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Enough hints, we get there's something up with Coulson! 0

I don't want to make an in-depth review, I'll get to that when I finally get my review blog in order. I'll just give the main points here. I'm REALLY glad the show is revealing more about Skye now than dragging it until the season finale, as that would have made the show fail bad. This way is MUCH more dramatically smart and satisfying!As of now, there has been at least one hint per episode that something is "different" about Agent Coulson. That is a fail. I KNOW there's something going on, but ...

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The introduction of Graviton and better character insight. 0

I am very happy with how agent Ward is written. He decided at the end of the previous episode to start training Skye in becoming a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and in this episode we see the training is a little hard but he explains (realistically!) that Skye needs to learn all this or she could die. And I really love how he's stopped being overall mean to Skye and Fitz-Simmons and is working with them. Ward has come a long way in just three episodes.When I was watching this, I had to stop my DVR at the ...

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Improving character development, suprise guest star and much more! 0

This is from my blog earlier with a little more added in...I just finished watching. I was right to give Ward a chance to become likable since he was a pill in the last episode. In this episode, his professionalism and intelligence help him to talk to the others better when things got tense. I really like it in a tv show when the characters use their brain to interact with others and don't do stereotypes.I still like Fitz-Simmons, I think they're great and funny, but I guess I'm the only one.It'...

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