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Justice League of America - Count Down to the End 0

The GoodIt looks like the story is finally coming to a head in this week's issue. Stargirl has found Firestorm who has been acting as the prison for the Justice League during the Forever Evil event.The BadMeh. The problem with this book is that it feels very erratic to me. There are far too many flash back sequences that break up action scenes that don't feel coherent to me. For example (and this isn't the only one I could have chosen) but what is going on as Stargirl and Despero fight around th...

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Beyond the Justice League 0

The GoodI was surprised to see a couple of bad reviews for this comic book because frankly, I rather enjoyed it. The story might seem like its been told over and over again. Shadowy governmental organization (CADMUS) forcing heroes (The Justice League) to do their dirty work for them against some mysterious and possibly evil opposition (The Five). But in between the common threads there are a few things that work at making this title worth reading for me. The first is the possible mystery behind...

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The Dark Night Just Got Darker... (SPOLIERS) 0

The GoodWell, I WAS going to rate this book at 5 stars until another book came along this week and set the bar higher (See my eventual Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Review). I like this book and I like the concept of the Villains of Gotham going to war and I am looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.The BadHonestly, I wasn't sure what to think about the book when I first read it, so I put it aside to come back to it later. Once I came back to it and flipped through it again I started to no...

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Earth 2 Building Momentum to Move Mountains 0

The GoodWow, I really enjoyed reading this title this week. Earth 2 has been one of those comics that started off a little slow and has slowly but surely gained speed and this month's issue felt action packed. The war for the Earth has begun and Steppenwolf and his Hunger Dogs tear the world Army to pieces. Our heroes get their wits about them and try to deal with the fallout and the book ends in a twist that I can't wait to see the answers to. You'll have to read it to find out.The art in the ...

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Forever Evil - Just Getting Started (Spoilers) 0

The GoodSo Villain Month seemed so long to me and that was due to a combination of things. First of all, all of the current books were put on hold to take a look at the Villains. Some of these stories were pretty good, if not great, and others were a waste of space on the shelves and the time it took to read them *sigh*. The ones I enjoyed the most were the titles that continued to build on the story, like The Rogues #1 or The Secret Society #1.But with Forever Evil #2 we are finally back in th...

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Ewwww.... You got your Dan Didio in my Justice League Dark 0

The GoodI don't have much good to say about this issue. I have been a huge fan of the Justice League Dark title since Jeff Lemiere has started writing on it and Lemiere is rapidly becoming one of my favorite writers. I like the magical side of the DC Universe and this title is a good venue for that corner of the DC world.The BadBut of course, everything that I love in the Justice League Dark title is absent from this book. Instead we have Ann Nocenti writing for a Dan Didio story and I am not a...

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Red Lanterns: Unused Potential 0

Red Lanterns is a title I have read intermittently since the launch of the New 52. I like the idea of this book but I wonder if it is being used to its full potential or not.The GoodAs I said above, I like the IDEA of 'Corps' books. The flexibility to explore a milieu of characters from a variety of planets within an organization that extends through out the cosmos seems like it would be an awesome experience for a writer. But for some reason, I only see this book and the Green Corps books consi...

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Superman: Still a Broken Concept 5

Soooo... I picked this issue up because I just couldn't contain my curiosity about the He'l on Earth storyline. Sadly, I regret my lapse in judgement. Don't get me wrong, I think that Scott is a great writer and I have been vastly enjoying his Red Hood and Teen Titans titles! I think it just goes to show how hard it is to write for Superman because I still am not enjoying this character.The GoodI like the characters written by Lobdell and I like the way they relate to one another and the way the...

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Reviews on Demand - Demon Knights B+ 1

My status this morning described the fact that I was a victim of Murphy's Law last night. The first attack came when I left the house for the Comic Book store last night without setting the new CW show Arrow on record. Now I have to wait until Friday night when it repeats! The second attack came when I got to the comic book store. I had taken just about everything off my pull list because spending 200 bucks a month on comics around Christmas time just isn't an option right now. So I have cut tha...

