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Master of the Mystic Arts

"There is no greater action, that one of the spirit."

Personal Information

The Star Walker
The Star Walker

Real Name: Matthew Edric Walker (Secret)

Aliases: Mister Surreal, Sorcerer Supreme, Master Surreal, Master of the Mystic Arts, Man in the Cloak, Cloaked Conjurer, Warrior Mage, The Star Walker, Bearded One, Reality Hopper, Sentinel of the Ages, Omni-Guardian, The Occult Keeper, Sultan of the Nonsensical, The One Who Isn't, Man of Many Encounters, Mystified Mortal

Gender: Male

Relatives: Richard Walker (father, deceased), Emily Walker (mother, deceased), Barry Walker (uncle, N/A), Iris Walker (aunt, N/A), Wallace Walker (cousin, alive), Lucy Walker (cousin, alive), Alex Walker (nephew, alive)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Identity: Public

History: Secret

Status: Alive

Age: Unknown (38 physiologically)

Species: Human

Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6'2

Weight: 195 lbs

Eye Color: Emerald green

Hair Color: Jet black with white/silver stripes

Marital Status: Single

Place of Birth: Colorado, America

Base of Operations: Sanctum of Cryptic Sources, JLA Moon Base

Affiliation: High Council of Magic, Nerrupo, Justice League Alliance, Brenna Luthor (close friend, alive)

Education: College (studied abroad), Apprenticeship, Self Taught

Occupation: Sorcerer Supreme, Protector of The Nine Realms, Magical Law Enforcer, Magical Consultant, Professor at The Academy

Notable CVnU Events (Chronological Order)

Moral Code

Matthew cares about the betterment of all beings and as such will naturally treat all entities as if they are all equal. He doesn't believe in unnecessary violence and actively finds different ways of solving disputes without using violence. When it is necessary, however, he will have little hesitation to do what needs to be done. He always keeps murder as a last resort though, as he greatly values all life and only kill when there is no other way. This is all prompted by his desire to achieve order through a path of least resistance.


A Surreal Story
A Surreal Story

Ever since he could remember, Matthew loved magic. He was so amazed by the weird nature of what seemingly couldn't be explained. His parents would take him to see my favorite magicians perform their famous tricks and do the impossible. He truly believed that these men and women were sorcerers using their powers to amaze entertain and amaze people. For him, witnessing magic was truly stepping into another world. As he got older, he decided to apply for jobs where he would be assisting different magicians. Not only would he be learning how to do different tricks, he would also get first hand experience with dealing with crowds on stage magic shows. Matthew hoped to one day become a magician himself and preform in front large audience. Not only would that fulfill his dream, but he would also be able to inspire others who loved magic as much as he did. He was eventually hired by a magician named Daniel Martin, or going by his stage name, "Mister Surreal".

He spent many years helping him behind the scenes and on stage as his assistant. He grew to be a second father to Matthew. In fact, he would soon become the only father to him, because my parents would eventually die in a car crash. He spent years in sorrow, with his craft being the only thing that could give him any joy. While he remained Daniel's assistant, he just didn't get the same satisfaction that he used to get out of magic. One day, while on tour, he was take inventory of different props in the backroom. He was going through the shelves when he accidentally knocked down a crate which contained a large number of books. He began to pick them up but soon noticed one that looked very strange. He flipped through it and saw the pages lined with foreign symbols and images. He figured that since had been working for several hours, he could take a break and flip through it.

One of the pages was based on hand gestures and chanting. He had never scene a trick like this one, so he decided to try it out. As he began to try to copy what the book instructed, the pages began to glow. He immediately stopped and fell backwards in shock. He looked up and saw Daniel standing outside of the room staring at him with a blank expression, and simply told him that all would be explained. He explained to Matthew that he was actually a sorcerer who had been protecting the Earth from all kinds of mystic threats for several ages. He would take upon the guise of different people by changing his appearance whenever he felt that his enemies were closing in on him. He would fake his death, and become a different person. Matthew asked him why he spent his time preforming a magic shows. Daniel told me that this world needs to keep a sense of wonder and excitement in order to to truly grow into something better.

