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I brought this because I read Wolverine: The End and liked the concept.  This was an interesting what if story showing the Hulk aging as well as who's win in experience vs youth.  Probably one of the saddest but still most interesting part was seeing the hideout that was also a shrine to the deceased allies and enemies of the past.  The stories of their passing could be several The End volumes as well.   The second story was a story I've been looking for years but never knew where to start or ev...

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Indecisive Superman 0

After reading this issue, I'm still a fan of Superman but think this Grounded storyline could have been shorten, simply going to different towns won't change the environmental problems or politicsThe times have changed since Superman could threaten corrupt politicians or corrupt businesspeople.  Now it's down to the lesser of two evils which explains why he hesitated.I have a feeling that the Superheroes might show Superman a future or an alternative world as a way to make him recommit to his Tr...

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Arrival of Kara 0

I enjoyed this movie since the Public Enemies was just as good in showing the differences in Batman and Superman.  Here this continues as they debate how to deal with Kara Zor-El.  Later Darkseid takes an interest in her and attempts to corrupt and turn her against Superman.  Kara defeats Darkseid and later takes her place in the DC world as Supergirl.    One key element that made this movie work was the casting of the voice actors.  One of my complaints about earlier animated movies was changin...

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THE Superman movie! 0

I"ve loved this movie for years.  Never mind the fact that Christopher Reeves was an unknown when he starred in this role but he played both parts well.  Everything from the music of John Williams to the Fortress and Krypton itself worked well.  Seeing General Zod even if only for moments was great as well.    Gene Hackman was smooth and tricky as Lex Luthor, Margot Kidder playing a Lois Lane that would be unrivaled until years later in the TV series Smallville.  Jor-el played by Marlon Brando w...

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