Spider-Man and Mary Jane

 They should quit all the drama and put Mary Jane and Peter Parker back together. So what if some of the writers weren't comfortable with Spider-Man being married. With Spider-Man and Mary Jane, it just worked. They are still married in the Spider-Man comic strip, why not in the comic book? Why did they have to mess up the storyline by eliminating Spider-Man's married life. Hopefully, they put Peter Parker and Mary Jane back together again as it should be!


What Obscure Character Am I?

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J2 100%
Son of Juggernaut? M2 Universe? Grunge music? Teen Angst? Yes to all of them please! You're alot like the old Spider-Man stories, replaced with a beefy guy. In fact, we're pretty sure all the old spidey scripts were changed slightly to become you're book. Enjoy a Soundgarden or Mud Honey album while you solve your "daddy issues!"
You're Moonraker! Like the movie! You were a member of the oh so memorable Force Works! Well, you really didn't join, you forced your way in with your time control ability.
Oh, you're one of those "funny" ha-ha characters? Well at least the rest of us aren't ex-wrestlers turned superheroes with no originality in costume design... (Except for J2) You're D-Man. Why you still exist and G'Nort from the Green Lantern Corps doesn't is a question that will never be answered.
Face it Xi'an, you hit the jackpot! Bloodhawk! YES! Like the future? How about 2099? I hope you answered yes because you have no choice otherwise! You were a member of X-Men 2099 and kind of creepy looking. Luckily, the rest of your team wasn't a bunch of lookers either.

Which Superhero am I?

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Spider-Man 100%
Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can...Hopefully that doesn't include freaking out the ladies. But as they say, with great power comes a really cool hero. You hit the jackpot, tiger.
"Flash - aaaah - saviour of the universe." Wait, wrong Flash. You're the fastest man alive. Let's just hope you're not fast at everything...
You are Daredevil. Whether you're spending your time as a crimefighter, lawyer, husband, kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, etc, there's always fun and excitement in your life.
Clint Barton
You are Hawkeye. For sake of argument, let's say you're the Clint Barton version and not the Kate Bishop one...unless you're into that sorta stuff. Hawkeye is cool, dashing, and a bit short tempered. Pretty darn cool though.
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