Lack of Minority Characters in the New 52 (not a rant)

We read comics not to see parallels of ourselves, that is obvious, but to get away. For some of us, the real world issues creeping into comics tend to blur the line between reality and fantasy in a way we aren't fond of. But recently I've looked into the New 52, as everyone who cares as too. I've notices a lack of minority characters, is that bad? Not automatically. I'm mixed race, half black and half white, do I want more mixed race women characters yes, do we need them? No. The thing is as long as a character has a story to tell I'm not usually concerned over race. All I'm trying to say is that, some of the minor characters we lost due to the new 52 also happened to be minorities, I'm not saying it's racism or anything, it is just a fact. I believe over time we will get more fleshed out characters for the new 52, sidekicks and what not, but right now the story line in is its infancy.

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There are a few in the New 52 who are minorities. Batwing, but he's from Africa, more specifically I believe he's from the DRC, I don't want to sound racist, but I'm just saying he's not exactly John Stewart. Most readers of DC are American, we should not be egocentric about it, I love Batwing, I love his story, but when it comes down to it, I'd like to believe there are more than just black men superheroes in America, John Stewart luckily (cause I love him) got face time in the Green Lantern Corps series, and Cyborg got boosted up to the Justice League, there's Black Lightning (a joke I have about him is, no his lighting is not black :[ ) but his role was minor. I'm just a little tired of Black people, predominantly being male, or from some African country to make them exotic. We always want some of those, I still love Vixen, but part of the allure of John Stewart to me is, he's just a regular guy who somehow got a green lantern ring. There is a lack of prominent American black people in DC comics, and I'm not going to say "Oh my god, you guys are so racist", I'm just noticing it especially with the New 52, and I already said I''ll give them time, due to a lot of those characters we previously had being retconned out with changes. Yet again though, a lot of those characters were easily forgettable or filler, for example Crimson Avenger III show on the left, or Dr Midnight, the black female version of Dr. Mid-Nite retconned for obvious reasons (her brothers were named Mark, Matthew, Luke and John and then they felt the need to tell us they were hardcore Christians lol).

Teen Titans #4
Teen Titans #4

I'm going to give a little credit to Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth for their work in Teen Titans, 3 of the Teen Titans are "of color", which this article does apply to Hispanic and Asians in the New 52 also I do not mean to only mention Blacks, I just did it more from a viewpoint I know, so I don't seem completely out of my element. Asians is other deal entirely, I'm from Hawaii also so for me growing up Asians were the dominant race there, especially those of Japanese descent, now I live in Nevada where everyone is pretty much white, but it's put a perspective on things for me, Asians are absent in most media, and comics is not exempt from that, if you are Asian or Asian American in the DC universe, you are most likely A) in some Batman arc as a martial artist B) martial artist outside of Batman C) tech geek for Batman D) tech geek outside of Batman, okay I joke a little, but outside of Batman's story lines I don't see a lot of asians represented. At any point someone can feel free to prove me wrong, post a little comment and let me know about a character from the past, I might want to read there stuff. But still, the New 52, I'm sitting at the edge of my seat for a little more racial mixes going on. I know we started over, it's only been a year, I'll wait of course. But one day I'd like to see a comic about someone "of color" on the cover that is not John Stewart or Cyborg, maybe a woman, maybe an asian, maybe the Hispanic girl that became Aqua Girl that one time (I love Kaldur'ahm too), that was kind of cool.

What do you guys think, it's not meant to be a huge racial argument, but how does DC know what we want if we don''t even tell 'em right?

[side note: I'm a Political Science major in my last semester, and my topics of interest tend to be ethnic studies, economics, and ancestry of old dead royal lines, what can I say, I'm human]