mojo's greatest winners

mojo favors winners. from what mojo has seen. mojo thinks the following guys belong here

List items

  • beats SS on a consistent basis. see SS for reason why it impressive

    beats teams of superheroes n skyfathers too

    soloed the avengers. soloed the annhilators. soloed entire planets

    immune to everything from punches to blasts to TP to death

    beat the marvel universe many times on his own

    loses only due to plot

  • he has super strength n durability much better than superman

    he has super speed much much faster than flash

    he has better TP than mmh

    he can destroy solar systems when JLA can not move planet

    he can beat hulk when JLA can not beat doomsday

    he has matter manipulation so he can turn anyone into anything

    he can create black holes in heads n survive them

    he can time travel n kill anyone before they even born

    he can not be beat by anyone in astral plane at all

    he can solo JLA. easily too when he bloodlusted

    only beaten by plot or by thanos

    long story short. he can do anything he wants n has every power

    he always lose to thanos so he not top dog on list

  • hulk is strongest one there is in all fiction

    hulk is much stronger than superman

    hulk beat thor

    hulk beat hyperion

    hulk beat onslaught

    hulk beat gladiator

    hulk beat hercules

    hulk beat sentry

    hulk beat dr strange

    hulk beat prep hulkbuster iron man

    hulk solo marvel universe before

    hulk do things with his muscles superman can not dream of doing

    hulk smartest on marvel in future when hulk maestro

    hulk better than superman with what they have in common

    superman lose to doomsday, to grundy, to eiling. hulk > superman

  • he has robotic smartness

    he stronger than everyone in strength except hulk

    he made of indestructible adamantium

    he can one-shot thor

    he solo all marvel universe in future

    he only be beaten by plot

  • smartest there is in all fiction. challenged only by reed richards

    knows science. knows magic. knows everything. millions of years old

    beat the marvel universe many times on his own

    beat the pre-retcon beyonder, galactus, the beyonders. became god

    can prep for anything n only lose by plot

  • he is like batman but absolutely better in every way

    he is much stronger than batman

    he is much faster than batman

    he is much smarter than batman

    he is much tougher than batman

    he is much wealthier than batman

    he is much more fighting skill than batman

    he has better technology than batman

    he also cooler than batman

    if black panther was popular first before batman a long time ago. batman would be nobody to anyone today. just the truth

  • he killed overrated superman

    JLA can not beat him

    darkseid can not beat him

    infinite army gog can not beat him

    he get stronger like hulk too

    he can not be stopped without plot

  • he make suits to be anyone including phoenix

    his stark sentinels beat avengers once

    his stark sentinels can beat anyone short of silver surfer

    his stark sentinels can solo JLA

    he is better than batman at everything in every way

    he has prep under reed and doom

  • he always beat the overrated batman on a daily basis. no more to say

    he also beat JLA when batman can not

  • he always beat the overrated flash on a daily basis. no more to say

    he also beat JLA when flash can not