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Better than I thought...much better : ) 0

Well with a title like Psycho Busters I wasn't really sure what I would think of this manga. It has some very cliche things in it like the beautiful girl that has a big heart that you know will cause some problems. The unlikely hero that doubts himself and thinks he is the weak link. And of course the awesome fight scenes. I am happy to say though that this manga is fairly subtle with such cliches and still has them but makes them fit better than most with the plot. It takes a wity approach to w...

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The fall of friend, the rise of a new 'danger'. 0

This issue starts off rather depressing with the suicide of Xaiver Institute student Wing. What happens is in Astonishing X-Men#5 gifted Wing loses his powers and becomes really down and confused about where to go next. The danger room convinces Wing that the only way to cope with the pain to take it all away by just letting go and killing himself. And basically, this whole issue revolves around that and what that means for the future of the X-Men. Besides that in this issue the X-Men also try ...

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Astonishing is an under statement.* 0

I love the x men 1st off(they can't really do any wrong,lol). But this comic book series just furthered my 'astonishment' of them(lol).I love how in your face the tension is with Emma Frost being there 1st off between Kitty Pryde, and then also with Wolverine. I never really knew much about Kitty or Emma in great depth, but it ws cool to see there characters develop throughout this series and use their powers too! I also like how in this series they kinda give u the adult x men perspective but a...

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