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welcome to the mojoverse

greetings ladies n gents. i am mojo ur almighty ruler. bow before mojo!!!

mojo needs entertainment. mojo hates boredom. please mojo n mojo will reward u

mojo hosts these tournaments/trials/competitions/contests/challenges/events u inhabitants of CV refer to as cavs

u are here b'cos u wanna be 1 of mojo's contestants

yes mojo knows mojo is fat
yes mojo knows mojo is fat

how mojo's tournaments/trials/competitions/contests/challenges/events work

mojo ain't here 24/7 so mojo has to sure contestants aren't lazy

mojo will be generous n give u 1000 free points to each individual or team mate. mojo will give VIP contestants 2000 points instead of 1000

for every hour u do not post a response mojo will deduct 2 points from u or ur team. mojo will deduct 1 point only from VIPs

mojo give u 8 hrs for sleep or work or school before deducting points

each voter has different point value. see table

user typepost number (p)vote value
noobp <= 9991 point
regular1000 <= p <= 99992 points
veteranp >= 100003 points
VIPdoesn't matter4 points

when u lose all ur points u are EEEELIMATEDDDDDDD!!!!!!!

mojo won't pester u once the fight starts so don't cry to mojo when get EEEELIMATEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

winner who has most points at end of the fight moves on

remember mojo hates boredom. mojo don't care u win the debate if u take too long to post

u better hope that u get all the votes if u take too long to post b'cos mojo ain't rigging the contest for u

special cases

some trials/challenges/contests/competitions/tournaments/events will be voter based not point based usually in elimination/round robins rare combos

differences between trials/challenges/contests/competitions/tournaments/events

mojo competition is most basic. just random battles

mojo tournament r ur basic cavs using characters. some creativity

mojo trials determine who belongs where. weeds out noobs from champs

mojo challenge r for specific days of calendar. usually for yearly holidays

mojo contest is most fun. very creative

mojo events r for special one-time like honoring a movie. can be creative

mojo has rules in trials/challenges/contests/competitions/tournaments/events

each contest has different layout

each contest is random or made due to a special event in the human world

there are 4 types of contest. elimination per individual. elimination per team. round robin per individual. round robin per team

each type of contest lets u win different awards

mojo awards

mojo has different awards per contest. see table

contest typeawards
elimination per individualparticipation badge. bronze ribbon. silver ribbon. gold ribbon
elimination per teamparticipation badge. bronze star. silver star. gold star. championship ring. mvp badge
round robin per individualparticipation badge. bronze medal. silver medal. gold medal
round robin per teamparticipation badge. bronze trophy. silver trophy. gold trophy. mvp badge

mojo made championship ring personally. it is secret

1 championship ring is received when contestant has at least 1 award of each besides mvp badge

1 championship ring = 1 gold ribbon + 1 gold star + 1 gold medal + 1 gold trophy

also u must complete match first before u get participation badge. no one likes an early quitter

gold medal. silver medal. bronze medal
gold medal. silver medal. bronze medal
silver trophy. gold trophy. bronze trophy
silver trophy. gold trophy. bronze trophy
participation badge
participation badge
bronze star. silver star. gold star
bronze star. silver star. gold star
mvp badge
mvp badge
gold ribbon. silver ribbon. bronze ribbon
gold ribbon. silver ribbon. bronze ribbon

mojo understands greatness

mojo keeps stats n records for all contestants

mojo gives out badges to all contestants who participate

mojo gives out awards to winners or winning teams

mojo will give u credit where credit is due. mojo is not ignorant to contestants. only characters

mojo has a hall of fame

mojo gives out VIP passes

if u follow mojo. mojo will follow u too

if u follow mojo. mojo will give u VIP passes

VIPs get their vote value up to 4 points.

VIPs get 200 free points instead of the regular 100 points

VIP at anytime n mojo give u instant upgrade

it is that simple. do not disappoint mojo. mojo knows who a VIP is n who isn't

beware of changes

mojo might make rule changes to trial/tournament/challenge/contest/competition/event

mojo might make voting condition changes to trial/tournament/challenge/contest/competition/event