He explained that he wanted to one day retire and pass the mantle on to someone else. Matthew asked why he was the one to be chosen, and Daniel explained that he was someone pure of heart who truly deserved to know the secrets of the universe. Since then, Matthew would be trained to perform real magic with Daniel as his teacher. He learned to do many things that were considered truly impossible. He had learned things that I once thought could only happen in fairy tales. But one day, Matthew and Daniel battled a mysterious hooded being that had that entered their world. While they won the battle, Daniel was severely injured and needed immediate medical attention. Matthew took him to a sanctuary that would be able to heal wounds of supernatural beings, but not even that was able to save him. Ever since then, Matthew has taken up the mantle of sorcerer known as "Mister Surreal" and inherited the magical location called the Sanctum of Cryptic Sources

Mastery of the Mystic Arts

He later would go on to locate the ancient Himalayan temple called “Nerrupo” where he would take up more practice in his craft as a way of dealing with the new wave of grief that he was inflicted with in his life. While there, he was able to make great leaps in his studies and found himself to be rather adept when it came to using more unusual and forms of magic. His masters at the were also very quick to take notice of how advanced he had become in such a short period of time and watched him progress from a distance. As time went on, Matthew began making such great leaps in his studies that he began to develop his own magical abilities that would originally stem from what he had read and would be experimented with in different ways to test the limits of his power. This would go on for several weeks within his own quarters until he would be found out by his masters and promptly scolded for his actions. The things that he was looking into were beyond his control that would too dangerous to tamper with.

He would continue with his “normal” studies and in the process would impress his masters with both his aptitude and unique abilities that he had acquired while studying there and expanding that various amounts of knowledge that he would acquire. He even stayed there long enough to the point where he would help instruct other students and help them with their practice as well. For the first time in quite a while, he felt that he had a true purpose in what he was doing. Later on, he would go onto the route where he would even be given the title “master” and became one of the leading teachers of the temple. With this position, he would be allowed to take the part in the regular meetings that would be held in the chambers in the temple, where he and his fellow masters would discuss the current state of affairs of the magical community and all things it concerned itself with. Matthew knew that these meetings were important, but he couldn’t help the feeling of boredom that he had.

Most of the meetings were fairly, normal matters that were not to serious and could be easily dealt with, but one issue that was brought up very often at the time was the small fracture hat was found within the timeline as a result of magical manipulation. Some at the table would simply dismiss the matter, while others would keep bringing it up in attempt to convey the importance of the issue. The fracture was spoken of so often that the masters of the temple eventually decided to look into it further. After using a chronokinesis spell, it was found that there was a massive crack within the time stream itself, one that was slowly eating away at the very foundations of the timeline. There was such little time to deal with it problem by the time that it was found, that only option that they had at the moment was by themselves time. The way that this would work was that the temple would have its own time frame be isolated from the rest of the world in such a way that it would move thousands of times faster than the normal time frame as well as isolating it from the normal time frame.

This however could only be allowed to move at this rate, anything higher than that would result permanent damage to happen to the rest of the timeline. In this situation, Matthew was forced to learn the chronokinesis spell so that the help in the aid of the other masters of the temple. However, even while in this situation, Matthew would still be learning other spells and expanding his knowledge for the purpose of dealing with whatever temporally displaced threat would come of this. After dealing with the threat for what was centuries from their perspective, the masters of the temple were finally and to deal with the crack in the timeline, but not without some after effects of their work. During this time however, the now relatively old mage had gotten knowledge and mastery in dealing with numerous magical arts to the point where the first stage of his training was complete, and the next would soon begin...(To be continued.)


Sorcerer Supreme
Sorcerer Supreme

Due to his innate talent and ability forged through countless years of study and practice, Matthew boasts raw power and extreme precision for the uses of the Mystic Arts and all that relates to it. However, pushing himself to the peak of his seemingly unlimited potential, he since then been able to gain a wide range of abilities of both magical and supernatural practices that are rivaled by very few, and surpassed by even fewer:

Longevity: Through numerous sage practices of the mystic, Mathew has developed vast spiritual effects on himself that have in turn heightened what would otherwise be a normal human physiology. More particularly, he does not age physically, and as such, can live for an indefinite amount of time without having to face physical or mental decrepitude.

