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Global warming - real or not?

I'm no scientist, but I do believe what my eyes tell me. Pictures of the Polar Ice cap melting is evidence enough to convince me that something unusual is going on and that we clearly have environmental problems. However, is that enough to convince us to change the way we live? Who among us is willing to give up their cars (or at least make fewer journeys) and live a more simple lifestyle for the sake of the planet? If not are we storing up problems for our children and grandchildren? Or is this all too Apocalyptic and are people too quick to press the panic button? Anyway, if developing nations like India and China aren't doing anything to cut their carbon emmissions, then why should we? Or do we lead by example and hope others follow later? Anyone else feel the politicians aren't telling us the full story? Do they know the full story in the light of conflicting scientific evidence? Anyone else confused by this?