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Where Has I Been?

So it has been a little over two years since my last blog post. A lot of things probably happened to contribute to that between a full time job, completing my Bachelors' degree and starting my Masters degree, my wife and two kids, and also playing Final Fantasy 14 pretty religiously since it released. The only thing that has changed recently to that list is that I am no longer playing Final Fantasy 14. On top of that, I have been really behind in a lot of my comic book reading. I spent the last couple of weeks really getting caught back up and also organizing my stacks of comics in my closet. I sold off all the comics I had no interest in keeping and got all of the comics I still wanted in bags and stuffed into boxes. Now that I am all caught up and organized again, it felt like a good time to start writing in my blog again, especially with a couple of big events coming up that really interest me in the DC and Marvel Universes.


I'm looking forward to this event with mixed emotions as it will mark the 'end' of the New 52 line of comics, which is really what brought me back to reading comics.However, it will introduce me to some other characters and stories that I have never seen or read before. I will definitely be reading the event and reviewing the comics and giving my opinion of the best and the worst moments of the event. I will also put together another blog post giving my thoughts and opinions on the new titles and ongoing titles planned for after the convergence event.

Secret Wars

This event is looking a little overwhelming and confusing for me, but then I am at a bit of a disadvantage going into this event. I have never read the original Secret Wars event, but I am currently in the process of correcting that right now. I'm getting caught up now on it and I have a few more comics to read. What I am still confused on in the upcoming Secret Wars events is how Marvel is doing this? They are going back and reviving old events and tieing them into the event? How does that work? I have a lot of research I still need to do and a lot of catching up to do on this event, but I will get there.

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My Buy List - Jan 16, 2013

Happy New Year ComicViners! Yes, I know, I'm a few weeks late, but I have been recuperating from my holidays. Needless to say that the second half of last year was a busy one for me. My last blog mentioned the trips between Texas and Florida and Texas and Louisiana and then shortly after that blog was written, in-laws began arriving for a large Christmas that we hosted at our house (it was only the second Christmas we celebrated in a house that we bought in May of 2011) and so it was a pretty big deal. Then my wife decided it would be a grand idea to spend New Years in New Orleans so once again we packed everyone up and we were back in the car again. Luckily I'm no stranger to driving long distances. However, I was barely able to keep up with reading the comics that I was buying, let along blogging about my choices and reviewing my favorites and least favorites.

But now it is a new year and I have a list of resolutions to work on. Among them are getting back in shape (which begins today), blogging more frequently, finishing a few writing projects that have been in the works for some time (I've been writing an urban fantasy novel and working on and off on a comic book that I would like to self-publish), and spending more times enjoying my hobbies like video gaming and comic books (I had he chance to enjoy a few DC comic book cartoons last night on Netflix). I'm not sure how many of these I'm going to knock off my list, but all I can do is try!

It is my intention to hopefully blog every Monday about the titles I plan on picking up, listed by my top picks down and the reasons why I am enjoying them. I also plan on catching up on comic news on Mondays and mentioning any meaningful topics that effect me. Then throughout the week I hope to review comics that I either enjoy or that I am reading but aren't being reviewed by the staffers at ComicVine. During the week, I may post a random blog here and there about a show I am enjoying or about a hobby that I focused on this week. Lets see how this goes.

So without further ado about it...


1. Batman #16 – Yes, I love the Death of The Family arc right along with a large number of Batman fans. It seems there is an occasional fan that has something negative to say, but it seems the majority is on board with Scott Snyder’s run on Batman. I have to admit, I’ve been enjoying his writing so much that I am looking forward to seeing what Snyder has in store for Superman (even though I have dropped all the other Supes titles)

2. All-New X-Men #6 – I am loving this title and indeed, I think it gave Batman a run for its money for the top spot in my rankings this week. Having not read any of the AvX storyline, this title does a surprising job of plopping the reader right into the middle of the world as it is now without losing me. I still hate the Marvel bi-weekly schedule though. Blech!

3. Batgirl #16 – I’ve been saying it all along, I really kinda like this title. I know it doesn’t always get a lot of love from comic book fans and the comic has its critics, but I am not one of them. Sure, maybe it’s not the best comic out there, but it is consistently keeping me entertained. Yay for Gail Simon staying on as this title’s writer!

