The Top Artists And Writers Of All Time!

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Posted By TheBlueAngel93

Cool list, dude.

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Posted By Bald Eagle

Stan Lee is an artist?
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Posted By Icon

great list

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Posted By .Longshot.

I agree with everything except Greg Land and Rob Liefeld.

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Posted By lordypaul

Sergio Aragones.

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Posted By Emperor Gonzo Noir

#12 is actually a issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, do you mean Stuart Immonen ?

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Posted By KidSupreme

Art is subjective so you can put who ever your want on your list.... BUT you should not call it Top Artist and put Stan Lee cause he is a writer. 

@.Longshot.:  I know a lot of people hate Rob Liefeld but this is misterz173 list of Top Artists Of All Time! 
But like i said Stan Lee not an artist.

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Posted By .Longshot.
@KidSupreme: I wasn't saying he was wrong. I was merely stating my opinion. And Alan Moore isn't an artist either.