Top 20 Avengers that Have not Appeared in the MCU

My top 20 Avengers from the comics that have not yet made an appearance in the MCU.

List items

  • Could appear in 'Hawkeye' series, as Hawkeye's mentor if they show his origins.

  • Could appear in Thor: Love & Thunder but is very unlikely since Thor has joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jane Foster seems to be the main focus of the movie.

  • Has been confirmed to appear in 'The Eternals' series and will be played by Kit Harrington (the ex-King In the North).

  • Will definitely appear when and if the X-Men join the MCU.

  • Could appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as Drax's lover, like in the comics.

  • Pretty much no chance of appearing any time soon.

  • Nathan Fillion was set to play Wonder Man in Guardians 2, but never happened. James Gunn has said he could appear in future Guardians movies.

  • Could appear in 'Howard the Duck' upcoming series, as Howard the Duck is set to appear in the non-MCU animated series 'Tigra and Dazzler'.

  • 'She-Hulk' series is coming out in in late 2020-early 2021.

  • Could appear in 'The Eternals', as he is an Eternal.

  • Universal hold distribution rights, but could still appear anywhere from future 'Avengers', 'X-Men' or even 'Fantastic Four' movies.

  • In the comics was one of the potential successors to Doctor Strange so could appear in 'Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness', or even in a 'Guardians' film.

  • If and when 'Fantastic Four' MCU movie comes out, he will definitely appear.

  • His series has been announced and will stream on Disney+.

  • Could appear in 'She-Hulk' or in a rumoured 'Rangers' series.

  • Could appear in either 'Fantastic Four' movies or 'Falcon and Winter Soldier' show.

  • Will definitely appear in 'The Eternals'.

  • 'Fantastic Four' future movies?

  • Same as above.

  • Will most definitely appear in 'Falcon and Winter Soldier'.