4. Demon Knights #16 – I’ve been reading this title since issue 1 and I have been enjoying it since I first read it. The characters are unique and interesting, some more than others (like the Shining Knight and Vandal Savage over Al Jabir and Madame Xanadu). I’m hoping the new writer Robert Venditti can continue to deliver as Paul Cornell leave the title.

5. Deathstroke #16 – I had dropped this book under what was a very rough series under Rob Liefield. It started out strong but got mired down after its first arc when it hit the Lobo cross over. The new creative team, however, hit the ground running and I am once again pulling this book off the shelf.

Only time will tell...

6. Batman And Robin #16 – Meh. This is another hit or miss title for me. It has its moments but I’m not sure it has enough moment’s to keep me reading it after the Death of The Family event is over.

7. Suicide Squad #16 – My interest in this book has been waning since the team’s first arc. I think there is too little focus on character development. Even after 16 issues I barely have a grasp on any of the characters in the book and the Death of The Family tie ins have not been great.

8. Indestructible Hulk #3 – The jury is still out on this title.

9. New Avengers #2 – I’m giving this title time to impress me. So far, it has only barely stayed on my list.

Game Day Decisions

Threshold #1 - I'm a little torn about this series. I love sci-fi stuff so my mind says that this title should be listed under SOLD! However, I haven't been enjoying the DC sci-fi titles as much as I love the idea of books taking place entirely in the cosmic reaches of the universe (outside of Green Lantern's solo title which is less sci-fi and more Super-Hero). The other Lantern titles have been really hit or miss and the GL:NG annual was only 'Meh'. I will probably pick this up to give it a chance.

Alpha Big Time #0.1 – I’m checking this book out strictly because of his ties to Spiderman and I am interested to see how that relationship changes with the new Superior Spiderman.


My Buy List - Dec 17

My Week in Review

Things have settled more or less into their normal routine after the past few months of traveling back and forth between Texas and Florida, despite the flurry surrounding the upcoming holiday. At least we always celebrate Christmas at home, even if we are expecting a half dozen family members to join us. My schedule may get hectic in the coming weeks, but I am hoping to be able to retreat to a quiet closet in my house to keep up with my reading and blogging! But without further ado, let me get into some of my favorite moments from last week.


So last week was a week full of Death of the Family tie ins and Joker seemed to be out in full force in all of the Bat Titles last week. These titles were pretty good, with the best being Batman in my opinion. Also, though I am sad that writer Paul Cornell for Demon Knights has written his last issue, I have loved the run so far and I can only hope that the next team can continue the momentum.


I am not a fan of the Third Army arc in the Green Lantern books. It's feeling drawn out or hardly being addressed at all, as we saw in the last Green Lantern Corps book that barely dealt with it. Suicide Squad is seeming more like a Harley solo these days and not as good. Cable and the X Force was an ok read, but I didn't feel as if it was a good jumping on part for new readers at all. Also, let it be known that I REALLY hate this Marvel bi-weekly schedule. Books are coming out way to fast and proposing a real problem on my wallet. If this is some marketing scheme by Marvel, I think it may backfire on them in the long run.


1. Green Lantern #15 - I'm loving this title as well as the new Green Lantern and I am eager to see where this story is going to end up. I am hoping to see some more of what is going on with Hal Jordan and Sinestro.

2. Green Lantern New Guardians #15 - I like the idea of this book but not necessarily the execution. I am interested in seeing how exactly Kyle Raynor is going to handle wielding the entire spectrum of color's but I don't like that it completely changes his personality each time he does. We should all have the potential to feel each of these emotions but that doesn't change who we are fundamentally. It seems to me that when Kyle wields the Rage and Fear rings he turns slightly villainous, which doesn't feel right for him.

3. Nightwing #15 - To be honest... I'm only holding onto this series on my list for the Death of The Family tie in. Once that wraps up, I may or may not continue reading this book. That's not to say that the writing hasn't been awesome on the title. I think the problem is A) I have no connection to Dick Grayson. As a new reader, I didn't grow up reading Dick Grayson as Robin adventures. And B) I can only read so many comics about the same thing! Not trying to diss the character or anything, but the Bat family seems far too mired in this tragic past turned crime fighting fuel dynamic. They all operate pretty much the same so much so that I have even dropped Birds of Prey now that they are without Poison Ivy.