Space-Time & Dimensional Magic: Using his mastery of over space-time and the countless dimensions that magic exist within them, Matthew can create and utilize various means to instantly transport himself and and others to different physical locations within reality, such as the manipulation of the countless folds and imperfections that exist within all levels of the space-time continuum. One of the most common uses being a form of teleportation in which gateways of space-time express themselves as two dimensional portals that instantly take him and others to an unlimited number of locations throughout space and time as he chooses. However, he can only create portals to a specific location that he can visualize, and therefore cannot travel freely, a power that may be limited to only his native universe, however, he can also create rifts within the fabric of a seemingly infinite number of dimensions, as a way to travel through various axis and get to virtually any location within the universe. But most impressively, and powerfully, Surreal posses the ability to manipulate the very fabric of space-time as well as the dimensional barriers that exist, allowing him to bend, reshape, isolate, dilate, expand and contract and alter very fabric of the space-time continuum as he so chooses. However, this remains one of his complex forms of magic in practice, and is hardly used to its fullest extent.

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Telepathy & Telekinesis: Due to countless time spent practicing intense focus and meditation in respects to his environment, Sorcerer Supreme has vast physic powers that pertain to psychic magic allowing him to interact with his environment as well as other beings on a physical and intangible level, solely with non-physical means. Having developed an affinity for such powers as vast mental abilities as well as physical ones. With his telepathy, he can communicate with, read and influence the minds of others, as well as create physic shields that can for a time block the dominance of incredibly powerful telepaths. He can even use this ability to the extent where he can enter dreams and traverse mental environments like he would any other reality. With telekinesis, he can easily move various objects with hand simple hand gestures, along with the manipulate the composition of matter with greater focus and effort. Abilities limited only by his physical and mental fortitude.

Hallucikinesis: Seemingly a metaphysical combination of his prowess as a master magician and a powerful sorcerer, Matthew has the ability to alter the one's perception through advanced utilization of illusion casting. Be it a complex hand gesture or a single thought, Matthew is able to create and manipulate a variety of sensory based effects that allow him to manipulate the perception of another's environment. This allows for the ability of him to create illusions based not solely on sight and sound, but nearly every sensory ability that one possesses, having the appearance of them being no different than if they were real. The sole difference being that they cannot physically interact with others, but instead, create the impression that their physical form is indeed real. This ability extends to Surreal: creating false duplicates of himself, lightly changing his appearance, inducing effects of vertigo, and sharing images with others. In turn, one he sees past them, he can also negate the effects of another person illusions.

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Symbol Magic (W.I.P): Having spent a great deal of time studying and analyzing countless times of words, character, numbers, and symbols, Surreal has managed to use their ancient and otherworldly natures to in turn mastering the use of using such abstract concepts and then applying them into mystical means. As such, he has access to a vast number of symbols that manifest themselves as physical objects around himself, as way translate ancient words and or as a means to alter the effects of various magical spells on a fundamental level. They maintain a broad set of capabilities that very from situation to situation, and as such will mostly be used within the confines of spell casting, but not without need for minute care and precise actions that could otherwise result in devastating effects.

Anti-Magic: Having a raw mastery and knowledge over a wide range of magical practices, Surreal can decrease the effectiveness or completely remove virtually any and all forms of magic that exist, if he applies himself enough to the task. In the case of removing spells, enhancements and the like, the amount of time that it takes to do so and difficulty depends on what kind of spell that it is and who it was that casted it. Finding spells in mystic and arcane nature to generally be easy to remove, with spells of dark, divine, eldritch or demonic nature being more difficult. But in the case of stunting the raw magical ability within others, that comes down to a test of wills that challenges both opponents on a mental, physical and spiritual level, causing great strain on all accounts. The victor being decided on whoever is able to hold out longer than the other the midst of the conflict.

Aura Creation: With enough meditation and a sound enough environment, Matthew can project the raw mystical, seemingly infinite, and abstract spiritual essence within himself around his physical form, as a more fluid way of using his spiritual abilities. As opposed to being a purely intangible field that simply surrounds the body, Surreal can use it in its raw state in order order to effect the precise nature of how it functions in relation to himself and his environment. One such use is as a shield from energy draining attacks, and while it may seem counterproductive to expose this power to exterior might, the aura allows for absolute control over the faculties of his own power, and acts as a means of being able to shield himself from any and all exterior forces that would seek to do him harm. Be it physical, energy based, reality warping or otherwise, anything below a stroke of nigh-omnipotent force will not affect him. However, the caveat to such an ability is that it will otherwise leave the sorcerer in a suspended, motionless state. However, others that Surreal grants may instead be allowed to bask in his magical powers, while he remains in a dreamlike state. A side effect the use of his power being the cleansing of their very soul.

