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The Epic Begins! 0

The epic begins! Announces the cover of Earth 2 #1 and for once that description is true. This is truly a 5 star comic and IMHO the best thing to come out this month.StoryStraight away the reader is thrown into the adventure that will bring the downfall of three of Earth 2's (and any world's) iconic heroes. The narration is a good touch as is the fact that it is done in the form of a pre-recorded broadcast. Tragic as some of the events of this issue are, these events are just the forerunner of w...

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War that time forgot 0

The first issue of G I Combat is surprisingly good. Not someone who is big on war comics, I expected this to be average fare but it turned out to be one of this month's better books.StoriesYes that's right - this issue features two different stories. "War that time forgot" introduces not only human touches to the reality of soldiers being away from home, but also a time - spanning mystery which sees prehistoric creatures existing in modern times. It will be interesting to see how writer J.T. Kru...

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A slow burner 0

StoryThis issue moves the overall story on a little and Bendis is doing his best to make this look like something other than one almighty slugfest. There is an attempt at meaningful dialogue between Cap and Cyclops while they knock seven bells out of each other, but none of this has the impact or polarising effect of the debate that took place in Civil War. Hope remains the centre of attention for both X-men and Avengers, but neither team is able to prevent the phoenix force possessing her and t...

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Detective # 8 0

ScriptDetective Comics# 8 features an excellent story from writer / artist Tony Daniel who pits the Dark Knight in a battle of wits and nerves against the Scarecrow. A fast paced tale in which we see Batman's black and white attitude when it comes to getting the job done and his unerring focus shows through his relationships with Catwoman, Gordon and Scarecrow. Particularly impressive was the way Batman extorts the information he needs from a small time criminal.The back up story gives the reade...

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Bane - beaten? 0

StoryThe opening arc in Batman the Dark Knight comes to a conclusion as Batman - with the aid of the Flash manages to overcome Bane in the physical sense and also no doubt he exercises some of his psychological "inner demons" when it comes to his powerful opponent as he does so. Finch and Jennings have come in for some criticism for the way they have written some of the major players in Batman TDK, but their "out of character" behavior can be put down to the fact that they were being drug - cont...

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Action developing nicely 1

ScriptMorrison concludes the first story arc in a very satisfying manner. Bit by bit we are seeing the development of the Lois, Jimmy and Lex characters and particularly impressive for me is the relationship between Clark and "Icarus" (Lex) and it will be interesting to see how that develops further. As for the action / battle between Superman and Brainiac, we quickly learn that the Man of Steel is as adept at using his brain as he is his brawn for it is by using the former that he manages to ov...

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Not a great start 1

StoryA slow pace to this issue allows a little for character development - fine if you are new to these characters - but this has been hyped up to be the greatest Marvel tale ever and for it to live up to that billing the pace and action needs to be coming a lot thicker and a lot faster.ArtA huge disappointment with too many characters having either body or head in disproportion to what they should be. Not Romita's finest hour and certainly not Marvel's.ConclusionI cannot for the life of me unde...

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Ant-man & Wasp - disappointing 1

I really, really wanted to enjoy this issue - but I have to say I didn't and overall the issue was a disappointment. Where do I begin? The credit's page was an immediate turn off - If we must have a list of a dozen or so names attached to any given issue, please put them in a long credit box at the foot of the opening page. This really is overkill, as all I want to know is writer, artist(s) and editor. Talking of writing (such as iy was) Tim Seeley came up with a plot that can only be described ...

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"The Man who murdered Santa Claus" 1

Having written the JLA since issue 100, you would have thought Len Wein would have a real grasp of the team's membrship by now. Unfortunately, this issue features a Superman who is written well below par in terms of his powers. The story contains a number of "obviously" moments - for example, the dead Santa Claus is obviously just a man in a Santa suit, the "deaths" of the JLA ers are obviously not what they seem, and the identity of the villain of the piece - the Key - is obvious to anyone who ...

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World of No Return 0

The JLA debuts in their own comic after 3 Brave and Bold try-out issues, and the team are faced by Despero - intergallactic conqueror of worlds. Mesmerising the JLA with his third eye, Despero despatches them to other dimensional worlds, where he believes they will meet a sticky end (and in Wonder Woman's case she nearly does!) However, he reckons without the ingenuity of the league, especially when it comes to teamwork. A cleverly crafted tale by Gardner Fox also sees the Alien duped by an aler...

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Case of the Stolen Super Powers 0

The third JLA tryout book is an all action story featuring the threat of Professor Ivo and his android creation Amazo. In a tale that is full of scientific fact as well as good entertainment, the 5 heroes on the cover (plus cameos from Superman and Batman) battle it out to stop Ivo's plans of world domination and immortality. Yes, all the cliched weaknesses are here - GL / yellow objects, Martian Manhunter / fire, but author Gardner Fox had a formula that worked, and the League splitting into te...

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The Sinister Six 0

Possibly the greatest Annual of them all! Not only does Spidey have to face 6 of his most dangerous opponents, but he comes accross a whole array of guest stars on his way to doing so in this 41 page epic. I guess some sort of morality still existed among the villains of the day as they decide to attack Spidey one by one instead of all at once. The cameo appearances by the whole range of Marvel heroes allowed Stan to point out to the reader where the characters could be found every month (or 2 m...

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What Comes from beyond - Justice League # 17 0

For the second month in a row it feels like something of a fill - in issue. It feels as if we are waiting for the final crisis to kick off before we get back into another major story arc. Having said that, both stories in this issue have positive points. As the suicide squad continue to mop up the world's villains, the few who remain at large now stun the League by coming to them for sanctuary. This sets up nicely next issue's confrontation between the League and the government backed suicide sq...

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Amazing Fantasy 15 - where it all began 1

Here it is - 11 pages (12 if you count the cover) of comic book history in the making.You know the story - timid Peter Parker, who we all came to know, love and identify with - is bitten by a radioactive spider and receives his Spider - powers. Almost knocked over by an onrushing car, Peter suddenly discovers his agility and ability to cling to walls as he jumps clear of the vehicle. Deciding to cash in on his new powers, Peter decides to enter a wrestling contest - ignoring the pleas of a polic...

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Doom of the Star Diamond 1

Green Arrow joins the Justice League in a story that suits his natural talents. Although they have only shared half a dozen adventures thus far, the League decide it is time to expand their ranks and Green Arrow gets the vote. (Some have claimed that the DC editorial team just "forgot" to include Green Arrow in the original line up, but as they were imitating the old Justice Society who began with 7 members this is unlikely in my opinion).After a brief (3 panel) conversation during which both Ad...

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