4. Red Hood And The Outlaws #15 - The saving factor on this book is that it is such an eccentric mix that it keeps it interesting. The group is not focused only in Gotham, and Starfire really offsets the Crime Fighting via Technology of Red Hood and Arsenal. What can I say, I like variety.

5. Wonder Woman #15 - Even though she seems to occupy a different corner of the DC Universe in her solo title than she does on the Justice League, the story hear is interesting enough to keep me wanting more. Still, it would be nice to see the title come a little closer to the Mainstream DC Universe.

6. All-New X-Men #4 - I am loving this book too. I never read the original X-men titles and I didn't read any of the A vs X story but I was able to jump right in and start enjoying this book from the very start.

7. Avengers Arena #2 - This title has gotten a lot of hate. I came into it without ties to any of the characters and actually enjoyed issue 1 enough to give the second a chance.

Game Day Decisions

With Marvel pumping out so many titles so fast I can't be buying them all so I may have to start picking and choosing. The below titles have earned only a nod of interest and may be on the chopping block if I am really forced to choose in the coming months.

8. Cable And X-Force #2

9. FF #2

10. Indestructible Hulk #2

11. Thor God Of Thunder #3 (Esad Ribic Regular Cover), $3.99

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My Buy List - Dec 10

My Week errr.... Month in Review

As you can see it has been a little over a month since my last blog post. Most of this has to do with the fact that in November we had a death in my wife's family and that needed immediate attention so that we could coordinate our schedules to get her to the funeral. Since that tragic event, I have been seriously behind in my comic book reading. On top of that, however, was the Thanksgiving holiday which kept me out of town for a week, the release of the new Dresden Files book "Cold Days" that I just needed to read, and a couple of birthdays meant that I just finally got caught up on all my reading (most of it at least, I still haven't read the last Dr. Who / Star Trek Crossover Comic). Needless to say my brain is a muddled, useless heap from so much reading in such a short span of time. I can say for certain that I have been enjoying reading the Marvel Now Deadpool and New X-Men comics. Of course Batman, Swamp Thing, and Animal Man are still consistently at the top of my list of favorites. I'm a little sad to say, though, that while I am enjoying the Death of the Family arc in the Batman title, most of the tie-ins haven't been enjoying for me to read. Catwoman's story seems random and the images portrayed seem halfway like a drug induced hallucination. Red Hood's tie in seemed a little forced and should have been one of the better scenes in the tie-in. Batgirl's title has been the best of the bunch to me, being the most personal and demented attack I feel against any of the Bat Family members. Suicide Squad's wasn't as bad as some. But here's hoping the quality gets picked up a bit this month. Likewise, I feel the whole Third Army event has fallen a bit flat. I'm not really invested in this story so far and it doesn't seem like a very major threat, yet. I will just be posting my list today and not my thoughts on each issue. I hope to get back into that groove next week!


1. Batgirl #15

2. Batman #15

3. Batman And Robin #15

4. Demon Knights #15

5. Green Lantern Corps #15

6. Suicide Squad #15

7. Fantastic Four #2

8. Cable And X-Force #1

Game Day Decisions

1. Avengers Arena #1

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My Buy List - Nov 7

My Week In Review

Welcome to my latest installment of the comics I plan on buying as well as some of my musings on my past titles. Due to the fifth Wednesday I didn’t have to spend much money and got titles that I have been enjoying. For the most part everything was pretty consistent and good. Swamp Thing was excellent, as always, and its annual kind of split the difference. It existed in the current Rotworld arc while being mostly a flash back and an exercise in characterizing the main characters and their relationship with one another. Justice League Dark was also excellent even if some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy on a few pages. And though I am eager to see where the arc is going on these Books of Magic, I kind of question the decision to wrap up an arc in an annual. Any fans of JLD NEED to pick up the annual as it is bound to be essential information in the upcoming issues. Batgirl’s annual was completely unconnected to the current arc in her title. It was good as a standalone story and annual, though I don’t like Catwoman’s role in this story. She fought a Talon so she should have been well aware of what the organization wanted that she was up against. Why would she have accepted such a job to begin with? It would have been better to have her breaking the Talon out to give her a chance at redemption as Catwoman is often portrayed as a sort of savior to women from the street. And A + X was a light read and I enjoyed it.