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Astral-Projection: As a result of heightened meditation and spiritual training, Matthew can remove the very spiritual essence of himself from his physical form and project it onto higher planes of existence, realities and dimensions, such as the astral plane. Or, simply exist within the same plane in an incorporeal state. When using his astral form, the Sorcerer Supreme is completely undetectable by normal methods that would see his physical state be recognized, and moreover, can interact with the material plain to only the smallest degrees. In his astral form, he can access his normal magical abilities and apply them to most incorporeal beings and objects that he would in his physical form, however, this leaves his body in a catatonic state, and in turn defenseless against physical attacks.

Exorcism: Surreal can remove demons, ghost and other beings that take on a form of possession from the bodies of other beings as well as various objects and locations that they reside. While in certain cases, the process can be achieved by the simple matter of inducing the object, being or person with an incantation, there are certain circumstances that require numerous a rituals, and at times several instruments in order to achieve this process. What can be even more troublesome are the exact circumstances surrounding the matter, such as, the amount of influence over what has been possessed, the duration of the possession, or the means of the possession.

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Banishment: With a more powerful version of dimensional displacement, Matthew can keep different beings from certain locations and force them to stay in different ones. This however does not always work permanently. There are circumstances when if a being is powerful enough, they overcome this banishment over time. Another aspect of this is that it only works when opposing a being that hails from a different reality, dimension, universe, realm or timeline, the added component being just cause for their removal.

Spell/Charm/Enchantment/Curse Casting: With his vast knowledge of numerous practices of magic, Mister Surreal can inflict any and all manner of effects of various objects on and beings. While not omnipotent, there are a seemingly endless number of effects that this can have (list).

Physikinesis: Even with many great experts of various supernatural experts, the fundamental laws and principles of magic in its entirety is largely unknown, but an extent can be readily explained by various scientific theories. Moreover, even in the instances where it proposes entirely new schools of thought, the logistics of its basic principles however still somehow coincide with the rules of science. But what is also known is that with pure use of the unknown applications of raw magical power, these rules become more akin to guidelines. As such, the Master of the Mystic Arts is capable of defying and even reshaping the laws of physics the way that he sees fit. While broad and ill-defined in nature as it is, this ability of physikinesis allows for an appropriate disregard and restructuring for the basic laws of nature from a scientific standpoint.

This functions by focusing, solely on what it is that the user hopes to be directly influencing in the immediate environment, typically through the use of spells as a direct action within a localized space (e.g. turning a miniature black hole into a group of butterflies, or making 1+1=3 in an equation). This particular form of magical manipulation of physics being a useful tool in the ways of overcoming specific issues that would otherwise be impossible to solve through conventional means, with the main condition being that the user must have a basic understanding of the issue that they are approaching. And as such, can overcome virtually any science based scenario he is in, given enough time and tact. This power is however not omnipotent, as it is not the outright alteration of physical laws, but merely localized suspension of them.

Conjuration: Using a common technique that allows the caster to summon various objects and beings to their aid, Surreal can instantly call upon any object in his possession to utilize, regardless of his location within the space-time continuum or reality. The only limitation however is that it requires him to know the approximate location of said object, typically falling within the range of 6 m².

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Defensive & Offensive Spells: Matthew knows a series of spells to defend himself and others. This includes but is not limited to: force-fields, durability enhancement, reflective damage, and many others. He also knows a series of spells to launch attacks. This includes but is not limited to: power manipulation, magical weapon creation, cosmic energy blasts to name a few (list).

Mysti-Communication: Having traversed countless realities, studied many foreign concepts, and interacted with countless strange and other wordy beings, Matthew has over time developed the strange ability to naturally understand and effectively communicate with beings of all shapes and sizes, without the use of active mystic influence. This pertains to numerous entities that he has never before interacted with or tongues that he has never spoken, akin to an instant translation that works as a two way street for the opposing beings. The ability however is not omnipotent, not able in all situations, and it impossible to determine when it will be effective. However, it has shown to have an affinity for beings that are divine, demonic, eldritch or simply otherworldly in nature.

