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For fans of oiled manly chests and/or flamethrowers only 0

I originally intended not to review Captain America: The First Avenger, because the film just seemed too nondescript to be bothered with. But upon seeing that it seems to have obtained a five-star rating on Comic Vine, I thought I ought to, just for balance, seeing as my first reaction was something along the lines of 'WHAAAA--?!'. Anyway, there be no spoilers here, so no reader peril is required.Captain America: The First Avenger is this year's last outing from Marvel Entertainment in terms of ...

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Mags in sweats 2

For the information of gentle readers: this review is spoiler free (as far as I can tell, and I should be able to tell - I wrote it.).  X-Men: First Class a prequel of sorts that serves to bring the X-franchise back to basics after the underwhelming X-Men: The Last Stand and the incredibly dull X-Men: Origins movie. Following established characters Professor X and Magneto before they were Professor X and Magneto (and before they were dear old Patrick Stewart and that silver stallion Ian McKellen...

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No one wants to hear Deadpool sing Sweet Caroline 0

Back in the ol' reviewing chair! Actually this is just my normal chair at which I always sit, but for the purposes of this review, it shall be the reviewing chair. So Wolverine #5.1 - the perfect jumping on point! Or at least that's how it's been marketed. Is this true? Can Jason Aaron write a birthday party? And is that cover remotely indicative of the content of this issue? We shall see, gentle readers.  First off, this takes place directly after the overly long Wolverine Goes To Hell arc that...

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Pointless... but pretty! 0

It's been 28 years since Tron wowed audiences with its video-game aesthetics and crazy neon colour scheme. At the time, the film received mixed reviews, most of them arguing that the film valued visuals over narrative substance. However, the film became a cult classic, and the feeling of nostalgia towards it inevitably arose. The original followed the exploits of video-game wiz Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who is transported into the computer world and eventually frees it from the tryannical rule...

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Surprisingly great addition to Avengers titles 0

Here's the thing, I don't normally read Avengers books. I recently started reading Avengers Prime for the Alan Davis artwork and really enjoyed it as a whole, but I didn't feel like I had to go out and buy every single Avengers book or back issues then and there. Then I happened to read the preview for Avengers: The Children's Crusade #1, following the Young Avengers as they search for the Scarlet Witch, and I just fell in love with it. The rest of the issue does not disappoint.  The book basica...

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I'm not sure, but I think Asgard has fallen? 0

I'm going to be blunt: I bought this purely and only for the art, which is by Alan Davis. This is not a thing I'd usually do, but I figured I'd go right ahead because it's bi-monthly (so it won't burden my bank account that much) and because every time I've been exposed to Bendis' writing, I've largely enjoyed it. Another point: I've never read an Avengers comic in my life. And guess what, I loved it.  What with it being titled 'Siege: Aftermath', you wouldn't be wrong to believe this issue take...

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Weird and then some 1

Batman and Robin #13, the beginning of a new arc. I'm really liking this mini-arc structure this series has got going on, it's reassuring if you're a semi-completist like I am to know that the end of an arc isn't that far away and you can drop the series without having to wonder what happened. That sounded more negative than I meant it to. What I'm trying to say is that the arcs make the series accessible, and at the same time I don't feel pressured into buying the books. So the series as a whol...

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Lucky #13 0

I'll admit that I was slightly disappointed with last month's issue of Wolverine: Weapon X. This mostly came down to the fact that the issue was mostly narrated by a new(ish) character that I wasn't too keen on, and unlike the first issue of this arc, it didn't really have the self-reflective, almost parodic, writing style that I loved so much in issue #11. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised with issue #13, to the point where I would actually go ahead and say it's the best issue of W...

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Farewell SW 3

Whoa, how time flies! I meant to review this thing back when it came out, and that was in March. It's May now, how terrible of me.  I know everyone who was looking forward to this series during the time between when it was announced and when issue #1 finally came out was a little bit disappointed. I was not one of those people. As a fairly recent reader of comics, I can't say I was waiting for this series to be released. I only heard about it around issue #4 or so, looked up the character on Com...

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A farewell to arms... 0

Now that my head finally doesn't feel like it's cracking open anymore, I can actually review this issue of the very fine, soon to be finishing, Wolverine: Weapon X.   First off, there's an Iron Man 2 advert on the freaking cover, where the issue credits normally go. What the Hell, Marvel?! I know that (apparently) our money isn't enough to subsidise the comic book industry, and ads are something that we gentle readers just come to accept, but I'd be really, really pleased if they could at least ...

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Same ol' story 0

 It's that time of year again when all the "summer" blockbusters are coming out (apparently summer begins in May for those crazy folks in Hollywood). The first Iron Man had some issues. Whilst it was a pretty decent film, it fell apart in the third act, relying way too heavily on "big robots go SMASH!" despite looking promising throughout the rest. Did Iron Man 2 have the same problems?In a nutshell: yes. The film starts out in Russia, where Mickey Rourke is basically up to no good. After a brie...

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Lines, Lines, Lines 0

Though I had some problems with the previous issue, I essentially liked the direction in which this arc was going. I loved the haunted mansion stuff, and I enjoyed seeing the mystery of Bruce Wayne's return unravelling. This issue, though, was weaker and I was left slightly disappointed.  So Dick is busy exploring the basement whilst Damian is assisting Sexton with his Domino Killer stuff. Alfred is in the Batmobile keeping an eye on both, meanwhile Talia is remotely controlling Damian's actions...

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The best there is (on the comic book market) 2

So I've really been enjoying the Weapon X series. It's Wolverine just as he's supposed to be written, and the storylines have just the right level of mystery and intregue to keep me going back. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed with the previous issue, which was a stand-alone one-shot thing, but I think that was mostly due to the fact that I'm not so keen on C. P. Smith's artwork. Now with Ron Garney back on pencils in this issue, I was not disappointed.  What we have here is a pretty basi...

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It's got a few problems but we love it for them 2

 Let me start off with saying that I have never read the comic book of Kick-Ass. I've never been inclined to read much of writer Millar's work and sometimes Romita, Jr.'s art just doesn't do it for me. So I kind of had the benefit of going into this with "clean" eyes, looking at the film just as a film, and disregarding whether or not it is a "good" adaptation.From a non-comic book point of view, this is a decent film. The first half in particular had just the right amount of humour, and the wri...

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TOO MANY LINES (but that's OK) 0

So, Batman and Robin #10: a step up from issue #8, which I think has been one of the weakest of the bunch, though I did not enjoy it as much as I liked #9, which I think has been one of the best (mostly because of Cameron Stewart's art, but that's maybe for another day).  I really liked the premise of this issue - it follows Dick and Damian as they try to uncover a mystery in Wayne Manor. I'm a fan of haunted-houses stories so this was a real breath of fresh air for this series. Grant Morrison's...

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Average start to a potentially good series 0

This is my first review here so please bear with me. When I first heard that Marvel was going to publish a limited series produced by a female-only creative team, I was somewhat conflicted. On the one hand, I think it's great that they're trying to showcase female creators and show female readers that there are indeed women comic book writers, artists, letterers, inkers, and you name it. This is a great opportunity for them, and also to appeal to a different audience (as the comic book reading c...

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