Before you sleep into unconciousness

I'd like to have another kiss...

So everyone loves a story about comas, am I rite? You know the deal, someone, particularly a sexy girl or mysterious and handsome man falls into the grasp of Morpheus and cannot escape for quite some time.

Then it is time for the drama, the love stories and the endless wait. Eventually they wake up, but it is really cool when they wake up and go into a killing spree or gain extra sensorial powers or marry someone. You just don't wake up from a coma and chill, you gotta do something extreme like going after Bill.


She is ninja... she is death itself

Elektra... there's something about a girl who could and probably would cut you up in pieces, that I find irresistible. Dead or not, she is one of the most appealing characters that ever walked the Marvel universe.

Let's face it; we won the lottery when Frank "the tank" Miller got into the game of comics. He gave us Dark Knight returns, he gave us awesome daredevil stories, and he gave us Elektra.

What is sexier than dying in the hands of the most perfect killing machine? Imagine that instant when her legs wrap around your waist and her cool eyes look deep into yours. You see the stare of death and you vanish from this land with a smile.