1. Animal Man #14 – Always eager to see what this title has in store for us next. The Rot controlled future is looking bleak for both the Swamp Thing and Animal Man. I can’t wait to see how this story resolves itself and if/how Buddy and Swampie get back to their own time. Or has the Rot already won?

2. Dial H #6 – This offbeat title is so much fun that I would suggest anyone should give it a read. Now would be a good hopping on point as the title wraps up its first arc and starts in on a new one that involves exploring some of the darker personas the dialer can dial into! I want to know more about where this piece of magic or technology comes from!

3. Earth 2 #6 – This title in the alternate reality of Earth 2 has been interesting enough to keep me entertained. The current arc is an Earth 2 twist on the Rotworld story going on but doesn’t feel as epic. The interesting aspect of this book is the loss of the major Supers from the world and the emergence of new heroes.

4. Green Lantern #14 – I’ve loved the Green Lantern title apart from the rest of the Lantern titles. The Green Lantern Hal Jordan is one of my favorite characters to the point that my wife went out and bought me his #1 back from the 60s. I like the Sinestro and Carol Ferris stories as well as the Indigo Tribe and Black Hand plots that have been going on. I’m not sold on the whole Third Army thing yet, but here’s hoping that it will grow on me.

5. Stormwatch #14 – Stormwatch was in danger, despite having some of the most interesting characters like Midnighter and Jack Hawksmore, of losing my interest. But with the 0 Issue and the Involvement of Etrigan in their story, I am intrigued enough to keep reading it for now.

6. Swamp Thing #14 – Just like with Animal Man, I look forward to this title every month and the Rotworld Story has been one of the best I think I have ever read. I am eager to see some more rot ridden heroes as well as finding out what our heroes are going to do next.

7. Deadpool #1 – This is going to be the first Marvel Now title I pick up. After reading the preview recently it looks hilarious, as Deadpool usually does.

Game Day Decisions

1. Worlds' Finest #6 – I had previously dropped this titles but the next issue has what I have been waiting for: our heroes from Earth 2 interact with heroes from Earth 1 for the first time! But still, I am tempering my expectations. I don’t like the way that the Huntress has no interest in Batman. If my dad died, even seeing a alternate reality version of him would go a long way, but she wants nothing to do with him at all.

2. Detective Comics #14 – Do I really need another Bat title? Especially at 3.99?

3. Iron Man #1 – I’m not much of an Iron Man fan.


My Buy List - Oct 31 (Happy Halloween!)

Easy decision week for comic books as we are getting a few annuals and Aquaman and that is about it.

My Week In Review

This last week has been a breath of fresh air for me. Last week I capped off my last two college courses for the year after completing a 6 page paper and two finals. I feel confident enough that I'll be finishing both classes with passing grades. With that weight off my shoulder, I was able to have a relaxing and restful weekend, even if they always seem too short. With no homework hanging over my head, I let myself relax and stayed up late playing World of Warcraft with my wife and reading my comic books. Most of the titles I picked up last week were pretty good. A couple were as outstanding as always like All Star Western and Justice League Dark, who at this point have earned permanent spots on my pull list every week. My surprise for the week was I, Vampire. I know I spent a portion of last week's blog complaining about this title and it's unoriginal angle, but this week's developments on that title made it refreshing and new for me. But I will go into that more when I do a review on it as I promised. I also picked up two titles last week that I had previously canceled. Red Lanterns doesn't seem any better than I remember it but I picked it up for the Third Army tie in regardless. Superman's new creative team had seemed to be on the right track in the first half of the book but they lost me as soon as the fighting started. For more details, you can read my review.

But let's look forward...


Being the 5th Wednesday of the month means that we are only getting a few New 52 books this week and the ones we are getting are Annuals, besides Aquaman.

