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Future Xmen

Series list showing what could have been if marvel stuck with their guns and for one event actually developed the young and new characters they give us.

List items

  • Leader. No question in my mind she can grow into the roll.(Future Lv Alpha)

  • Mentored by Magneto or Quicksilver to not re live their mistakes. Also great for Banter (Future Lv Alpha)

  • Central HUB of Telepathic communication. Kind of a must. (Future Lv Alpha individually, Omega in Hive)

  • More of an honorary member, cant rule a galactic empire while on earth can he?

  • Field Leader. From Unappreciated to jack of all trades. Seriously he has the potential. (Future Lv Omega)

  • Sorceress Supreme, bring the magic side to the xmen. (Future Lv Alpha)

  • I sometimes love and sometimes hate this character. Guess she just needs the right writer. (Future Lv Beta)

  • Near Immortal Omega Level Psionic Entity. Is that too much to ask? (Future Lv Omega)

  • Magneto of the future Xmen. Not quite evil not quite good, but always reliable in a fight. (Future Lv Omega)

  • Iceman of the future xmen. At times undervalued but loved. (Future Lv Gamma)

  • The Muscle, expand his powers to more of a psionic golem. (Future Lv Gamma)

  • Meggan would take kitty or jubiee's role and help the younger mutants. (Future Lv Gamma)

  • Hank McCoy, the non judgmental version, meets his best friend Wonderman, the non hypercritical version, in this smart but pacifistic Xmen. (Future Lv Omega)

  • Would not be the phoenix host, just a great telepathy, and a little bit of an ass. (Future Lv Omega)

  • M or Frenzy would be the closest comparisons. (Future Lv Gamma)

  • Reaches his full mutant potential...Consistently... (Future Lv Omega)

  • Guess he and Elixir would both take Beast's role. Bro would be closer to Beast in my mind tho. (Future Lv Delta)

  • Ok, to me he is the Havok to Cyclops (in this case Armors) leadership. Shunted to the side but always there to make the call. Maybe Storm or Wolverine are better examples. (Future Lv Alpha)

  • Its easy to say she would replace Storm but I see her with more in common with Polaris. Ether way a valued member. (Future Lv Alpha)

  • Dust would be the constant calm voice of reason for the Xmen. (Future Lv Beta)

  • New arrival, one of the hardest hitting members. (Future Lv Omega)

  • Transportation for the Future Xmen. and come on she is a mutant elf! (Future Lv Gamma)