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Invocation: When certain matters become to great for him to deal with using only the power that he has at his disposal or his magical abilities are somehow nullified, Matthew may use the ability to call upon powers even greater than himself from beings of higher planes of existence, such as the Mystical Deity known as Motin. Allowing him to essentially channel their inherent power into himself in order to achieve a wide range of effects, such as allowing the Master of the Mystic Arts to gain new abilities as well as enhance his already existing ones to astronomical levels of power. However, he rarely does this due to the severe repercussions that occur during this power granting. The act usually costing him something of extreme value, and can in some cases, even leaving him temporally powerless in his entirety.

Advanced/Heightened Awareness: Due to his inherent and powerful connection to the Mystic Force that makes up the underlying nature of reality itself, Matthew's sense of awareness of his surrounds is heightened to an impressive degree. He is able to sense the presence of other beings, locate the position of various objects qqand recognize certain aspects of something in his environment, like if something is a threat. However, this ability can often come off as being extremely vague to experience. Moreover, Surreal has a subconscious recognition and understanding of his environment that is in direct correlation with what is thought as being the "true reality", allowing him to be incredibly decisive and intuitive. Examples of this are being able to see through deceit (illusions, lies, etc), easily gaining bearings, resisting disorientation and abilities in kind. Moreover, this ability also grants the Sorcerer Supreme the ability to detect and vaguely perceive events that transpire on a universal scale, giving him a form of cosmic awareness.


The Prestige
The Prestige

As a result of his academic mind's ability to naturally process and comprehended the incomprehensible... The eons worth of encyclopedic teaching that he had the privilege of gaining... And his warrior like spirit that motivates him to better himself, protect most and defeat others, Matthew boasts a myriad of knowledge and abilities. Being not only a polymath in crafts ranging from the occult to the metaphysical, but also a man of immeasurable use, even while de-powdered:

Wisdom & Supernatural Intellect/Encyclopedic Knowledge: Matthew has a very impressive intellect that is far greater than that of the average person. Not only that, but has unique, logical and creative mind that is easily one of his greatest advantages in any situation, aside from his mystical abilities. His mind is capable of understanding and interpreting abstract concepts that are generally seen as being impossible to make tangible in any measure, being able to delve into logic and philosophy that is so unnatural that it at times appears to contradict all forms of reasoning itself. Implementing his creativity, he has shown to use this ability to understand and manipulate the "impossible" to the point where his is able to find a solution to a problem to a seemingly unsolvable problem by using unorthodox methods that would be seen by many as being foolish. Having as much experience as he does, he has developed a vast amount of wisdom and worldly knowledge that pertains to the numerous ideologies and belief systems that he refers to. Paring this with his critical thinking skills and analytical abilities allows for the making of seamless judgments, conclusions and advanced evaluation of virtually any situation or idea. He possesses vast knowledge of a number of various fields such as philosophy, art, history, religion, cognitive science, spiritualism, metaphysics and many other subjects. Beyond that, he possesses knowledge on concepts of the multiverse at large that rivals that of ancient cosmic beings. In addition to this, his mind while acting a human levels of processing speeds. is able to absorb countless streams of information and call upon almost effortlessly at any given moment. This allows him to accumulate utilizes a vast wealth of knowledge at any given time.

Master Sorcerer
Master Sorcerer

Being trained for centuries throughout time in the many arts of magic, Matthew has become one of the most knowledgeable and powerful magic users to have ever existed. And being a true savant, he is something of a polymath in regards to his knowledge as a whole, though, his main area of expertise pertains to all forms of Mysticism. Surreal was found to be a natural in the practice of the arcane and occult, having a knack for combining, using various methods of many different magical practices and even creating his own through sheer innovation and imagination. He has mastered several fields of magic and has some level knowledge of seemingly every form of magic that has ever been practiced, even creating some of his own hypothetical fields that have not yet been explored and practiced upon. He has even been described by his masters of fitting the tittle of "Sorcerer Supreme".

Skilled Alchemist: During his times studying abroad, the pre-sorcerer had spent a great deal of time focusing his efforts in the ways of elemental structuring and change that is chemistry, developing a profound knowledge and ability in regards to the use and application of physical and inorganic chemistry. This knowledge would in turn been broadened and enhanced when he would be taught in the magical properties of alchemy. As such, Surreal is quite advanced in ability to transfer and change the properties of different chemical elements through the process of transmutation, extending to the point where he can easily meddle with the structuring of a wide range of elements that adhere to and defy the laws of the field, and back. His knowledge of how to do so surpassing the vast majority lab technicians in the world, allowing him to concoct and alter a wide range of potions as well as physical charms. Though, his knowledge of the craft is rather limited compared to other more devoted practitioners.

