• Date joined:2008-06-06
  • Alignment:Evil
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Name:William Blake


Alias: 10, Mister 10

Eye Color: Blue-Green (hazel)


Small Backstory for Earth 1 & 2

I am now just 10, I was long ago a member of the 1st Justice 10. I later re-established the Justice 10 2.0. Now however, by being away for so long I am on my own and hope to cause no more pain to those I have hurt.

Preface to Return

What I looked like when I lead the J10
What I looked like when I lead the J10

After leaving the J10(Justice 10) I realized that my powers began to weaken and lost some completely. Not only from being away from my team, but also because I was ambushed soon after leaving. The ones that ambushed me came prepared, with a machine that would neutralize and eventually steal some of my powers... I had taken these thugs in and they wanted revenge. So, they killed all that I loved and the people I cared for most. I knew they couldn't have done this on their own so now I fight for the vengeance of my loved ones.


Vine Titans:West

VT: West Look
VT: West Look

Has only appeared in the Foundations RPG as a member of the team.



As an agent of FEAR
As an agent of FEAR

William has tapped into more of his core powers. His teleportation has been masted and can in a sense bend people to his will more easily. He has created a darker image for himself to go by. And cannot wait to serve oh so loyally to the cause.

FACTION: Villain

EARTH 1 Powers:

  • Telepathy/Telekinesis
  • Portal Teleportation/Self Teleportation
  • Sinner's Fire (see bio for details on this, similar to Ghost Rider though)
  • Flight/Hovering (via Telekinesis)
  • Intangibility
  • Shapeshifting (humans, animals, whatever)
  • Create clones
  • Future Sight
  • Pyro Kinesis
  • Mimic Powers of others too just be being near

All these powers combined have made 10 act almost like the Mad Hatter (aka insane)

Earth 2:

Mister Number 10 Man as a lawyer
Mister Number 10 Man as a lawyer

Mister Number 10 Man joined the Vine Titans West for only one mission. Deciding he needed more time to work on his solo heroics he drifted away from the team and started to explore his options. Deciding to not be counted out again he decided to combine his hero life with his personal and dawn his cape against evil and social injustices. He went back to school and finished his law degree to represent small businesses, caped crusaders, and anyone else that needed a hand. He had saved enough money from his days as being the leader of the J10 to do most of his cases pro-bono for his clients.

Rising up from the flames and rebuilding...to create the Stonewall Foundation
Rising up from the flames and rebuilding...to create the Stonewall Foundation

Being an openly gay man, he has made his identity of being a hero known also in a hope to better serve the people on both a political front and heroic front. This however was met with resistance as there were several attempts on his life made. His boyfriend at the time and 10 were at a cabin he owned when an explosive went off, killing his boyfriend in the blast. Mister Number 10 Man rose from the ashes and vowed to fight for humanity, and take this not as a reason to relent. He decided to gather a new team of Justice 10...a group from various races, sexual orientations, galaxies...one that all people could feel represented by and feel welcomed to be a part of and/or support. They would be known as the Stonewall Foundation.

Stonewall Foundation

As leader of the Stonewall Foundation
As leader of the Stonewall Foundation

Mister Number 10 Man decides to give the hero gig another shot and brings together at first only a few. Then many start to join the group founded on diversity and acceptance.


EARTH 2 Powers:

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Can Control Magma
  • Flight
  • Future Site
  • Sinner's Fire
  • Telekinesis
  • Flame Body
  • Magma Body

Powers Explained:

  • Mimicry:

Can copy other's powers around him temporarily, along with whatever elemental powers/celestial powers he posses. As part of his OCD only maintains 10 at a time.

  • Sinner's Fire:

Deals more damage to those with more "sins" or wrongful acts. Also, strongly affects dark beings, demons, and those with a lot of guilt (dark beings & demons are

Sinner's Fire
Sinner's Fire

strongly affected even if morally good). Those that are burned will have the mark for as long as it takes for them to gte over and move past their unmoral act.

  • Magma Force Field:

Molten lava "force field" (wall, shell etc whatever is needed) that can be summoned as long there is contact with earth or somehwhere where lava can be summoned from the ground. The closer to the earth's core the stronger/hotter the lava.

  • Flight:

Depending on where flying at but can (if wanted to) fly fast enough to break sound barrier, this however depletes the majority of his power. Can fly in space, but not for very long.

  • Future Sight:

Can get brief glimses of the future at random times while awake. During sleep full on sets of events may trigger. This power only happens when something extremely violent, or dangerous to the world or self may happen. Through contact he can see the futures of those he touches, this power (like Rogue's) cannot be shut off.

  • Fire/Magma Manipulation:

Can conjure flames from the heat around him, and control them. Using his powers of controlling seismic waves he can summon lava and magma from the ground.

Future Sight
Future Sight
  • Telekinesis & Newly Added Telepathy:

Can move objects with mind. This is a key part of helping him fly faster (even though he can fly on his own thinking he can fly fast makes him fly faster). Also, can now bend those around him to his will, enter their mind, and whatever else he so pleases.

  • Portal Teleportation:

Can open up a portal to teleport to places he has already been or seen. When power is amplified he can travel through time and even other galaxies. Size of portal is detemined by how much power he has left, and amount of those that travel with him.

  • Flame/Magma Body:

Has power to engulf self in flames and/or magma to defend self.

In magma form spikes may protrude and be used as weapons. This is a more defensive form that allows him super strength and higher endurance.

In flame form can fly much faster and fly longer in space. This is the more offensive form, he can shoot his attacks faster, move much faster, and react faster to danger/ with his senses.

Magma Body
Magma Body
Flame Body
Flame Body