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Retro Comic Review - Green Lantern #186 0

The GoodLet me start out by saying that I really enjoyed taking a trip back into the past to read this comic. Recently I picked up The Green Lantern Chronicles Vol 1, which collects Showcases 22-24 and Green Lantern 1-4 I believe. While I am enjoying going back and reading these titles as well, it doesn't have the same feeling as going to my local half price book store and snatching up as many early comics as they have to offer. Their is something inherently satisfying about holding and reading ...

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Suicide Squad: B- 1

Over all, I have been enjoying the Suicide Squad comics. This most recent issue has some things I really like, but also some things I am not so hot on.The GoodI am becoming a real Deadshot fan. This character is lethal and smart and unlike his teammates like Savant, he is not psychotic, which makes him all the more deadly. It was a real treat watching him take in stride the fact that Harley drapes the Joker's skinned face across him and use Harley's weakness against her as he works himself free....

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Superboy - C 4

This title is like a roller coaster. One week, I will really enjoy it, while the next week I feel I could completely skip it. This was one of those weeks that I feel I could have skipped it.The GoodSuperboy is back at N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and ready from some long overdue revenge. Superboy tears his way through N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s forces in fairly satisfying fashion.Ha. Kaitlin Fairchild is from Gen 13. How did I miss that connection? I read a lot of Gen 13 back in the 90s. And yet, while this Fairchild i...

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O.M.A.C. - Gouge Me Eye with a Dull Spoon 0

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth after reading this comic book. The first few comics in this series were not bad and I was interested enough to see where we would be led as readers. After this latest disaster, however, I am wondering if the titles writer is just trying to see how bad a comic he can drum up as he waits for his cancellation! Honestly, this story had to be written with all the care of a 4 year old handling a Faberge Egg.The GoodWhat could this book possibly have as any ...

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New Writer = Meh 2

Like I state in most of my reviews, I am a new reader to DC. What little I know about Stormwatch Pre-New 52 is that it used to belong under a different DC imprint, either Wildstorm or Vertigo, but I don't remember which. So I realize this team has been merged into the mainstream DC Universe. With that being said, I find my interest waning every month.The GoodJack Hawksmoor. This character is easily my favorite on Stormwatch. The basis for his ability to communicate with the cities of the world i...

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Off to a Good Start 0

I chose to start off reviewing this title because it was new and because there were no staff reviews of it at the time. I figure that the staff will post up their reviews of the books they like the most and so I like to spend some time on the issues that aren't getting any love. At the time of writing this, there are no reviews and only a few votes. With that being said, I think you're missing out if you're not reading this book.I've stated before that I am a new fan to DC comics, and being so I...

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Batman: The Dark Knight - Only Average 8

Batman faces Bane this week in what should be a classic match-up. Unfortunately, I think the title's writers try a little too hard to push the envelope with the new Bane and he comes across as a weaker character because of it.The GoodDespite the books flaws, I enjoyed the book's intro. Batman fighting his way back from the verge of madness over the effects of the Venom was interesting and, initially, I felt the new Venom's dangerous effects gave the storyline a real sense of urgency as Supes is ...

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Blackhawks - F 0

This comic is an amazing example as to why this title is being canceled in the coming months. It's slow, inconsistent, and boring.The GoodI don't have much to say here except that I can hope the bomb that just blew up the Blackhawks base takes the whole team down with them.The BadWhere to start! The worst part of this issue is how boring it is. Page after page is littered with a boring press conference to explain the purpose of the Blackhawks, Two good ol' boys hanging out in a bar and reminisci...

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Firestorm is Losing Heat 0

The start of this series was fast paced and exciting with the raid on the school and the accidental forming of two teenaged Firestorms. The action was good, the stakes were high, and you just weren't sure if Ronnie and Jason could put their differences aside and face the trials together. The last two issued have started to stall, however, and all the progress and character growth in the beginning seems lost again.The GoodWe see a softer side of Ronnie when he is unable to cope with the thousands...

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Justice League Dark - C+ 1

OverviewAh Justice League Dark, why do you taunt me so! I am enjoying this book so far basically on principal because it is dealing with the magical side of the DC universe and fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres. With that being said, this title has dropped on my own personal ranking of the comics in The New 52 lineup and I think it is struggling to deliver.CharactersThis title has a very distinct identity in the 52 line-up. It's a comic about magic users dealing with a magical un...

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