1. Aquaman #13 - Wow it feels like it has been such a long time since we've read the last Aquaman and it feels like I may have forgotten why I like this series so much. Part of the problem was 0 month and how it broke up the stories so much. It feels like only some of the title made effective use of their 0 issues, like Justice League Dark who gave us a very relevant glimpse into Constantine's and Zatanna's past and set us up to meet the group's current villain, Nick Necro. Undoubtedly, this issue of Aquaman will reignite my interest in this story.

2. Batgirl Annual #1 - I have often mentioned how I am constantly surprised by how much I enjoy this title. I was devastated two weeks ago to find it sold out in comic book stores due to it's tie in to the current DOTF arc. Luckily my local comic book store owner was on the ball and had already ordered more before the cut off for the reprint and I still managed to get a copy last week complete with the Joker's Face cover on it. This book was on point again this month as the Knightfall story arc for it's conclusion... or did it? By the end of it we see the culmination of the early three Batgirl arcs and how they are adding to Barbara's trouble as Knightfall and her goons continue to haunt her. And of course, Barabara's nightmares come to life by the end of the book in the DOTF tie in. I am eager to see what the Annual has in store for us.

3. Justice League Dark Annual #1 - Double helpings of this title this month is going to be awesome. The story of the books of magic has been intriguing and I can't wait to see it get deeper. I'm not sure how tied is this annual will be with current events in the title, but even some more background on some of the team's members would be awesome.

4. Swamp Thing Annual #1 - Few stories since the launch of the New 52 have been as good the Rotworld epic that has been unfolding in the pages of Animal Man and Swamp Thing. I have been loving these books since page 1 of the first issue. It makes me wonder where these books are going to go once the Rotworld story has been resolved. We have building up for this for so long, what do the writers have planned for us next?

Game Day Decisions

A + X #1 - I'm probably going to pick this title up thanks to G-Man's recommendation in his weekly essential comics segment. I'm not sure if I am going to like the team-up style of the books, but I am willing to give it a shot.


My Buy List This Week

I am back this week, continuing on my recent blogging trend about which comic books are on my list to buy and why.

My Week in Review

High points in my reading list last week were the Justice League, Wonder Woman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Green Lantern the New Guardians titles while my low point of reading last week was pretty much just Catwoman. I had already taken Catwoman off my list previous to this week but I have committed myself to buying the next few weeks of for nothing more than the DOTF tie-in. Still, the comic seemed... strange? The story and the art was all over the place and so the story felt contrived and irrelevant. I think the writer is still struggling with Catwoman's identity. Birds of Prey and Nightwing seemed a bit slow this week as arc's are ending and new ones starting. Is it bad that I miss Poison Ivy on the BoP title? To me it feels like they are trying to make Dick a little too Bruce Wayne-y when it comes to the amount of women who swoon over him and it kind of annoys me. And there were a couple of comics that I am a little torn over. DC Universe Presents gives us an introduction to the Blue Demon and Black Lightning. I like the uniqueness of the characters designs and where there powers come from and what there powers are, though the latter still needs a bit of an explanation. Even so, the characters behind the heroes still seem a little cookie cutter to me as far as motivation goes. I wish we could get a little more exploration of the human nature in comic books rather than just, "I fight crime because I have great power and it is my responsibility," or "I do it because crime killed my only loved one." Marvel Now Point One #1 is a title with a bunch of mini previews all rolled into one comic. It seems kinda cheap that they charged me $5.99 just to see a few previews that they are going to charge me again for. Also, I thought that Marvel Now was supposed to be a jumping on point for new readers? It didn't feel like a good place to jump in from where I was reading. Young Avengers seemed interesting, but I have no idea what is going on or who half the characters are. I did get a good glimpse at Nova, which was pretty cool and his comic definitely seems to have potential.


1. All Star Western #13 - This is a consistently entertaining book week in and week out. This books is a showcase that proves you don't have to have a hero in tights or a super powered alien to write a compelling book. This title is one of my favorites DC is putting out on a monthly basis and is a unique departure from all the other super hero/magically inclined titles on their roster. Jonah Hex is interesting because of his character, not because of his powers or weaknesses. Just an ordinary, albeit surly bounty hunter who's good at what he does. Other writers could learn a lot from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.

