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Reading lots of comics lately, thought I'd share some just because.

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  • One of the best #1's I've read. I'm usually a TPB reader but I was super interested in this because Remender/gorgeous art. Does not underdeliver. It's Remender/gorgeous art. Remender can definitely be hit and miss, but this so far is a great hit.

  • Robert Kirkman's new ongoing, really cracking and compelling series to read issue to issue.

  • Brilliant start from a brilliant creative team. Buzzkill was one of my favorite comics I backlogged last year so seeing Donny Cates on Venom is like a dream come true. Loved Ryan Stegman on Scarlet Spider so definitely interested in seeing where it goes.

  • Beautiful, cute, entertaining. Like Tintin crossed with Miyazaki crossed with Ratatouille.

  • First volume in. Pretty great. Enjoyable, great art, generally pretty solid. There's a hilariously pointless fight scene against Superman, but otherwise it's Dan Abnett being Dan Abnett, and that's always good.

  • Saladin Ahmed is a godsend. Backlogging this now. 7 issues into this psychedelic, hyper-compelling, and intelligent sci-fi series.

  • Love Gail Simone, read #1 of this and thought it was pretty strong. Art wise and writing. Haven't finished #2 but it's got me interested.

  • I'd heard many a good thing of TW+TD. Then I read it. Check it out yourself, see what you think. I love it.

  • Like TW+TD, I'd heard murmerings of Ms. Marvel but had just never gotten around to it until recently. Now, I've barely scratched the surface, but I like what I'm seeing so far. Kamela is a very relatable, likable character with that dose of early days Peter Parker everyone talks about. Quirky, funny, intriguing, definitely will see where it goes.

  • Just go read it.

  • Finally started back-logging Invincible for real last year. Still am. It's a massive series, with fantastic art and writing, though it can be a bit too unnatural at times and it has a fair share of utter face-plants.

  • A strong miniseries so far, really creative, fun, and compelling.

  • Another Image hit I got onto "late". Zombies but smart.

  • Pretty, solid writing, great worldbuilding, count me in.

  • Loving Matthew Rosenberg lately (he's basically nega me, if you look at us both being named Matthew, liberals, and writers but he's actually successful), so looking into this mini to see if it's any good, like 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank and We Can Never Go Home.

  • Same as Kingpin.

  • Solid steampunk, not mindblowing or terrible, but it's compelling and polished enough that it's worth a read if you liked the RDJ Sherlock Holmes films and want that but with Da Vinci sort of.

  • What even?

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