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Deadly Class: Issue One convo, spoiler-friendly

I wrote a review of Deadly Class #1 today, which I am kind of proud of. I like feeling ownership over my writing, and even more than the Milligan &McCarthy review Blank Fiction published, I think I hit all the bases here. Anyway, I wrote it without any spoilers, but there are things that made me chuckle and talk to my CV friends about.

1. Mr. Lin lays down the law as he leads Marcus and his pupils back to the school. "No sex," he says. "No drugs."

a) How soon do you think it'll be before one or more of these taboos gets broken?

b) He also says no unsanctioned killing, and so I wonder if Saya will receive a wrist-slap for the dead "cop." Was she apparently shocked at killing him because of Marcus' reaction, because it was her first kill, or because of consequences for breaking Lin's rules?

2. In my review, I didn't give DC four or five stars because it seemed very derivative of other stories. What did y'all think? What would you have done differently had you written this comic?

3. Finally, how did you like it in general? The letters page confessional won me over, showing how deeply personal this project was for Remender and promising something in tone and content a lot more engaging than some of the other books and films I mentioned in my review. What won you over ...or pushed you away? Will this be an addition to your pull list?

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The copy I got from my friendly-neighborhood comic retailer has a tear in the back cover. If this series turns out to be one of those enduring titles I read through its duration, I'm not going to replace it with a mint copy. Like well-loved paperbacks, comic books that touch you are characterized by signs of wear, signs of love.