2. Batman Inc #4 - One of too many Bat titles on my list. The title is not horrible but I am struggling to find the uniqueness in it. Where is the Incorporated part? So far it just feels like another Batman and Robin title.

3. Batman The Dark Knight #13 - This book had fallen off my list with what I consider the Bane and White Rabbit debacle. Then they replaced Judd Winick with writer Gregg Hurwitz and sucked me back in. The Scarecrow arc has been excellent which is why I am buying this book. Even so... too many bat titles.

4. Flash #13 - What can I say beyond the fact that this title is an enjoyable Flash comic every month and I am eager to see what the Gorilla invasion does to Central City and how the Flash plans on stopping it. Also, what the heck is going with Ivy West still stuck in the Speed Force? Is she going to come out all crazy like Turbine? Could she get powers?

5. I, Vampire #13 - Ok, I'm going to say it and you can take this or leave it. This isn't the fault of the creative team on this book, but is ANYONE else getting tired of Vampires? They have infiltrated every medium in our current culture and it feels like they are always the same. I don't hate this title but I think if room needs to be made this will be an easy cut. I think I will go back and do a blog on the entire series and my feeling on the vampires in the DC Universe this week. Stay tuned for more.

6. Justice League Dark #13 - Jeff Lemire's run on this title has been excellent, in my humble opinion. This series had some hiccups early on, somewhere between the Rise of the Vampires and the current arc, but the story has smoothed out and has been escalating along. The title has been excellent in conveying that increasing sense of Danger and I am enjoying the magical side of DC very much and I can't wait to read more.

7. Red Lanterns #13 - This has been my least favorite of the Lantern titles. I am reading it for the Rise of the Third Army story for now but I will likely drop this title if and when I need room for another book.

8. Talon #1 - This title had an ok #0 issue. I am looking forward to reading this title to see if it proves worthy of staying on my list.

9. Teen Titans #13 - I am enjoying this title. Each team member adds to the sum of the team together where as I might not enjoy each of these heroes in a stand alone title (like Superboy which I have dropped). There are questions I look forward to seeing information being revealed on, like Wondergirl's armor and Kid Flash's past(/future!) Even so, I am glad the Culling is over.

Game Day Decisions

1. National Comics Madame Xanadu - I am a little confused as to the purpose of National Comics. The article posted here on CV stated that it was a way for DC to reintroduce little known characters back into the DC universe. I thought that was an excellent idea and I read and enjoyed the one shot on Kid Eternity a lot. But Madame Xanadu? Do we really need a reintroduction to this character with as prominently as she is displayed in both Justice League Dark and The Demon Knights? And the DC Solicit says "The classic DC character Madame Xanadu is reimagined in a compelling new way"? Does that mean this is an alternate reality or what? I just don't get it and because of that confusion, I am leaning towards no on this book.


Parting Ways for 4 DC Titles

Good Morning Viners. After reading yesterday's article about 4 more DC titles getting the axe I figured I would take a moment to weigh in with my own thoughts on the titles that are heading out. This rotation of books is something we are all familiar with since the launch of the New 52 as this is the third wave of comics to be canceled and released. If the pattern holds true then we are likely to get 4 new titles to replace the old books. One has been announced as Threshold. I think it is safe to assume that the second one will be the new Superman title by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. I will include my thoughts on these two titles at the end of my blog. For now, lets take a look at the titles that are getting canceled.

1. Grifter - This is a title I stopped reading back around the very first wave of cancellations. The title was not holding my attention and there was very little I was enjoying about it. Maybe I'm not much for the seemingly A-Typical anti hero. I just had very little interest in the Soldier, turned Con man, turned Alien hunter. There just wasn't anything special to me about a very well trained or very lucky survivor who just happens to be able to the hidden Daemonites? I don't know if it was ever explained WHY he could see them, but if it was it wasn't fast enough for me. I also have trouble believing that someone who turns out to just be an ordinary human can take on a room full of Alien's, no matter how well trained they are.

