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Squad Baddies + Checkmate-Esque Espionage = A Wild Ride 1

I rarely take the time to write reviews for New 52 books unless I really like them. No use wasting energy on negativity, right? So here I am, in full support of the direction that the Suicide Squad has been taking since Ales Kot took over; and now that he's left the title, I'm extending the kudos to new writer Matt Kindt.Based solely on the cover and a few solicits leading up to this issue, readers new and old alike will know that there's going to be a shakeup in the ranks of the Squad during Fo...

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Otherwise Known as: "Zor El, Brother of the Year" 0

So, I've been reviewing Forever Evil and it's tie ins in my own blog. Gonna post my reviews in each individual comic as well, hopefully they'll help some folks make some decisions with how to spend their cash or at least provide a laugh.SPOILERS AHEAD, FOLKSFirst off, the very front of the issue. This cover is flat-out beautifully done. It works well, even without the gimmick of 3-D covers. You see it and immediately get the impression of just how limitless the Cyborg's power can be, with his ar...

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