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Team Blue Vs Team Yellow..Team Jacob on the sidelines 7

Hello and welcome welcome. This may go different then my others.Backstory: The Start of “Civil War’ like battle that plays on a like 40 + years of tension. Cyclops, The Boy Scout of the team, who as of late, been made out to be jerk. Wolverine, The fight fist, my way “bub” individual, who is very hairy and is good at stabbing.To a DC Fan like me, this the X universe Superman and Batman in a lot of ways, night and day characters that work together and have a brothers in arms relationship , yet Sc...

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For a Change: Dreamy Girls 3

Hello and Welcome, Welcome to my first 5 star review and Zenescope's Crossover event.Gonna try to change up my formula a little cause I'm sick, so here we go. For those who don't know. Zenescope, tends to focus on dark,sexy and violent tone to the genre of fantasy adventure and they nail it on the head ^_^ I urge those those people wanting to read and those who just found out about now, to look them up. Since this is good way to get familiar with the charactersStory: Thane, misguided solider, ta...

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For a change: Old Bizzaros in hate. 5

Hello and welcome welcome to another For a change review by Me <3 Speaking of hearts, it’s time for a story of searing, unbridled passion, rivaled by no other story in the annals of mankind’s brief time on this planet.Just pulling your leg ^_^It’s the Tiny Titians in a tale of true love, that isn’t Starfire and Dick Grayson for once ^_^Back story:It’s a story of two star crossed lovers in the charming format of Tiny Titans.Issue story: Issue 42: Young Bizzaros in love:So the story opens up wi...

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For a change: Seven issues deep and now it's time to start ^_^ 4

Hello all and welcome welcome, to my first review. I’m going to try my Ninja best at it. Just for everyone’s information, Most of my reviews are going to be on stories ranging for 2000 to 2011, that probably didn’t get any real coverage, yet I happened to pick up.For your consideration, for fresh air. First up the story of a niece, her steely uncle and her misfit buddies.Back storyThe Infinity Inc. (2.0) origins form in the wake of Lex Luthor’s Everyman plan, one of my favorite parts of 52, by t...

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