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Baby Strong (CVU)

"I am Strong."

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Name: Strong

Alias(es): He’s a baby tree-man, what else?

Species: The Flora

Designation of Species: Lignum Hominem

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Light Brown/Amber

Height: 7 in.

Weight: 1 lb.

Homeworld: Flora

Designation of Homeworld: Flos Orbis Terrarum


Strong is still a child and is prone to child-like tendencies, often being emotional and more sensitive than others. He often is curious about new things and likes to have fun, rather than do work. He also like to fight and can be very aggressive if angered. He can also be easily scared or frightened as well as can be sad when hurt emotionally. He is also very loyal to those he calls friends as well as being very courageous.

Summarized Bio:

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Strong comes from the homeworld of Flora, a plant-like planet that possesses a conscious, traveling from solar system to solar system whenever that system’s star begins to die. This planet gave birth to a race of plant-like humanoid aliens to serve as protectors and caretakers of the planet. This species form of government was a monarchy, ruled by a single, selected leader chosen by the planet itself, with a select few to be advisors to this king. The leader’s name was King, the ruler before him was his father, Wise, and ruled for many years, serving only under the planet itself and protecting it from any who would choose to destroy or harm it.

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However, another Flora, named Ruthless, had been corrupted by greed and a promise for power by an empire seeking to rule the all that was in the universe, the Thaanraxx, and was particular interested in the minerals of the planet and using its people as slaves and soldiers for their conquest. Ruthless had been given an army and was able to get the support from the higher ups of the Lignum Hominem to join his cause. Together, they hatched a scheme to kill the King and take over the planet, first drawing him away from his home world for “diplomacy”. The king, however, soon discovered this was a lie when he was attacked and warned his spouse and his allies of the incoming invasion before his death. With little time to prepare for the invasion of their home-world and the risk of their son dying by Ruthless or the Thaanraxx’s hands, Strong’s mother created an organic pod to place the seed of Strong into, which would use the solar energy of the suns and stars to travel to another planet as well as keep the seed alive until them, a planet that was full of plant-life where Strong could thrive until he was old enough to come and reclaim the planet for the Flora. The pod the held the seed would travel throughout the galaxy and multiple star systems until it would find such a planet.

As for the seedling, Strong, his fate is yet to be determined.


Regenerative Healing Factor: Strong's species possess an unique and tremendous healing factor, able to regrow limbs within minutes to their whole bodies from just sprigs months or years depending how severe the damage is.

Enhanced Strength: Strong's species possess an astonishing amount of strengths, able to lift heavy machinery and objects with ease, as well as being able to carry several men with just one arm.

Enhanced Speed: Strong's species is known for being faster than the average human or humanoid being due to their size, allowing them to cover more ground. Saplings have also been known to especially quick and agile due to their small size.

Enhanced Durability: Strong's species hide is composed of a wood dense and durable enough to withstand conventional weaponry, including gunfire and

Enhanced Agility: Strong is especially agile due to him being still a sapling, however, when he matures, he will be less agile. However, this loss is made up for in durability and strength.

Enhanced Reflexes: Strong's species have amazing reflexes which aid them in battles against other warriors and combatants.

Enhanced Intelligence: Strong's species already have access to a vast amount of information implanted into them at birth and gain more as they mature, they're memory also containing experiences and knowledge from their ancestors, which is slowly released with age.

Size Addition/Growth: Strong's species have the ability to stretch their limbs for long distances and reshape them for a variety of tasks. They normally take the shape of a large tree-like humanoid, but can also weave their limbs into a dense tangle of vines. Individual pseudopods can be grown at will, to act as fingers, rudimentary tools, or even bud a small flower. They also can grow into huge, hulking giant forms when in battle and can regrow their whole bodies from sprigs within months to a year.

Chlorokinesis: Strong's species especially have the power to control other plants, or their own physical forms, therefore they can turn they're hands into blades, or grow in size altogether, or even use that power to heal themselves from fatal wounds.

Enhanced Memory: Strong possesses an amazing memory and recollection of even, as do all of his species, and their brains have been enhanced and altered to a point where they can also access the memories of their ancestors and all the knowledge they possessed, allowing them to be capable fighters from birth.

Spores: Strong and his whole species have the ability to produce tiny phosphorescent spores that float through the air and offer enough ambient light to illuminate a small area.


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Baby: Strong is still a baby, or sapling, and his abilities and body have not yet fully matured yet. This had made him not to be a strong as all the Flora, nor as fast. However, he is able to fight and can take down several normal men, a testament to his already budding strength and the array of limited combat information his mind is beginning to process. He is also not as durable to attacks from conventional weaponry, his wood not as thick or dense yet since he is still maturing.

Speech Impediment: Strong's species and their language is still being studied to this day and is difficult for even the best of universal translators to decipher his language. However, other's of his species understand him and his speech impediment is due to the hardened larynx in his throat, as do all of his species, making it difficult to say anything else but I am- and whatever name they may have. However, recent studies have shown that the Flora use subtle grunts and groans behind there phrases, meaning that while they still say the same phrase, it has a different meaning, similar to how an animal growls or barks. If studied long enough, one might be able to decipher the Flora language.