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Top 5 Adjectives Used to Describe Samimista

5. "Web of..." (I know this is a noun clause, but Marvel uses it as an adjective to describe Spidey books occasionally)

4. Her psychiatrist says that she is "unabashedly and profoundly delightful." He was sweating an awful lot when he said it, though.

3. Other Comic Vine users describe her as "perky." Whether they are remarking on her personality or something else, only her undertaker knows.

2. BumpyBoo, in a New York Times review, called Samimista, "a squalid pit of despair, and by 'squalid pit of despair,' I mean a treasure trove of awesome."

1. Chuck Anderson, of the Made-Up Name Gazette, said Samimista is "Squirrel Girl-like in her complexity." When asked to be more succinct, he said, "Web of..."