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crap, not feeling well, oh well, still going to work...unlike 2 part timers that called in Sun...take that you lazy bums lol
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finally got Green Lantern came with a Green Lantern ring.  Definitly a good issue, can't wait to see where things go from here.  Might get Emerald Warrior..not sure...having different color Corps definitely makes things interesting lol
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Why we need Superman

I'm a lifelong Superman fan.  Numerous pics throughout the years have been taken of me wearing a Superman shirt.  I even wore a Superman shirt 2 different times I held one of my nephews for the first time.   
It seems nearly everyone's a Batman fan because he's the attainable hero, the one everyone can become.  But he's dark and everyone forgets you need light to balance out the dark.  It's easy to critize Superman because he has all these powers but then again it's impressive that he doesn't snap and just try to take over the world.  I think the War of the Supermen will show him at his best because he'll try to stop those who would try to destroy Earth with his powers. 
Batman may represent the very best we can train ourselves to be but Superman is the very best we can with power.  Heh, politicians could learn something from him.
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boring Sun, where mah stuff???

ahhh, did my job, and showed my freebies to my coworkers...some were amused, others were impressed by the drawing...and my boss just said he was worried about me...meh...that's the norm coming from him

Free Comic Book Day

Just got back from FCBD at the comic book store I go to often.  Got there about 30 minutes early, several people were waiting.  They had everything set up about 20 minutes past opening time, quite a long line probably 40-50 people 
I got: 
War of the Supermen 0 
Superman/Supergirl: Maelstorm 1 
Battlestar Galactica season zero 
Superman issue 
also got 2 college published comic issues from MCC

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type of big screen tv

okay I'm moving later in the year and wondering what type of tv I should buy.  I'm thinking about going with a lesser brand 46' or 50' since it'll be cheaper.  For those who already have one, which has been working well for you in the last year, Plasma or LCD?  I would be buying the TV after I've moved into an apt complex.

A Real Geek in Office

My musings on what a Real Geek in Office would do, sorry Barack, you've just been out geeked! 
1.  Stormtrooper outfits for every military person in the US with Kelvar underneath...might bring more back home 
 2.  Death Stars...plural for us, none for you 
3.  American Knighthoods for our greatest Geeks...George Lucas, Nathan Fillon, Joss Whedon, among others 
4.  Sends one Sith Lord over to the Middle East to "double their efforts" in world peace 
5.  promotes stem cell research, genetic research over military spending, I want Wolverine's healing powers! 
 6.  demand that George put Qui-Gon's deleted scene back in Revenge of the Sith 
and the most obivious: 
7.  real working lightsabers!!!

random thoughts..DC related

1.  How many Guardians actually died during Blackest Night? 
2.  Will DC ever put out a map of their universe like Star Trek and Star Wars did? 
3.  Could some of the superheroes who briefly became White Lanterns ever become one again?


comic run

Doctor Who 10 
Legacy 47 
Teen Titans 82 
Green Lantern Corps 47 
Last Stand of New Krypton 3 
Action Comics 889 
Superman/Batman 71 
Power Girl 11 
Supergirl 52 
Victorian Undead 6 
Superman 699


comics I want this week

I'm more than likely going over to the comic book store tmw.  it's a cool one with just about everything 
Hoping to get War of the Supermen #0, not sure what else I'll get there 
I'll get the usual for Star Wars, Superman, Green Lantern, actually about 2 weeks behind so it'll be a decent haul..I'll blog on it when I get them
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