Expert Strategist & Tactician: Matthew is highly adept when it comes to figuring out how to deal with his problems in the most effective way possible. He excels taking a step back and figuring out the best way to approach a situation rather than charging in head on and risking costly mistakes. He boasts countess years worth of experience at analyzing any given situation and looking at the appropriate way to proceed and resolve an issue, implementing his ancient wisdom. In addition to this, he can apply his own unnatural and unorthodox ways of thinking in order to plot out and resolve any matter that he approaches. When dealing with the task, he can apply his knowledge of magic and numerous other crafts in a seemingly infinite number of ways.

Master Combatant & Weapons Master
Master Combatant & Weapons Master

Having been trained to push the limits of his capability in not only the means of his spiritual being, but his physical as well, Matthew is a highly fit individual who physical prowess is deceptively impress. Having been conditioned to maximize the potential of all aspects of his body, as well as the ability survive in a wide range of scenarios that would otherwise be deadly towards him, the Sorcerer Supreme is capably of masterfully weathering a wide variety of harsh climates with knowledge and endurance that would otherwise result in the death of less experienced. These abilities of course extending to his capability in a fight, Matthew is also incredibly skilled in regards to various forms of self-defense techniques, as well as a widw range of armed and unarmed combat procedures. He is highly adept in hand to hand combat, so if he can't use his magic, he can readily on fighting ability for physical confrontations against similar opponents. As such he is versed in numerous arts forms such as Muay Thai, Jutusu, Hung Ga and Karate to the extent of receiving black belts in all of them. Not only that, but he has also shown great proficiency when wielding melee weapons such as axes, maces, staffs and swords.

Leadership: There have been many instances where Matthew was placed in a position where he would be leading a group or faction, in a wide variety of ways, ranging from a simple lesson of education to full on conflict. As such, it has made him a widely capable, experienced and effective leader as far as being able to coordinate large or small groups of people and be able to bring out the needed qualities in each and everyone of them. Though he may not seem like the type, he is genuine natural in this field, stemming from his compassion, open mindedness, patience and wisdom. he does however prefer not to take a leadership role in most instances.

Master Magician
Master Magician

Having spent several years being a magician's assistant and apprentice, and indulging in intense study of the craft beforehand, Matthew has become master when it comes to any and all types of "magic tricks". This includes but is not limited to: slight of hand, illusions, "mind reading", hypnotism, card tricks and many others. A such, he is well aware of the reality behind the seemingly supernatural process and has an complete wealth of comprehension behind the psychological and physical traits the defines them. Him being an extremely knowledgeable and well trained magician has then allowed him to advanced knowledge of the mind and its functions, in the ways of natural and supernatural ways. This advantage has allowed to gain insight to the inherently deceitful nature of the craft and all of its finer faculties. Matthew can devise incredibly deceitful ways of tricking and manipulating the thoughts and perceptions of others without the use of magic, making in an experienced and deadly charlatan.

Multilingual: Being a sorcerer that was taught various ancient studies and practices, as well as travel to an untold number of worlds and realities, required him to learn how to read, speak and write countless different speaks. Such as Sanskrit, Hebrew, Farasi, Tamil, Egyptian, Lithuanian, Basque, Greek, Latin and countless other known and unknown tongues from across the multiverse.

Bargaining: Over time, Mister Surreal has been in countless situations that have required great diplomacy and verbal persuasion in order to deal with two opposing or neutral forces, be it in the midst of the conflict or simply as an exterior observer. Since he had been in so many instances that required this ability, he has become a master of negotiation that is able to reach common ground with even the most unreasonable of beings.

Indomitable Will
Indomitable Will

After years of meditation and devotion for causes greater then himself, Matthew has developed a physical, mental and spiritual fortitude that is matched by very few other beings. He has a drive that compels his very being to do all that is possible to achieve a task, without sacrificing his own beliefs. It allows him to face insurmountable odds without losing motivation as well as being able to hold up against the most capable of forces. And added feature is giving him a level of persistence and resilience that can surpass even the most powerful of beings. Another factor is the extraordinary amount of psychological resilience that Mathew holds to his countless years of existing in complex and confusing locations. The result being a vast resilience to effects that would otherwise induce insanity and disorientation.


