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Wikileaks - how damaging is this?

Are Wikileaks acting in the public interest by making known to all and sundry what was private / classified information, or are they being irresponsible and unpatriotic? New revelations are coming out by the hour: China is apparently ready to abandon its support for North Korea, US diplomats have been less than impressed by some aspects of Britain's involvement in Afghanistan, the US government has been put under pressure by some Middle East countries to bomb Iran, and less than flattering opinions about successive British Prime minister's  have been expressed. Seems the info about China / North Korea couldn't come out at a more sensitive time. The Chinese do not "wash their dirty linen in public" and will not appreciate this leak being made public. They will not take kindly to US Naval exercises in the Yellow sea either. The question everyone is left with is this, "How can I trust a US diplomat again?" Every diplomat in the world will be asking this and tension between nations will be higher than ever. And what has happened to US security? All this info was apparently downloaded by one army private. If he could do it, how many other people could have or maybe have already done it?

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Immigration - good or bad?

Immigration is a thorny issue in the UK. Many people think that immigrants get preferential treatment when it comes to housing and benefits and this has led to racial tension and support for right wing extremists in some parts of the country. However, we probably see the same number of people leave the country as arrive, and often immigrnts seem willing  to do menial tasks that the indigenous population consider beneath them. How do you see it? We are particularly talking about ex Eastern europeans and perhaps more sensitively, Muslim people, who tend to be herded together in their own communities, rather than encouraged to integrate more fully into their new surroundings.
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Anyone effected by

...the impending ecological disaster caused by the BP oil spillage? Seems that various species of sea life are threatened with extinction

Afghanistan - should we be there?

While I'm full of admiration for the job our troops are doing in Afghanistan, there is growing resentment about this conflict in the UK as people see more and more young soldiers returning in a box. More and more people are questioning our purpose in being there. Sure, we have to be seen to be fighting the war on terror, but remember what happened to the Russians in Afghanistan? How do you see it - is it becoming another VietNam?


So what's with the big healthcare debate in the US? We have a National Health Service in the UK, which means everyone is entitled to treatment at the point of need. Sure, if you pay into a private system you can move up the order of priority more quickly. Isn't the fact that President Obama has delivered this promise a good thing? Why are some people against it? I understood many Americans had to take out healthcare insurance anyway - how do his plans affect this? Surely by adopting this system of free healthcare for all, America is proving itself to be a fair and caring nation?

Global warming - real or not?

I'm no scientist, but I do believe what my eyes tell me. Pictures of the Polar Ice cap melting is evidence enough to convince me that something unusual is going on and that we clearly have environmental problems. However, is that enough to convince us to change the way we live? Who among us is willing to give up their cars (or at least make fewer journeys) and live a more simple lifestyle for the sake of the planet? If not are we storing up problems for our children and grandchildren? Or is this all too Apocalyptic and are people too quick to press the panic button? Anyway, if developing nations like India and China aren't doing anything to cut their carbon emmissions, then why should we? Or do we lead by example and hope others follow later? Anyone else feel the politicians aren't telling us the full story? Do they know the full story in the light of conflicting scientific evidence? Anyone else confused by this?

Why did I buy that?

We've all done it - bought something and then in hindsight wondered why. Not just in the realms of comics (in my case I have things like Motormouth #1, Wild Dog #1 and Sun Devils #1!) but also CD's we now find embarrassing and items of clothing we wouldn't be seen dead in! So - whose gonna admit to making gaffe's and what's the biggest thing you've bought and now regret? Maybe even the wrong car? suite? House???

What if you can't find work?

One of the issues facing the UK is youth unemployment. If people can't get a job (or can't work for some reason) then they receive state benefits. Do you get benefits in the US or what happens to people who can't find work - do they just lose everything?

Space Programme

What's happening with the U.S. Space programme these days? Don't get to hear much about new developments or projects - Is there some kind of space probe doing work on Mars? Is the Moon now seen as old hat and being ignored in favour of shall we say, new frontiers?

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