Whats Grinding my Gears now Part One

Yes, What is grinding Midnight's Gears now? I'm glad you asked...I hate it when people start Hatin' on Jar Jar Binks.

Yes...You heard me right Jar Jar Binks.

Now, You've all heard that "The Prequel Trilogy was'nt that great. It was more aimed at kids". What? The Original was more adult? None of the Star Wars films contained R-Rated stuff and it's stupid to expect it. Now, a Big Reason people did'nt like the Prequels was because of Jar Jar.

Surfing the web you'll find comments like Jar Jar should Die Die or I used to have a Lego Jar Jar but then I burned it. Now, Why must you hate on Jar Jar binks? You see, In an Odd Twisted way, Jar Jar represented the C-3PO of the present. He was the Comic Relief.

Kevin Smith the creator of Clerks and a Writer on several comic books including Daredevil...said this.

Seeing Princess Leia and Han solo kiss....Was like that generation's version of Porn

The Kiss was cut short by C-3PO and yet nobody ever hated C-3PO quite like they did Jar Jar, Which brings me back to my point....Why?

Watch closly as C-3PO ruins it. Now, Why the Mindless Jar Jar hating?

Jar Jar is even a Senator in some of the movies, He watch's over Natilie Portman's character. (He can stay in the same room with Portman, He's a Babe Magnet). And so the next time, You hate on Jar Jar....Remember two things.

One: He could've ruined a monumental Kissing scene.

Two: He could turn into a Sith and kill you.