2. Frankenstein - It's hard to put my finger on just what rubbed me wrong about this book. I wasn't a fan of the art and I wasn't a fan of the characters. I stuck with this book through the first arc from their fight against the Demon Planet to their struggle with Brother Eye and the faceless Automatons that S.H.A.D.E. built and used to maintain their headquarters. It lost me however in the filler issue where Frank and his team go into Africa (I think it was Africa) to kill off another monster. Maybe I'm just not a classic monster guy or maybe there just wasn't enough of a Horror tone to the book to keep me interested.

3. Legion Lost - I read this book longer than the first two all the way up to about issue 12. Once that arc was done with the Meta American and his Meta Marines so was I. Time Travel is such a hard thing to pull off in any medium and so I chose to just keep my distance from the subject.

4. Blue Beetle - This one I am a little sad about, even though I stopped reading it right around 0 month. I actually like the characters and the stories in this book and it was just on the cusp of making my regular buy list. In fact, if it weren't for the Catwoman tie in of DOTF this month, the book WOULD still be on my pull list.

As for the new titles coming up I am interested to see what happens with them. My interest in the Super titles has dropped and I don't think I have any Super title on my pull list. That will most definitely change with Scott Snyder's new Super title. I don't know if I am going to like Supes in this new book or if I just dislike the over powered Super family concept on the whole. I will definitely at least check it out. The same goes for Threshold. I have been mostly enjoying all the Green Lantern books and I like the spacey aspect of these books so I will at least check it out. I wonder if it is going to be a whole new, possibly off world Green Lantern or just a place for Simon Baz to live after Hal Jordan comes back?


This Week's Buy List

Last week was heartbreaking for me as a comic book nerd because I missed out on Batgirl. I have been reading the entire run of the series and I have been enjoying the story very much. This was a double blow to me because The Death of the Family had a tie in on this title and I was eager to read it. Luckily my comic store owner is going to pull me a copy from the next shipment coming in next week but the lesson caused me to go ahead and put Catwoman back on my Pull List to avoid missing the next tie in.

I'm also open to doing reviews on demand for readers who are curious what is going on in certain titles they may not be picking up anymore.


1. Birds of Prey #13 - This is another title I have been reading since it started and I have been enjoying it month after month. I am eager to see where the title goes and how the team evolves over time. It's a shame that there won't be any DOTF tie in's on this title.

2. Catwoman #13 - I just put this title back on my pull list for the DOTF tie in's, and I did it begrudgingly because I dropped the book some time ago because I was not a fan of the Catwoman comics.

3. Green Lantern New Guardians #13 - This is one of those titles I have been torn on. I love the concept of a corps made up of every color and I love the way the individual member interact. I feel that Terminus could have been handled better. The idea was cool but the leap between being angry about the genocide of his own race to wanting to kill off all the worlds left behind didn't make much sense to me.

4. Justice League #13 - I know that there are a lot of mixed opinions about this title on the site, but I really enjoyed both of the first 2 arcs and I am eager to see where it goes from here, especially with the teasing of the upcoming Trinity War.

5. Nightwing #13 - I'm not a big Nightwing fan, but the story and writing on this series has been good enough to keep me invested in the comic book.

6. Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 - Love this title. It is such an eccentric mix of characters that they get a unique chance to do everything from fighting magical demon's, to fighting crime in the Gotham city streets, to intergalactic wars. Some of it may be cheesy and a little gratuitous on the showing off Starfire's body front, but the variety and unique quality of the story makes for good reading in my book.

7. Wonder Woman #13 - Another excellent book week in and week out. I really enjoy the whole mythological aspect of this book and it is very different from the Marvel Cosmic universe where the Gods are universal aliens or what not. The God's in WW are really Earth Gods and it seems the Magic angle is to DC as the cosmic hierarchy is to Marvel (or at least from what I remember). My one complaint is the fact that the scope is very limited to WW's world with little to no mention about anything she is relating to in the rest of the DC universe.

Game Day Decision

These following titles I am torn on. I try to keep my spending to a reasonable level during the holidays and so I won't be able to buy all these books.

