Admiring strangers

For most of my 34yrs I have been a huge comic book fan. Sometimes I think it is silly that even now I still continue to collect. What I find most interesting is that the stories I still enjoy the most where the ones I read as a youth.

But something about being a comics fan has always struck me as a bit odd, and that is how much I admire some creators for the work they produced. Really I am admiring a complete stranger. Someone who is gifted and has provided me with some level of entertainment that they may never know have shape me and possibly others. The comic medium is very different from other media. With actors, athletes you get to see them and can garner a little bit of how they might really be, whether through interviews or just constantly being on television. Comic creators it is much different unless you are a rabid fan and are on all the websites you might never read and interview from a creator, and you might never even know what that person looks like. This has always struck me odd, maybe I wouldn't feel this way if I was a convention goer.

What does everybody else think?


DC watering down another franchise

I really really get frustrated with DC. I really think that editorially to me it seems that the company never has a clear idea or direction. The latest evidence of this is the new decision to have multiple Batmen running around. DC doesn't recognize the uniqueness of there characters the often water down their franchise characters by copying the character and having multiple characters using they same name. Now DC is going to have Dick Bruce, Knight, and some other crappy character all running around as Batman. To me this always harms the characters. I really wish the would of forged ahead with Dick as Nightwing and truly build a franchise out of that character instead of making endless clones of the same character. This is the case with Superman, Flash, Hawkman and Green Lantern. To me the only case that really makes any sense is in the case of GL.
I know Marvel is just as guilty with the endless Wolverine clones and now Hulk but they used to take fresher takes the were distinguished a little more from the original. I.E. Beta Ray Bill, War Machine.
What do others think? Do you think it helps the franchise or is it just lazy writing and just waters down the franchise?


Avengers Mainstays

So I was scanning around reading various comicvine blogs and got to thinking what my favorite Avengers are and what would make the best and most effective team. 
For instance I always thought Namor was a great Avenger. I know many identify him more with the Defenders but to me Namor should definitely be one of Earth's mightiest. He is one of the most powerful characters out there. I think he definitely fits more with the Avengers than the X-men. To me it makes no sense of all and Matt Fraction's whole X-men run has been completely weak. To me it has always been a shame that only Roger Stern has really been able to make Namor work as an Avenger.
I also think that Black Knight in a sense should be similar to Hawkeye. He is an Avenger through and through. Dane has always been a solid Avenger and has pulled through in a time of crisis. He should always be a team mainstay. 
Next I really think Justice is one of these characters that could be completely fleshed out. He has some much potential but never seems to really capture the Avengers audience that way others have. I don't really care for him mentor role on Avengers Academy and the Initiative. I would like to see him on an Avengers roster. His telekinesis makes him an incredibly powerful character. Maybe if he was on a team not being overshadowed by Thor or Iron Man we would realize how powerful he really is.  I thought he would of worked well on Slott's Mighty Avengers team.The character certainly has an iconic sounding name I think he definitely needs a redesign on his costume however. His current look is very generic. 
Lastly I would like to see  US Agent back on the Avengers again. I think John Walker is a great character and the Avengers always need that one character that causes a bit of friction. I would like to see him get a bit of a costume redesign as well. Something that kinda distinguishes him from Cap more. Loose the wings and the reincorporate the S.T.A.R.S. helmet . But with his current role in Thunderbolts it doesn't appear to be very likely in the future.


Straight up whack

How can Dan Slott continue to get the short end of the stick. His run on the Mighty Avengers was more Heroic Age than anything Bendis has ever written but yet we are stuck again Bendis writing two Avengers titles and Dan Slott being stuck on who knows what title. The guy did a great job restoring some interest in Hank Pym and bringing US Agent and Quicksilver to the forefront. Now all we get is more Wolverine and Spider-man in the Avengers. Lame if you ask me.

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Steve Epting appreciation

I have been a huge Steve Epting fan from his first run in the Avengers. To this day his run with Bob Harras is one of my favorite Avengers run of all time. His work on Captain America was absolutely incredible he depicted the espionage and reflected Brubaker's stories beautifully. The Marvels Project was again awesome and my favorite story from 2010. I am sad he isn't returning to Cap but for the first time in a long time I might actually get Fantastic Four and have heard nothing but good stuff about Hickman's writing. So thank you Steve Epting for providing my eyes years of visual enjoyment.


New creative team on Black Widow

Well that didn't take long. Not that I am complaining. I am definitely not a fan of Daniel Acuna's art. I think his work is stiff and I cannot stand the digital painting. Anyways Manual Garcia and  Duane Swierczynski sound good to me.

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Grown men ok to get emotional?

 “Sorry, I’m getting a little emotional,” explained Fisher, fighting back tears while being interviewed after the game. “We work hard in this game and sometimes things don’t go your way. I love this game, I love this team, I love this guy (Kobe) and I love what I do. Nothing means more to me than helping my team win.”
So anyways I watched the Lakers game yesterday and afterwards Derek Fisher got choked up and emotional when asked about his performance after the game. For me it was awesome seeing a classy guy like Derek Fisher get emotional. I'm an emotional guy and I respect how someone who pours so much in to what they do that for them it really matters. What do other think?



 “He won the game for them,” said Doc Rivers. “Derek Fisher was the difference in the game. He’s just a gutty, gritty player and he gutted the game out for them. I thought Kobe was struggling a little bit, and Fisher – he basically took the game over.”
I love the Lakers even more than comics. Go Fisher.

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What a life

  "Just the absolute variety of different creators and projects I'll be working with. At the end of the day, the very best part of my job here at Marvel is that I have the unique privilege of spending every day making up stories and drawing CCOl pictures with some of the greatest creative minds on the planet. That's just been timed by a hundred! In short, I get paid to do what I used to get yelled at in school for doing. So, it's really not all that much different except that I get to do more of it across a larger canvas."
Joe Q has the best life ever.

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