Equipment of the Arcane
Equipment of the Arcane

While gifted and prepared with a unique and powerful range both otherworldly powers and natural affinities, there are instances upon which even the Warrior Mage requires added help in regards to any situation that he may be confronted with. Which is why he has been bestowed with a wide artifacts and trinkets that he has earned over his many years, from the time of a simple novice to that of complex expert. Tools of great use and of even greater value:

Mystical Tunic: The ancient garbs of the Master of the Mystic Arts do far more than add to his otherworldly appearance, but rather, have rather modest albeit properties that he finds most useful. Being an item made for sorcerer's of great regard, the tunic has a natural ability to protect its wearer from a wide variety of potential dangers, ranging from the physical, to the spiritual. With that, it has the ability to absorb about 50% of the physical force that is exerted upon the wearer, be it in a minor accident or an outright attack. More impressively, it contains a great numerous defensive charms to fend off the most basic of magical attacks, of each variety. Though, it has shown to be more susceptible to mystic power than other forms. Yet another unique aspects of the fabrics nature is the fluid construct of its design that allows the user to change the appearance of the clothing at will with but a thought, as well as, naturally repair itself in the span of minutes if damaged. Lastly, the clothing can be worn by none other than he who owns it, extreme injury will ensue in a variety of ways.

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Cloak of Suspension: This sentient cloak allows the wearer to fly, levitate, float and hover without the use of magic, as well as protect its user. Because of the spell placed on it, the fabric that it is made of is nigh-unbreakable, as well as being able to restrain beings with a mystical force of 100 tons. It has a top flight speed of Mach 10, however, it can also react to threats instantaneously and move as fats a physically possible without needing to gain momentum. It also shares a mental bond with the user while acting on its own accord.

Bands of Nin: The bands are a group of magical ribbons used to wrap around opponents and ensnare them with extreme power, mainly serving as defenses against attacks that Surreal would otherwise not be able to physically touch. While they start off fairly weak, their strength and durability will grow exponentially more durable greater the longer that they are in use. The are found wrapped around Mister Surreal's sleeves an are manipulated by mere thought.

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Eye of Oversight: The all seeing eye allows the user to see events of a great multitude that their normal vision would otherwise be incapable of, such as cross long distances, through disguises, and even different realities and planes in existence, as well as the inherent magical properties that are held throughout all of reality. Novice users are able to use it simply to extend their perception of distance as well as see through what is hidden, but grander use such as precognition have only ever been achieved by a master of the item.

Talisman of Spirituality: Matthew carries a talisman beneath his clothing that allows those who use it to locate and communicate with the lost souls of others, though, artifact works more effectively when a lost soul that the wearer wishes to contact is also inclined to contact them. But even more impressively, the item serves to protect the soul of the wearer from all fro,s incorporeal attacks that would seek to harm that on a spiritual level, be it a harmful spell or some form of unholy influence. This does however work in a finite condition, as attacks and powers of a great enough ability ranging from a highly advanced spell caster or some kind of divine power have the potential to overcome the protections of the item.

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Property Ring: A ring can alter the fundamental properties that make up something and achieve the effect of alchemy and transmutation. It can increase or decrease the mass of a substance as well as make changes to its color and size, even going so far as to cause objects act in such a way that goes against its normal nature, like allowing something to defy gravity or absorb other substances. This however hinges on the condition that it switches the properties of two non-organic substances. For example: it can make a snowflake as heavy and durable like a rock or make water thick and stretchy as rubber, but neither effect can be achieved without a basis to swap with.


Mortality: Even though he is a heavy magic user, Matthew is still a human. As such, he can still be killed by anything that cam harm any other person.

Power Exhaustion: The more powerful the magic is, the more physical effort it takes and the faster Matthew becomes tired.

Hand Gestures: One of Mister Surreal's biggest weakness is the need of his hands. The vast majority of of his spells require him to make different hand gestures. More powerful spells usually take longer to use as well.

Concentration: In order to effectively use his magic, it requires Matthew to have extreme focus on what he is doing. Distractions can cause his spells to become weak or stop them from working entirely.

Main Theme