1. DC Universe Presents #13 - The reading experience on this title fluctuates with the writers. I love the spotlights on Deadman and Vandal Savage, hated Challengers of the Unknown, and was ambivalent to the purely filler issue on Kid Flash. This week starts a new spotlight on Black Lightning and the Blue Demon. What I love about this book is the fact that it gives you a picture of DC heroes who aren't currently in an ongoing title of their own. I have never read DC comics until the New 52 and I would really like to see an intro into two characters I know nothing about.

2. Sword and Sorcery #1 - I have noted that I really like the Magical focus in some of DC Comics, and I have been enjoying Demon Knights. This seems like a similar title but I am just not sure I have the room on my list for this one.

3. Marvel Now Point One #1 - Really Marvel?! 5.99 for one dang book?! REALLY?!?! ARGGGGGGG! As much as the price point pains me, I am really interested in this whole Marvel Now business, just like I was with the New 52. It feels like to right time to jump back onto some of my old favorite titles, but dang that price hurts. This is one of those situations where Curiosity Killed the Cat. The cat in this case being my wallet!


This Week's Buy List

So now that the new 52 has been running for over a year now, and now that we have gotten through 0 month, I thought it would be a good time to revisit my blog space. When the new 52 initially relaunched I was buying all 52 comics. Since then, with the holidays approaching, I have cut the list of comics I buy significantly getting rid of books that weren't holding my interest and making room for new comics that I want to check out. Coming up this Wednesday, the list of Comic Books I plan on buying and reading are as follows (In no particular order)

1. Batgirl #13 - I have cut out a lot of bat family books such as Catwoman, Batwoman, and Batwing because I have just had little interest in the characters or their stories. Some of them will make the list this month just because I am getting ready to enjoy the new Joker storyline. But Batgirl has been, in my opinion, an very enjoyable book week in and week out. Maybe I'm just a sucker for redhead Barbara Gordon and her return to the bat suit and retirement as Oracle with the launch of the New 52.

2. Batman #13 - This one is obvious for many fans of the current books coming out of DC. While I am new to the DC Universe, this is a title that new and old fans alike have been enjoying and it is consistently on the top of many peoples lists month in and out.

3. Batman and Robin #13 - This one I can actually take or leave. There are some moments I enjoy, but other moments just seem to leave me wanting more or confused about the current timeline (aka Batman and Robin #0). It's still on my list because I have the money to spend. If I need room on that list for other titles later, I may drop this one.

4. Demon Knights #13 - I have really been enjoying this title and the medieval and magical setting it comes from. I REALLY like the recent reveal that the Demon Knights were an early incarnation of StormWatch (See StormWatch #0 for details on that). Though I have been liking the story, it was hard for me to get to deep in the book because there wasn't any real impact on the rest of the DC books. The StormWatch tie in really changed that for me.

5. Green Lantern Corps #13 - This is another book that I am kinda neutral on. I don't feel any great connection to either John Stewart or Guy Gardner (Though I did like Guy's history in GLC #0). I do like knowing what the Green Lanterns Corps are up to on a galactic scale, but so far the stories haven't felt very compelling. I have continued reading it for the build up to the Third Army, but if there is a need for space on my list in the future, this book might get left by the wayside.

6. Phantom Stranger #1 - The 0 issue on this title was only mediocre but I am going to give the title a chance first. I'd like to follow this book because of the possible connection to the coming Trinity Wars.

7. Ravagers #5 - Teen Titans spin off. I am still giving this title some time to impress me because of my former loyalty to Gen 13. So Caitlin Fairchild has some time to grab my attention with her new team, though I missed the #0 issue.

8. Suicide Squad #13 - This title has been waning since the first arc ended and the title revamped Harley's origin story a bit. I wasn't a fan and the recent story and betrayal by a team member had me less than enthusiastic, though I enjoy the concept of the book. There is too little time spent on character development before team members are killed off.

9. Uncanny Avengers #1 - I was loosely following the events of AvX by keeping up with news on this site. As a teenager and young adult, I read only Marvel books on and off through various big events. When DC kicked off the New 52, I started reading comics again but have been avoiding Marvel comics. But with the release of Marvel NOW comics I may start picking up a few titles to see what is going on.

Please feel free to discuss my choices with me! I am open to different perspectives and opinions.

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