychopathic, perverted version of Voice #2, this voice is what drives Hitman to become even more unpredictable. He is the younger brother of Voice #2 and is even more of a pervert than Hitman, if that’s even possible. He also advises Hitman about matters and often encourages him to be as chaotic about it as possible. This voice is in the box brackets in bold and italics. He encourages Hitman to be as crazy and comedic as he can be and have as much fun as he can while doing whatever he is doing.


Random Spawning: While Hitman can control where he spawns occasionally, most of the time, when he comes into the physical world, he is often spawned in a random location, which can put a dent in his hero-for-hire, mercenary business since he could in a location far away from where he needs to be for the job, often asking if he could hitch a ride of some kind in order to make it to the destination of where the mission is taking place. This is in part due to Chase repressing Hitman subconsciously as well, his subconscious sending him to random areas of the world, although these areas are usually where a massive chaotic event will soon occur.

Energy Usage: Hitman is only able to get into the physical world when Chase is asleep or daydreaming, which he then draws energy off of his subconsciousness where he dwells. If he uses up all of his energy, he the returns to back to the plane of existence within Chase’s subconscious.

Ego: Due to Hitman always wanting to prove he’s the best and to feed his ego, he must constantly start things with a “bang” or end a mission with a “bang”. Often, he either attacks big or leaves big, with either an explosion or another such audacious acts. This could be used against him if an opponent is able, to an extent, psychologically understand him.

Gullibility: Hitman is gullible to a reasonable extent about certain subjects, which could be used against him.